Someone explain this kid to me

(pic related)

no idea, eastern Europeans like to flood Biz with it for some reason, go figure

He's Vitalik's brother. They're not actually human but a first generation lifelike android

son of bogdanoff brothers. they used their dna together in a lab to make a fusion bog. 200% bog dna, incredible.

hi that's SMINEM

he's the only reason your coins are worth anything.


an absolute madman

fyi hes actually retarded i guess. Feel kinda bad now haha

>no respect
Typical entitled boomer

Sminem is a mad lad.

>feel bad
he's been immortalized as a crypto meme demigod and people are actively trying to give him money

they say he is the only being that the Bogs fear
For this very reason, the Rothschild has been secreltly keeping him and his family alive through monthly airdrops of 250,000 rubles from the government.

Someone on Veeky Forums gave him 10 ETH the other day. That's enough to retire in Ukraine

That’s Danny D when he was in high school

Oh, you mean...Sminem? Oh sure yeah so he fucked your mom. Yeah. No yeah he totally fucked your mother and made her cum. Hmm? Oh right no thats not why we post him here. Yeah no thats none of your fucking bizness.

Poor Russian kid that is chan got their hands on him, still waiting for Russian bro to follow through and locate him. I will donate 100 neos to him.

need rundown

Boy. Sminem. Cool.

Look at those guns, look at that frame.

Truly a perfect aryan specimen

Hes become a meme on /biz

Reality is, hes probably a cool dude irl.

Can’t decide what i’ll keep on my desk

he clearly knows da wei


That's Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle dude. Feel old yet?

you guys are gonna make him a target publicizing his holdings like this

Did we ever follow through with the funds to donate to this kid?? I remember seeing someone contacted his aunt or something earlier...

they told us to not contact them, they didnt listen

How many LINK for a midget goy servant to carry me around?