Everything i buy crashes always

>everything i buy crashes always
>everything i sell moons always
>sold at $6000
>waiting for a dip that will never come
i'm buying back in right now and it's going to crash the whole market


why not have someone pay you to crash a market?


>Buy low
>sell high

Phew that was difficult

Do your TA, study the charts, ploy the graphs.

Then do the exact opposite of what you think you should do.

i think i should kill myself

I told myself I'd buy if it got around 5k, saw the dip of 6k and didn't buy. I kept telling myself it was going to keep going down. Should've bought, could've bought, never bought and never ever will

Buy ICO's. Try again.

thank you sir, i am underwater in a short

Buying now is King Wojak Supreme style. You're making biz proud with buying high this time.

do you need a hug?

I was also a low seller (7K here). I just kept buying dips and placing stop orders under them. My gains werent as high as if I hels all the way from the bottom, but swing trading at least meant I got in on some of the upwards action. I have more sell orders in case this goes south due to OP's fomo buy.

>I've got a secret for you but shhh:

You're going to make it.

Have you tried buyign ICOs in IDEX before they go on other exchanges? I never go hard because there's also a chance it will never do shit, but I've managed to get like 3 x5 so far.

I wonder why those coins keep going up while the fiat is siphoning out to the miners. It's retards like you who fund those operation with your wageslave money.

Buy ripple, it always moons every or two month, literally the best coin that most coinfags don't realise.

>already dropped 100 since OP bought in

Gotta hand it to you OP. You find out when it is at the high and buy there. I need you for my TA.

hahaha fuck ripple.

>btc drops by a hundred not fifteen minutes later
holy shit OP, Im sorry... maybe you need to take a break

This thread is 90% of biz in a nutshell. And why everyone is so combative when you try to tell people it isn't going to just keep going up.

its actually really hard

when is it really low? or high?

i didnt buy btc at 900 because it seemed too high.. then i forgot about crypto for a few years

the only way to win if you dont know what youre doing is to just never sell