Bought at 19k

>bought at 19k
>sold at 6k
>opened a 40x short at 8500
>got liquidated
>moved back up assets in and bought in at 9750 today
>panic sold when it dropped to 9600
>bought back in at 9700 for the last time

I'm down 95% on my initial investment of $25,000

stop buying and selling retard

No you actually didn’t


Why are you even trying to trade this? You're not smart enough bruh

thanks for making me feel a lot better about myself.

Congrats on being an idiot

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no you didnt. gfy. so sick of these stupid posts


um, newfag much?

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Is that Pavel Datsyuk?

Sorry but you're not going to make it.

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Don't be a fag. It's fun to give shit even if it's just made up LARPing


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JESUS, there's a reason the hodl meme applies to most people. You're not cut out for trading when you're FUD and FOMO daily.

Bought Bank Of America (BAC) at $30.12 last week and waited patiently. It's now $32.00 a share. I'm cashing in soon coincucks

This sounds so bad it HAS to be a larp

Jesus Christ. I'm at 50% of my initial investment of the same amount. You made me feel better. Ty

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