Portfolio rate thread. Also what should I sell to buy more JNT?

Portfolio rate thread. Also what should I sell to buy more JNT?

Will I see 10k
WAT DO ??? ):

Oops. Forgot pic


Finally recovering.

Every alt looks god awful for entry and will get blasted again when BTC breaks out over 10k again, newfags don’t know

The only thing I want to change right now is maybe buy more DOGE.

seeing as you fomoed into ltc id say no


will i stay poor?

Started in November, r8 bros

i'm looking to invest $10,000 and this is most likely the portfolio i'm going to go for

How do I fair lads?


Pick a coin and go all in, too small to diversify imo. I start with 300, not at 13k


Just give up.

Can't really think of a reason not to kms

but which coin? bitcoin?


I got into lsk at $2 mate. If you don’t see the potential it’s your own poor judgment

An altcoin man, maybe something like vechain, tky, omg... something solid that will moon eventually and allow you to do well with not so much risk


if i am currently losing money on dbc and dent, should i sell now or wait until i at least break even then sell

To be honest I’m not a fan of those two coins, and the market is coming to March which is historically a bullish time. I would just realise the loses and move on.
Better than missing a huge market rally back to 700-1tril mcap

Obviously LTC. It pumped well enough to get rid of it. When was your entry point at LTC?
You should also diversify some ETH into some ICO's or risky coins to get a better ROI. You wont make it with ETH.

And overall...you are way too diversified into shitcoins. You cannot keep up with all the stuff that's happening. Way too time consuming. Focus on max 3-4 picks


don't buy camelcoin jesus

It's been a rough ride down holding these bags. The eth came from selling a lot of my icx. Can't see anything happening there for at least aonth or two. Do I hold the eth, buy dragon, or put it into one of my other stacks?

Rose from the ashes.

Got a couple hundred on Kucoin in case the worst happens but you get the idea

What the fuck did you invest in?

go 100% JNT

RLC and SKY.
Bravo, unironically one of the best portfolios in biz

Its a solid slow earner, I cant see ETH going more than 2/3x this year so it might be worth throwing a couple of ETH at some lower market cap coins. 7/10
Another slow earner considering your capital, NEO is solid but I'd be tempted to get rid of your XRP and maybe some LTC in favour of something with a bit more growth potential. 6/10
Too much LTC 4/10
I quite like it, 7/10
Swap ETH to something else, you dont have enough capital. 4/10

On my way to work now, will rate some more when I get in.

I would sell LTC, RLC, BTC and SKY asap to buy more JNT and then sell VEN right before the rebrand, re-invest it into either JNT or AMB depending on which has the lowest price.

JNT is a long-term hold though, at least wait until February 2019 to see the DAO in action before you sell.

Sigh.. I gave you guys the heads up a few days ago. ADB and KEY at ATL, it is on the way up now. Grab some ADB in time for airdrop

Also watch UTRUST leading up to April.

also PARETO.. but I think if you are going to jump on this you should now. I would have but for some reason I have lost 1 eth in some fucking wallet god knows where on one of 8 fucking exchanges.. FML

OP keep rlc at least till may when V2 comes out. right now i consolidate into iexec by selling a lot of shitcoins. amazing team and tech and roadmap. dont listen to these fags

Holding 30k REQ

Is this enough to make it anons?

I think it goes without saying that you might want to diversify a bit more.

You won't make it if you don't have VeChain, user.

I have a small amount. Just 30 of them.

Found more dubs. Confirming that you will make it.

Will I make it

Poor fuck here, recommend high potential cheap coins.

How asking for a friend


holding heavy bags of XLM because i fomoed into it in january


Sell link buy jibrel bucks.

Honestly, user, don't meme yourself to bankruptcy.

Poor as fuck. Where should I dump my remaining ETH?

Link is a biz joke. Nobody cares about it. No dev team or communication. Butik into something else.

Getting rekt on the BTC ratio today


All you have is pretty much random bullshit, invest in digibyte.

Get salary in 5 days, have another $500 to invest.. tell me what to buy plz

MAN - you believe that’ll pay off?

consolidate. dont diversify if youre a poornigger with less than six figures to play with

How much did you buy for?

It's pretty much at the bottom with no exchange, $150m for a fundamental blockchain project is cheap.
Sold a lot of it already though, that stack is ~1/4 of what I had in ICO.

If you're actively trading, with a small amount like that you can afford to dump it all in an IDEX/ED-only token and play on the increased volatility.

ZCL, its whole purpose is to be a massive PnD.
Everything else is fine.