How are my VeChads doing tonight? Laughing it up at the salty waltys and VEN FUDers?

How are my VeChads doing tonight? Laughing it up at the salty waltys and VEN FUDers?

These gains looking fucking parabolic right now.

666, confirmed dump incoming.

The essential difference between Vechain and Walton is the layer at which the blockchain is implemented.

Walton has patents on the txID-reading RFID chips with memory, which allows the blockchain to be

implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs. They are world leaders in chip technology, and

make their own chips. Vechain does not make their own chips. They outsource the hardware, and have the

hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API. So their blockchain is implemented several

layers up in the application layer, through business-centralized control. So, Vechain is inherently less

decentralized and less secure.

This is the essential difference, and it's not a deal-breaker for Vechain, but it is a fact, and it does

matter. Walton is somewhat ironically better at authentication than Vechain for this reason, despite

Vechain's original main use-case as an anti-counterfeiting product (they've since expanded their use-

case into cold logistics and other areas).

But there are other advantages to making your own chips. Vechain is using someone else's hardware and

then repurposing it for their blockchain. Walton has built the chip from the ground up to be compatible

with the blockchain and improved the standard chip to be much more advanced, with encryption, fine

minute movement detection, anti-collision logic to prevent skipping, low voltage technology so the chips

can last more than 20 years, and other advancements over standard chips. Making their own chips also

makes them cheaper. Standard RFIDs are

Thanks just bought 100k Walton

And this is without an announcement. Fucking moon mission soon.


so what happens after the rebrand? Everyone sells the news and it dumps?

I accumulated at $3.38 during the dip. My VEN is in a cold wallet and now I patiently wait. Gonna hold for at least a year, if not 2.

How realistic is $400 VEN within 5 years?

No, you nigger.

We lock up our VEN in nodes and start accumulating free THOR.

Not realistic but not impossible considering how much of the supply will be locked up in nodes. Realistically VEN would probably max out at a theoretically price anywhere between $100-$150 in the years to come depending on how much the market grows and how much of it gets locked up in nodes.

$1000 per VEN is inevitable in less than 5 years.

From your mouth to kek's ears. I have a 100% VEN portfolio, not even joking.

But VEN is basically a sure fire shot at a 10x by EOY. Holding so comfy. Every morning I woke up during the bear market and saw VEN dip I just bought more. No fucks given. Held comfy as fuck too.

Not selling a single one for 11 months so I can lock in long term cap gains tax.

ICX on the other hand I am dumping as soon as it pumps. I have 25 dollars in my bank account

T. Neet

Why not sell and buy back after dip? I mean it's going to dip after rebranding event for a while.

Why hold when you can get more VEN?

Impressive VEN collection. Mirin very hard, my friend. That's the most VEN I've ever seen held by anyone on this board. You're gonna make it brah. Enjoy the free THOR.

Nigga, I'll just buy more VEN if it dips. I ain't even mad, bro. I got weak handed one time and lost like 120 VEN as a result. Learned my lesson to never have weak hands when hodling VEN.

youre a fucking idiot, vechain is gonna dump hard after the rebranding event. sell the news noob, dont be the fag dumped on

Some user here had 760k back when it was in the 3 dollar range. Claimed he was holding for a year and it would be his retirement. I never seen him post anymore. Must have sold at 10 bucks

That's so fucking stupid to wait for ICX to pump. When ICX was 6 dollars, VEN was 6 dollars. When ICX was 3 dollars, VEN was 3 dollars.

It was more or less a 1:1 trade and which one do you see pumping more, ICX or VEN?

Whatever it's your call but you are just losing potential gains. ICX will moon but VEN will moon harder. Just take your losses and turn it into Even greater profit.

Nice try but you're not getting cheap VEN from us VeChads. Just buy more you broke nigga.

33 VEN poorfag here
will I make it

I am playing based on American tax laws. I've been trading the ICX on and off since I bought it. The VEN I've held for over 2 months. If I begin trading it I will owe 35% more in taxes for several retarded reasons.

Dude how can you have that much and actually be dumb enough to pay taxes

If it dumps hard after rebranding I’m just gonna buy more. Regardless of the dip, it will reach a new ATH by June.

I'm not starting this debate here. I've already hashed this out with dozens of other anons with even more smarts and money

What was the consensus? I really don't want to argue but I'd like to hear out the other side. Is it just not worth the legal trouble?

comfy as fuck

You wont be rich but will have a good chance to invest in another moon mission

Damn it feels good to be a VeChad.

do you like jail? if you avoid enough tax that is where you end up. and the US is really keen on finding out how much tax you owe particularly this newly lucrative crypto world. you obviously are a fucken poorfag if you are asking this question without some level of background info.

ven chain is wanna be walten coine

i sold at 4.20$ thinking BTC would crash. fuck my fucking life.

Good, we don’t need weak hands like yours.

exactly what gains are you talking about? Vechain was FUCKING 55K SATOSHI JUST 1 WEEK AGO AND IT DROPPED TO 48K SATOSHI AND TODAY GOT BACK UP TO 55K SATOSHI



not weak hands im a hardened veteran, i was just caught with my pants down while swing trading.

nah you are just a weak handed bitch.

666 confirmed dump not incoming

If you think coins are scams solely because of price action then no one can help you and you deserve to stay poor.

to prove myself (and because i was dying inside) i just bought back in at ATH. wish me luck VENBRO.

already down to 53k satoshi.

Yes it is a scam coin because the fucking dev himself placed the walls instead of the so called "whales" accumulating.

this shitcoin has always dropped and now that today it got back to where it was 1 week ago, the retarded vechainers are celebrating as if it is an accomplishment which its not.

you don't need luck you own ven.

I'm thinking to swingtrade VEN to accumulate even more VEN, but I know it will go up as soon as I sell.

first collect loads of pink wojacks. you will need them for the posts you rage about your inevitable losses.