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Fuck this shitcoin... everything is mooning except this shitcoin

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Then you take you profits from other coins, and buy it.

Thank god... I'm still accumulating USD.... also No patience=Stay poor

i'm so fucking grateful this is staying put, there are some absolutely based whales helping us out

Just wait you impatient faggot

jibrel network the fucking name sucks

That's what have thought too...but does the name really matter that much in the crypto world? I am weak handed af right now

imagine if you had 1 million dollars and wanted to stock up on a coin that could be worth potentially hundreds or more but the price pumps while you're accumulating so instead of getting 2 million at .5 each you end up getting less than a million

that's pretty much what's happening. Basically imagine if you had the chance to accumulate bitcoin or eth when it was under a dollar years ago

I wish OMG behaved like this, shit's up almost 100% from last week and it's pissing me off

You could be right, but all the shitcoins shilled here went south...that is my real problem. And Jibrel is the new Link from Veeky Forums

Don Tapscott also advised ICX and that went moon^2.

>also all that middle eastern money

but yes I agree it's all speculation

Nah bro, not really. Just a pair of fags making threads constantly, and is actually a good project so they bait us pretty hard

ICX did like 40x from ICO price btw and I'm not even sure what the fuck that coin even does.

Don’t forget the logo. The logo also sucks.

Yeah it's been shilled by pajeets, but they're definitely on to something. If you really look at what this team is trying to do (tokenize institutional money), this has so much potential man. Call me crazy, I don't care, but I don't think it's insane to think of JNT valued at $1000 a coin. Really, keep in mind what they're trying to do and how many coins there are. They have the connections and experience to pull it off too.

don't typically care about names but the name jibrel network is so awful it's an instant pass don't care what it does

why would you want to be in a complete jew coin?


yeahhhh that'll take a while lmao

if bitcoin crashes it'll probably max out at $2 in a few weeks

Because the jews always win user.

Keeping in mind that there are 155 million coins in circulation, a valuation of 1000 dollars per token would mean a total marketcap of 155 billion. It's certainly not impossible but rather probable that we will reach that point within 2-3 years if everything goes according to plan. Which it probably will IMO, since the team itself is amazing while at the same time having superb advisors and important connections in the MESA-region as well as Korea.

certainly not saying it's happening soon, but the scope of the project is crazy. They've even talked about potentially tokenizing things like real estate which woulfd be insane.

I can't remember exactly how they're planning to release tokens, but it will have more than 155m in circulation in 2-3 years, so a higher mcap. Still, I agree with everything else you said

I don't quite believe it yet user. At $1000 each it would have a market cap of $200b. That'll be the first for an ERC20 token. If we gauge it by Bitcoin standards that'll take 5 years.

I would believe $100 though.

Jcash will be pegged to USD in Arab banks, which will help to fund international terrorism. What could possibly go wrong? Great investment. ALL IN. ALLAHUAKBARD!

This will likely hit $100 end of year I believe but will have to wait and see

Obviously I'm completely speculating, but you have to look at the project and not so much that it's an ERC-20 token. There are trillions and trillions of assets that could be tokenized and they only need to take a small portion of that. You also have to consider that this is a much different market now than it was in the last 5 years and this coin will actually be used, unlike Bitcoin currently which is almost entirely speculation. There is appeal for institutional money to enter the market through Jibrel. Also, they have said they will likely have their own blockchain eventually.

What about leak from the IBM + stellar partnership to tokenize assets for banks?

Also keep in mind that Talal has said several times that they plan to make it blockchain agnostic in the future since they don't like being dependent on Ethereum.

JNT is 100% dependant on an Arab bank, that is where all the assets are locked up. Who in their right mind would trust that? The next major 9-11 style terror attacks in the USA and your JNT assets will have a daisy cutter dropped on them. Arab govs also do weird shit with banks and assets, snap of their fingers and it's gone, confiscated.

how many muslims do you see on the website


even if this ends up being a thing dubai only it would still be worth buying into

also I don't think american institutions will be using it regardless so I don't factor them in

No, almost certainly not coming to the US unfortunately. But Europe, MENA and Asia are still wide open and would bring in a ton of money

FUD is justified on this one. Some sketchy sheiks in Dubai holding all of the JNT assets. What could possibly go wrong? Good luck, I'll pass on this big time, I would be terrified of my coin dependant on an Arab bank. They do whatever the hell they want over there and anything could happen. Nowhere near like a western bank.. why these guys are doing this I have no idea and that in itself is bizarre.

Talal already mentioned that they don't care about US, because the regulations are sick.
First EU (He implyed it would be easy) and obviously the arabic boys + asia

All the jCashes are backed by JNT at minimum though. That's not dependent on a bank. In fact that's the gimmick against tether lol.

Since this is a low mcap right now, i don't understand your concern. I am holding 370k JNT right now and this is a good chunk of the circ cap

>(He implyed it would be easy)
oh well then. ALL IN!

Jcash is 1 to 1 pegged to a note IN A BANK. Not sure you understand how this works.

>trusted western banks
>western banks
>banks that got greedy and destroyed the world economy needing trillions in bailouts

Kek ok

Dude, just read about it. Just like link, you gotta read up on it and you'll find out why we're holding this shit.

>short answer:

Every asset on the networks including fiat, Bonds, CDs, or whatever traditional money market tool introduced into the network expands the marketcap of JNT.

In addition, if you do your homework, you'll find that JNT will be decoupled from BTC's value, and will actually stand to gain value when BTC tanks.

This is a good coin.


"If we mint 1 jUSD CryptoDepository Receipt (CryDR) - we have:
1 USD with Jibrel AG (Swiss Entity)
4 JNT (Equivalent of 1 Dollar - JNT = US$ 0.25 today) with Jibrel DAO as Proof of Solvency for off-chain assets.

So there is never a need to trust that we hold the off-chain asset, because you know the Jibrel DAO can exchange your CryDR for JNT -> ETH/BTC.

Ensuring your tethered token is always liquid."

they imply they're using Swiss banks too

Swiss banks are shit now after they capitulated to the USA over FATCA. Those funds are not out of reach of the USA shutting it down should any jcash be associated with terrorist activities. The bottom line: JNT has a single point of failure as it is explicitly tied to a bank. If you are happy with that risk, go for it. I don't just the old money enough to associate with it.

In the meanwhile US are openly supporting terrorism. Our lovely double standards.

selling 20k @ 0.66 hmi

i can't worry about such things when it comes to investing. I invest what will give solid returns in the next 12-24months and having a coin requiring traditional banks to hold it's value, no way.

Their point is, as long as JNT's market value isn't $0.00 they can probably still pay you. The Jibrel DAO will use an oracle to look at the market price of JNT and shit out the equivalent amount of JNT for your jCash.

The advantage over Tether is that the cash tokens are also pegged by the market's speculative value, not just "cash in a bank(tm)".

and they're working on becoming a licensed financial institution so you can exchange jCash for fiat, so they'll be obeying regulations somewhere someplace probably maybe

How will you back anything otherwise? You always have to trust a party and if you want full decentralized stuff, than you have to trust all other people to trust in the value which isn't backed by anything than tech.

are you dumb? the real value comes from the decentralised automated organisation (dao) built in the network. it aims to bridge the gap between traditional markets AND upcoming markets of any sorts. bonds, currencies, cryptocurrency, commodities etc.

this is a unique case that jibrel is addressing and sheer scale of value of the combined markets it aims to tokenise makes it perhaps the biggest moon mission possible

JNT will give us some crazy profits in 2018. Just accumulate more in the dips and enjoy the ride.

To be frank, while I do believe that we will see great profits in 2018 it''s not until they release the DAO that this will really take off IMO. And IF it takes off as intended, it's not a moon mission it's a fucking ticket to andromeda.

Smart money isn't waiting to buy until something is implemented.
Smart money is accumulating in regards of the potential, especially in the crypto world.

Sure, the release of the DAO is key here, but we will see crazy gains even before that. Afterwards we can meet at andromeda.

what is dao

It's all in a DAO, lol, where have I heard something like this before. Awaits the catastrophic hack. I'll buy Jibrel Classic when it comes out.

I absolutely agree, it's always best to get in on the ground floor. Just trying to emphasise that this is a long-term hold, not a 100x moon mission in 2 months.

Read the whitepaper, you should never just take Veeky Forums word for something.

this, people keep saying this, but all i see is that ethereum thing from google

If the whitepaper is too hard for you to comprehend, then check out the medium posts from jibrel network. It sums it up for brainlets like you.

why the fuck would al maktoum care about exit scamming only millions or even a few billion dollars. by the time it’s worth doing so we’d all be rich anyway

or he could just scroll up literally three posts.


Sold 100k, thanks.

The sheikh's don't want the poor to get Rick quick like how they got their wealth with oil

That's why the sheikh's is investing big early and all the normies and pajeets are investing when this is already above a billion mcap.

And guess who is richer again? The sheikh and you missed another opportunity.

Another day, another JNT thread

Fuck this shitcoin
Missing so many moon missions because of it
Fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it

And fuck you /biz for shilling this FUCK YOU

You are the guy who would be FOMOing in at the top of the other moons, not the person who would have got in at the ground level.

>waaaah why the fuck isn't my shitcoins up 240% already? it's been 3 days!

kys nigger

good, im still accumulating

How long are you fucking accumulating?

Never underestimate the poorness of biztards

this being over $1 defeats the whole purpose

Please explain me the difference between jCash and JNT. We might come to the conclusion that JNT isn't hardcoded at $1

why someone would put any amount of money in something called jizzbrel

stay poor retards

A very smart user made this very detailed flowchart, it should gibe you some insight.

Perfect sum up. Like i expected hardcoded at $1000 and (((they))) get $999 of it.

Me too unironically
First time i feel confident with my pick

??? the company is based in switzerland, so it is most definitely a swiss bank they are holding the assets in. where the fuck do people get such fucking stupid misinformation? and why the fuck do people believe it without thinking?

you motherfuckers are stupid, goddamn

this is purely stupid fucking speculation that has no basis in reality. jesus people, cant you fucking stay on rational grounds? no wonder most people from here will not make it

you do not have to wait for the dao to take off... the jibrel fund will serve as the dao until it is functional. the dao just serves as a step to decentralisation

So we already moon before the DAO is implemented? Moon confirmed

You realize this is a stable coin right, look at USD value, it has barely moved.

you realize that no news or real world adoption has happened since its ico listing.... if you tell your 12 yearold counterstrike brain to be patient for i dont know more than 2 weeks you will see great returns on this coin. but Veeky Forums is retarded and expects 5x in 1 week

Hey, I understand this and I am holding some of this for the long haul, but the price of this coin goes up from people tokenizing assets, until this happens price doesn't go up (and outside of these events happening, price should be stable in $).

You have to differ between tokenized value and speculation value.

The price will shoot up way before tokenizing happens.

Isn't Jibrel buying and selling coins to keep $ stable until the DAO is ready?

Long story short: They just do manually what the DAO is doing automatically, which doesn't change anything about the process.
It isn't scalable though, which doesn't matter at the beginning since only institutional investors are allowed to test jUSD etc.

my theory is that they might be testing how easily they can stabilize price already
so maybe they have some kind of pre-dao working in sekret already. The price has been VERY stable these past few days

The price is stable mostly because JNT isn't on any serious exchange.

The majority already accumulated their coins and stored it in their wallets, which you can see in the increasing number of token holders and the drop in volume (if you care about the volume parameter).

JNT just needs more exchange exposure, like kucoin next week and for sure...bigger exchanges.

no, they are not selling

>sell the coins that haven't mooned yet
>buy into the coins that have mooned
>when the second coin dips, call it a shitcoin, sell and buy back into the first coin, because that one is mooning now

December newfags are the fucking worst.

So we hodl one coin? But which one?

Just DYOR and buy solid coins that haven't mooned yet and wait a few months min if need be. It's not difficult.

and I saw so much shilling

But a lot of projects are dead after a few months.

If you really believe that then you shouldn't be investing in crypto

That's why you need to differentiate between shitcoins and promising coins.

Jibrel isn't a shitcoin. I won't hold it long-term, but in the short-term (few weeks) it's about the safest bet I have for a 2-3x, depending on what BTC decides to do, of course.

When you've got enough profit from Jibrel, you can either cash out the profits and keep your initial investment in Jibrel, or cash out everything and ride another short-term project, or put everything into some long-term.

Wtf are you on about

Nothing. Keep buying into projects after they moon.

a few weeks x2-x3? Sounds good, but right now we keep dumping and dumping.

See if you lack the patience to wait.

It's a Swiss bank. You know. Switzerland. The country famous for three things: Watches, chocolate and BANKING. Stupid burger.

it actually went 2x-3x already after the initial post ICO dump, now it's basically in accumulation mode