Drinking to get fucked up in my teens really ruined alcohol for me. I cant even smell it without gagging...

drinking to get fucked up in my teens really ruined alcohol for me. I cant even smell it without gagging. Is there a cure for this?

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Yes. It's called don't fucking drink.

Just consider yourself lucky. I'd give my left nut to have this problem.

nice thread bro but don't drink hard alcohol it tastes like shit. I like wine/beer. It's okay you're only 20 yrs old you'll learn to like it or not either way who cares

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Yea. The more you think about the time you vomited after downing a handle of vodka, the more you will want to vomit while you drink that vodka in your hand.

Dont think about it. its all in your head. Eventually the feeling of nausea will fad as time goes on.

Good. Drinking is not good for anyone so stay away from it.

Buy a good red wine, and drink just a glass or two with rich steaks or pork.

Mixed drinks. You can barely recognize the alcohol if they make it for girls.

I'm sorry user.

go get a bottle of wine and drink it in 1 hour

ill literally not be able to. ill gag as im pouring not even joking

THIS except i started drinking when i was 19, gotten drunk 4 times with very poor results

>first started drinking with fucking nasty rum, ended up blacking out and puking
>second time had to get drunk off coolers so was fine
>third time even the coolers started to make me gag, had to drink rum again to get drunk off the rum but with a chaser this time. very nearly puked
>fourth time tried wine, had 3 glasses, blacked out and puked.
i dont even want a cure desu, every fucking drink tastes awful and makes me feel like shit physically and mentally the next day.

>not drinking vodka water and lime

Switch to huffing paint?

Glad to see another user with a level head here. Fuck everyone shilling alcohol it literally destroys lives you can literally have all the money in the world and you'll never experience happiness if you're a degenerate alcoholic like me.

Hey user, this is /biz why u posting this shit here pajeet. Anyway, I can relate. Drank so much in my teens that I developed a bad stomach ulcer by the time I hit 23. Was so sick man, wasn't a nice experience. Cure? Well I eased offf of drinking when I started smoking weed. I'll have a drink ever so often, but I can go months without.

This, but it probably wont work.

I kinda have the same problem as OP (drank heavily every friday and/or sarturday from 15 to 18yo) and i can only enjoy beer and gin today. Everything else feels like a sacrifice so i just stopped drinking all of it. Its hard to stop thinking about it, specially after a couple of glasses.

Drink what you enjoy OP. if you dont enjoy anything, then just dont drink. Its better for your health anyways

this, im done, its really degenerate

Unironically this

Maybe listen to some Alan Watts user. You'll become woke and you'll be able to overcome these things. 3 years clean.

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Drink good wine, it's good for you too. Buy wine >$20

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pretty good problem to have though

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My wealthy conservative Christian parents let gave me free access to the liquor cabinet at age 13. I couldn't drink alcohol anymore by the time I was college-aged, let alone 21. This is the smart way to make sure that your children grow up avoiding bad behaviors as adults, rather than repressing them.

its called harden the fuck up and drink through it

I had that several times, but I was a functioning alcoholic, just leave it man, you body is over it.

You need to drink and have a good time a few times to rewire your memories to alcohol so do't over do it and just push through it.

Unless youhave organ damage then you might have a reason why it makes you gag, so get your liver tested.

gin is disgusting

Former hugh school classmate had it the same, he was drinking since 13, last time I was with him he was 22 and fucked up, doing ecstasy and drinking on top of it every weekend, complaining that he can't stop. So I don't think this works with everyone

Dude I give bar whores access to my fancy liquor cabinet before I fuck them and send them home in an uber.
I bet you were raped a lot as a kid while you were fucked up drunk by your creepy ass parents.


Yup, got wasted at 16 really bad (passed out and threw up from over consumption first time I drank) so to this day alcohol has a negative reaction for me, but trust me this is a good thing. All the people who discover alcohol slowly start to like it too much

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Gin is the best invention of the humanity

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Lmao I would be happy if I didn't like drinking.
>t. living in a nation of alcoholics
I tried to completely avoid drinking after Christmas, when I was plastered like every single day. Caved last friday and drank a 0.7L bottle of rum, felt like shit for the whole weekend. Fuck this, rather smoke some weed and feel fresh the next day

How long has it been this way? I had this problem after I spent 2 weeks getting blackout drunk and vomiting all day and night. But after a few months I was back to normal. I kept drinking socially during that time, but I often felt like I was going to throw up after only a few sips (and did throw up after 1 fucking beer at a casual get-together at one point, wanted to kms on the spot). I think what did the trick was finding a wine that I truly enjoyed and having a few glasses of that with no problems and finally enjoying a nice buzz. Make sure you go into it well-hydrated and well-rested for maximum chance of success.

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Alan Watts died from his chronic alcoholism, but besides that, his lectures are pretty comfy

I don't like alcohol either, i use lots of other drugs instead.


My parents gave me a glass of wine and told me it was apple juice when I was 9. I'll never forget how bad it tasted and how quickly I spat it out. It put me off drinking until I was 24 and tried cider.

Let that be a lesson to parents. If you want your kid to hate booze give them a taste of the bitter stuff when they're young.

Yeah it’s called turn 21

America is the only country in the world where you need to be 21 to drink.