I.Q and income

What's the minimum I.Q to make over 100k USD per year? No jokes serious question. It seems like you need to be a literal genius or have God tier connections/soical skills to even come close.

IQ is a meme
Intelligence is not
A lot of brainlets made bank last year

IQ is a worthless metric for insecure little faggots

IQ doesn't meant shit, 130 here and I literally made 7k last year (excluding crypto)

You don't need high IQ to make money. This niglet made millions



20k last year
22 yo student neet
IQ dont get you shit nigga

whats the lowest iq the answer is that. If your think IQ is a requirement for money then you better hope what i'm saying is true.

>A lot of brainlets made bank last year

Can confirm. Am a fucking brainlet. Made money.

I.Q isn't a meme at all. This is a lie. It's the biggest predictor of academic success, and wealth. Sure I.Q isn't the only thing that matters, but it's extreamly important. You're an idiot if you deny it. I doubt many brainlets made a lot of money in a job, maybe in crypto.


I can tell you just took an online meme test.

Most of the people ITT probably took some bullshit online test hackery.
If your test was not administered by a face-to-face licensed psychologist, it means absolutely nothing.

high IQ people have a very hard time getting high paying jobs because those jobs usually require very good social skills
I'd say, excluding all other things in life, if all you want is a $100k salary then you're better off with 95 IQ than with 135


This, no one with a 140+ I.Q would even be on biz. You would most likely be very wealthy becuase your parents would also be very smart, and you could easily do any job you wanted to.

Holy shit you're retarded. Most people with high I.Qs are even better socially. You couldn't even go to Uni with a 95 I.Q, or if you could you would have an extreamly hard time. You do know that there's a huge correlation with high I.Q and income right?

kek tested by school after destroying qualifying exams for several years. Teacher loathed my smugness but had to face facts

100K/yr is literally nothing. My friend who dropped out of high school is making 100K as a truck owner/operator after all expenses.

Most blue collar business owners I know clear 100K these days. Now, maybe they dress like shit and may have somewhat physically demanding jobs, but most white collar employees can't imagine making six figures.

All I can say is that there's an easy way out. Literally drive a truck to cash out on the ecommerce meme. You can save 60-70K a year if you are extremely disciplined.

Otherwise, you can grind 10+ years in a white collar setting to get to six figures, but competition is fierce.

Lol IQ is a meme
I made over 100k online WITHOUT crypto and I'm a brainlet neet

>t. someone with slightly above average IQ with nothing else of value that tries to convince everyone how important it is because it's all he has

>Lol IQ is a meme
>I'm a brainlet
You apparently are, so why should anyone take your opinion into account, brainlet?

Every statistical evidence in existence suggests that he's right, brainlet.

>IQ berry imporchant, inchelligence only meachured by one number, emochional intelichent doechnt exchist, being good at arts is not a form of intellichence either

High school drop out, make 120k+ per year in the oilfield

>hurr durr IQ a meme
>hurr durr muh emotiuns matter
As expected from a brainlet. Nice self-portrait there.

>Most people with high I.Qs are even better socially.
you literally have it backwards, friend

115 here made ~100k USD last year. PhD in astrophysics, working for 3 year by now. Risk management consultant. However as my wife does not earn anything and loves to spend a lot, I do no feel very rich. I can not afford a house.

IQ of 115 (real test conducted by a real person sitting opposite me)

Made $25k last year. I'm very antisocial/depressed/lazy/anxious.

there's tons of retards making 100k
socialization is the only deciding factor
the simple fact that you made this thread proves you're both too retarded and socially inept to ever do that, though

>t. someone with slightly above average IQ with nothing else of value that tries to convince everyone how important it is because it's all he has

Why did you marry a shit woman?

One of the dumbest people I know started a small business in his early 30s and was making about 2 million net a year as a roofing and siding salesman/business owner.

If youre not as smart but have great people skills you can make a killing in sales. All is not lost if youre an average person

my actual iq test is the same score as the ones i've taken online

>t. someone with below average IQ who really wants to pretend IQ doesn't matter
Activates those almonds, huh?

>no jokes
some scientists dispute IQ entirely

EQ doesn't exist at all though. Eq is meme, IQ isn't.

>Whoa a table with words on it. Take it easy, pal that's a lot of info for a brainlet like me!


There's no correlation between musical skills and IQ. Other kinds of artists I'm not sure about

I just graduated in December. Not early..a year and a half late.

I got hired making 98k annually. I live in a low cost city.

If you’re 115+, in a city and not making 100k after 5 years at a job, something is up

making money is associated with risk taking which comes with low inhibition. higher iq individuals tend to be more inhibited and less prone to throwing their money at risky investments. i have a sub 100 iq and made good money in crypto

Show me the correlation between risk aversiveness and IQ.

im too low iq to explain

Of course.

The first part is true, the second isn't. Higher IQ individuals are more likely to invest in stocks and crypto. That's just an observable fact.

Social skills matter more than anything. You can be a brainlet as long as you're good with people.

Social skills is more better than anything. I have 69 IQ but made 80,085$ last quarter. I don’t know why it’s called quarter, wouldn’t I have made $80,085.25? One of you nerds help me out

How do you build social skills if you've spent most of a life being asocial? The socially adept people have a whole life full or rich experiences, they can talk about that time they went mountaineering in Nepal, or their college experiences. I just played video games alone.

Still too stupid to understand

Yes, Emotional intelligence ins't a thing, cmon dude.

its about drive user, not IQ.

This just means you're an idiot. Answering questions fast on a test doesn't mean you're smarter than someone who can't. You can only use it for large populations and generalizations... not individuals. A lot of people might have ADHD for example but are smarter than you could ever understand. They just can't slow down to focus and take the test.

>4% of adult population have ADHD
>therefore IQ is irrelevant, despite the overwhelming evidence pointing on the contrary
I don't need to know your IQ to figure out you're an idiot.

>IQ: 167
>Salary: $120k in 2017

Probably dropped to 130 by now.
I made probably around 60k last year. Got in crypto during the 6-7k dip and gonna cash in my 60% profit from ZCL now and leaving the rest for BTCP.

Making money consistently is about having a deep understanding of risks and acting in the most profitable manner. It's not at all about willingness to take risk.

>I have sub 100 iq
We can tell

>I make good money in crypto
Not for long

>implying the spread in that correlation isn't gargantuan

Your IQ is not 167, that would make you the worlds most intelligent person right now.


>t. 110 iq
Most politicians, leaders and people on the top ladder of society are around 120-130 iq. Most geniuses (150+ iq) sit lower on the social ladder. It's a well documented phenomenon, has to do with your ability to relate to others and be relatable. People feel comfortable with people one standard deviation around them. If you don't like hanging out with ghetto blacks, consider it feels the same way to interact with you for the average genius.
Veeky Forums is actually nice in that it's unfiltered. Highly intelligent people can easily skim through the stupid comments to find something worth it, and it's fairly obvious there are extremely intelligent people if you can read between the lines. On the other hand, reddit definitely caps out at 130 iq. Consider 150+ iq people are 1 in 3000. If you think you have trouble making friends, imagine what it's like in a world where most of the population is too dumb to bring anything to your experience. There's a need to cast a wide net, and the more anonymous the better because people can't rely on identity as a crutch to avoid having to stand on the strength of their ideas.
I unironically believe there's at least a hundred of genius level individuals browsing Veeky Forums on a monthly basis, and I'd wager many of them participate in bogs, smimem, stinky linkies memes and the like.

>implying it isn't caused by gentrification creating beverly hillbillies and idiots buying nigger music

>inb4 larp
I know an SJW cunt who screeches feminism and says “fuck blumpf” every possible moment on facebook yet fucked around in college and grad school with several guys. She got her phd in physics and got a job through connections within a single month and is now getting paid over $130k straight out of school. Now shill me more how high IQ matters for good paying jobs.
>pro-tip: it doesn’t

>young babyboomers
Do you realize that they had it the easisest and now this chart doesnt apply to the modern world because they have destroyed the economy?

I hate this stupid idea that higher IQ people are completely incapable of relating to others and that low IQ people have nothing to teach them or would find nothing relatable to say to them.

The average college professor probably has an IQ of about 120, are you telling me now that some random 140 IQ NEET on Veeky Forums is at a superior level of discourse just because he can stack squares together more proficiently?

The idea stands in that IQ is important but overall when it comes to who possesses more experience it's completely dependent on knowledge and not merely a meme number.

Wow thats fucking sad.

As a high IQer, I can attest that it has been a detriment to my financial success.

Though I do make over 100k, I don't make much more than that, and I'm probably 10 years older than the average age on this board. My parents didn't praise effort enough, I got lazy, and now I sit on biz all day hoping for cryptocurrencies to make me rich instead of trying to achieve my financial goals via hard work and discipline.

That being said, I don't think high IQ or low IQ matter in financial success. Having a high IQ might make it easier for you, but it takes drive either way. That's the real key. If I was lower IQ, maybe I would have had more reinforcement for hard work when I was younger, instead of easily acing exams and having people praise me for those achievements which I never worked hard for. Later in life I find hard work actually does pay off, but it takes an insane amount of energy for me to push myself to do that.

agreed. I love the chaos that is Veeky Forums

100 with "just" above average social skills will do. IQ requirements could get lower if you're attractive asw

>t. someone who got a 110 on an IQ test in elementary school and was told by his parents that he was dumb all throughout childhood

>You need to be a literal genius or have God tier social skills to make over $100k p/a.
Jesus Christ. Skilled and experienced tradesmen with an IQ either side of 100 can make that comfortably. Oilfield/offshore workers and merchant mariners with IQ either side of 100 can make that comfortably.

Literally retarded blacks and women who go into bullshit 'public service' careers can make that comfortably.

OP is desperately trying to find an excuse for his own failures.

>citation needed

>IQ is a worthless metric for insecure little faggots
Yeah, not like it's the single most reliable indicator for life outcomes.

People who make the 'muh IQ is irrelevant' and usually try to cite some genuinely retarded and subjective pseudo metric like 'EQ' are usually slightly above average IQ but absolute midwits and deeply insecure about the fact that they're not as intelligent as they'd like to imagine.

>(excluding crypto)

literally all of my income is from crypto

I have ADHD and I crush IQ tests

this is why we have a thing called stimulants

George Bush got 1206 on SATs, which is around 120 IQ, Al Gore got 1355 which is around 135 IQ.

> On the other hand, reddit definitely caps out at 130 iq

most people here probably post on /r/cryptocurrency or particular coin subreddits

>this thread again
You can be dumb as a brick and make bank. IQ/Income studies are done on large groups and are absolutely meaningless on the individual level.

>most people here probably post on /r/cryptocurrency or particular coin subreddits
Unironically yes, but only since the December rebbit invasion.

Sometimes it just comes down to sucking the right dick.

*Zips* ahhhhh

My IQ is like 85 maybe 90 and I get ~110k a year.

A low IQ simply means you learn slower. All you need to do is make the right decisions and work hard at the right things and you can make it.

the absolute state

No, he doesn't.

Ask me how I know you're still in high school

I don't even know how normal people live

I played Family Feud, the question was "if you won a million dollar lottery, what would you do?"

1. Buy a house
2. Buy a car
3. Shopping spree
4. Vacation
5. Pay bills
6. Quit job

I can't relate to this list. I rent, because I don't feel like investing into real estate just yet. But I already have a car, I buy whatever I want, I go on vacation whenever I want, I always pay my bills, and I don't have a job.

You know what's missing from this list? INVEST IT.

Normans are insufferable.


It's called connections/luck, 25% actual skill.

im 95 and i make 100k

What is your job user? Or was that 110k from crypto?

There are people doing literal shit jobs, nobody else wants to do, with an iq of 75 and they make 100k

>A low IQ simply means you learn slower
That's really not how it works, but I admire your optimism.

I tested 142, by a psychologist, when I was in 3rd grade to see if I was eligible for a gifted program. I'd be shocked if my mother could break 100, and my father is likely 130 at best. I did not grow up rich by any stretch. My mother worked below teachers in the public school system and my father was a mechanic for most of childhood. He went on to start several businesses with mixed results. Mixed in that they all did well at some point but ultimately failed because his judgment and decision making sucks.
I was in juvie twice before I was 16, had my second dui by the time I was 21. Did boat loads of every drug under the sun.
All this aside I am not saying IQ is a meme. At the end of it all I wound up cleaning myself up and have done very well in life. If I had the same childhood and a 120 IQ I doubt I would have rebounded like I did. It begs the question though whether or not life would have been as rocky as it was if I was of average intelligence.


>3rd grade
You do know IQ doesn't realize itself before the age of 16, do you? And that it really becomes measurable around and above 17-18, right? Hate to burst your bubble but even an abo and an eventual genius will score roughly the same when they're ~8.

IQ is important if you're an engineer cuck, but the amount of dumb chads making money by sheer chadery is astounding

IQ and income are not always correlated

>IQ and income are not always correlated

Wow, user... just.. wow.

It doesn't take much brainpower to understand statistics. He's wrong, they are correlated but it doesn't mean that you can't make money as a brainlet.

Last time I checked I had about 140 (pass the 10-40 questions ones easily, they end up at 120 IIRC.. there are "high end IQ tests" but behind paywall so fuck that I'm not paying, there are some "leaked" though IDK if they are actual or tested) and I'm making $60K a year + $35K a year from bonuses + masternodes/mining about $30K a year

How does it feel knowing this is smarter than you faggots?

>nice sauce

Hate to burst your bubble but even an abo and an eventual genius will score roughly the same when they're ~8.

so when you were 8 you scored lower than an abo? Or are you smarter than a genius?

Your statement is wrong. It might change some with age but not as drastically as you seem to think.
I still score in same neighborhood, yes on an online test. Proceed to bust balls to make yourself feel better.