Chainlink Devs pay people to shill their coins

>Chainlink Devs pay people to shill their coins.

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I ain't reading all that fud lol

Fuck off, dude. This FUD is retarded.

what fucking route do I go to get paid to shill LINK on biz? Who do I contact?

My dumbass is here doing it for free. Fuck this. Life is not fair.

I too also believe everything I see on Reddit.


reddit always has the biggest tards that upvote anything written by some 30 hour awake methhead

>t. Unemployed neets who never had a real job

lol, no shit. Lots of devs do this.

Aren't you aware of the automated bot posting found in LINK threads? of course there is paid shilling but at this point is automated and the cult doesn't even realize

I own a business and employ people you fucking reject.

Does it even mention LINK? i only saw XRB mentioned. Skimmed through so may have missed it.

I just read the entire thing - he never mentions chainlink. So, even if true, it’s invalid for us. Thanks friend

I've been shilling them forever, handcrafting & propagating memes like it's my full-time job; I hope they show me some appreciation.
I have literally shilled people in real life into buying thousands of dollars worth of LINK, and personally hold over 20,000 LINK myself.
>mfw showing support and not begging at all seriously just posting balance to indicate my personal level of commitment to the cult of sergey solver of oracular problems.

You own a chainlink shilling “businesses” with your other unemployed friends.

yes sir I am sorry sir wtf I am loving mobius now and showing bobs vagen

> I will not provide any proof to the claims made in this post
This is not smart or fun and why people try to avoid you. It was easier finding actual information on Veeky Forums but you people like to play too much and add only noise. Threads about upcoming ICOs, portfolio management... that are useful get swamped with shit like this, we're supposed to be here to make money, not to be ebin memeposters.

Yes, he deleted it though.


Ven does this too.
They also pay for “partnerships” with coins from their premined 870mm supply.

sir pls delete this pls sir

He mentions LINK in the list of coins. It's complete LARPing.

its XRB not LINK lol

fucking knew that shit was a scam

It was mentioned.

Why the fuck would anyone trust a coin like Ven or Link that is manipulated so outrageously. Once that is gone its just going to shoot straight down.

You are a sad, sad dude. Enjoy being poor and trolling people on the internet because you have nothing else in life to look forward to.

>t. jobless chainlink slut

No it fucking isn't. You have to be braindead not to see how easy it is to manipulate reddit and /pol/

They’re paid shills bro.


Only dellusional neets or paid shills will pretend that coins aren't shilled here. It's obvious with the amount of Link posting here that people are getting paid to promote that garbage

Once niggers became involved in crypto all rationality went out the window.

>I shilled Ripple and it went up at the same time, therefore I was responsible

zero point autism

yeah, thats what I meant.

I don't think they understand the consequences. They are basically just pumping and dumping it to an extreme that the entire project might not survive. Or only people with massive bags will be able to cashout

Chainlink is worth absolutely zero dollars. All these shitcoin need to die.

The devs pay them in coins to shill. Thus they have an insentive to keep shilling. They’re just wage cucks.

They'd probably make more money working at McDonald's but they're terrified of seeing real people.

To be fair they’re probably not from America and are in shitcountries so their minimum wage shilling is actually more than they make doing a real job.