Shill me a coin that will moon 1-2 months from now

Shill me a coin that will moon 1-2 months from now.


Flixxo - 15M marketcap. Decentralized video platform run off bittorrent technology(same as Popcorn time - tens of millions of users so it works well, can't question that). Creator of Popcorn time on team, bitcoin rootstock CEO on team, guy with 15yrs Toshiba/IBM on team, ex CEO of south americas largest subscription based video platform on team. Partnerships organised and exchanges paid for. Token only been on exchanges for 2 months, platform released in May.. price will rise until platform release.. I'm here for a 10/20 times

CPC. It's only on IDEX and ED, if it gets liste on like Huobi or Kucoin by March-May I can see it multiplying very nicely, ranked 1197 on CMC.

And yah, these chinks speak terrible english.

1-2 months... Coss.
1-2 days...Bounty

>both testnets coming out
>SHL airdrop

UFR to open vageen

Unironically IOTA

INXT - blockchain data storage marketed at normies. Alpha release last week of Feb. CEO looks half-autist.


GVT. Alpha release on April 1.
Coss. Fiat pairs in March.
RCN. Finished product in april.

the only non-pajeet itt

I probably wont mate with her. Look at all those make-up tho. Its like a fucking japanese ghost.

Verge. It's cheap af right now

Just a tindet match... and I know for a fact she has nudes out there publicly available.

LINK once mainnet hits, get ready for that 500x.


LTC is mooning now and has LitePay on 26/2

im creaming my pants thinking about it

ICX going to hit korean exchanges in March when wallet/token swap happens. You're welcome.


>recommending ChildPornChain

You faggots and your pedocoin, jfc.

NULS after mainnet release

lol at EVE, bottom tier shit


NULS is going to 100x explode to 10Billion


Kin, MOBI both on the stellar exchange. Maybe sooner than 1-2 months