I hope you lads all realize, we are inheriting a broken society...

I hope you lads all realize, we are inheriting a broken society. Yes we will all likely become rich from crypto but what are we going to do with the broken pieces we now have stake in?

Most women are whores and society/the nuclear family have degraded beyond recognition. I remain optimistic and believe in you bros but just remember, once you make it you have a responsibility to nature to fix this shit.

Lamboland and banging whores sounds fun but it gets old. Think of yourself like Simba in The Lion King. Hakuna Matata works for a while but eventually you'll want to return to the type of family unit you were borne into, and unfortunately you'll find that in disrepair just like Pride Rock. Remember, we are inheriting this shit and it's not our fault but we have to make it our responsibility to fix it.

Hold women accountable for their actions, and reward them for their loyalty. Ever whore you break in Hakuna Matata land is another potential mother wasted when shit comes full circle and you want a wife. If you can't hold yourself accountable how do you expect others to be?

Recognize what kinds of values work to propagate a society, and seek to instill them in yourself.

>inheriting a broken society

fix it

this is the gayest thing ive ever red

Create a 1% cabal of nationalists that will fund the revolution in secret and return us to the proper path of the overman.

this 100% and is the full reason why i want to make with crypto.

our society is digusting and needs to be fixed.


if you're fucking whores then what's the problem, they were already whores. the problem is chad pumping and dumping virgins on tinder

the only way to fix this shit is war
if you make it get the fuck out and go to where all the other rich people go to avoid war
then you can worry about fixing it

>most women are whores
No dude. It's called equality. The cute girl from next door likes sex just as much as you do.

I'm really only trying to get rich so I can fund my local RWDS.

Use your newfound crypto wealth to be the right wing George Soros

Im not ganna make it. Ive already accepted it. I have 1000 linkies and 60 OMGs and 8000 ELIX. At best ill make a couple thousand bucks. At worst im still wage slaving at my 24k/yr job

Im not ganna make it. I wont even have the chance to deal with societal issues

Most women are whores but so are most men. The difference is that most women can actually get unlimited sex.

There's nothing wrong with wanting sex all the time. It's pretty natural. The reason we consider it whorish for women is because we need men and women (especially) to control their whorish instincts in order to produce successful marriages. Which in turn produce successful children and successful economies.

It's all about creating a prosperous society vs living out our biological instincts. Lately the instincts are winning to the detriment of society.

I vote we nuke the chinks and pajeets. We can take it step by step after that

You "muh society" fags are the worst. You complain about all the 'problems' you think you see likea bunch of women. You want things to change, so then be a solid family man. Treat your woman well. Pay attention to your children and foster their work ethic, creativity and independence. Do the same for the people in your community. It's going to suck ass and you will curse the idiots around you but it's literally all you lazy faggots can hope to do to 'fix' whatever gay thing it is you think you see. That's it, the roadmap to being a 'muh culture' warrior. Now, if you spend more time complaining or worrying about the world tham you do acting to improve, then you're about as useful as the no good, rotten, selfish [insert pidgeonholed low iq group of people here]. Get out of here with this gay /pol/ shit

Where's your white horse to go with that armor? Men can procreate until there 70, women hit the wall around 36 to 40. Men like you who promote and defend the lifestyle of these girls are not the true white knights. Men like me who look for a loyal women and promote traditional values are the true white knights. You know what's best for them in the moment, which will lead to a life of regret and dissapointment. I know what's good for them now and there future. Please, step aside.

why are there so many redditors here lately. fucking low test faggots


>It’s another episode of “women are whores” starring OP
This is totally new information

Loool good luck dying alone or with a roastie

Yeah that's what makes her not special at all. If she was special shed like sex but wait for someone who was worth her time. Not saying everyone needs to be a virgin but a body count of over 5 is unacceptable.

a real cuck right here.
Society owes you nothing.
Take what you can from this Earth, banging every whore you can before it claims you

>you'll want to return to the type of family unit you were borne into

No way.

You're wrong. Die alone with values. It's better than being a cuck.

You're a retard. Family is the most important thing a man can and will ever have. That includes a loyal wife that has only ever slept with people that she has loved and thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

I like that painting

we need to eliminate corruption and inefficiency in the military industrial complex
i'm willing to bet that 30% of american defense spending is embezzled or wasted
if we can crack down on that we can save 200 billion per year, while maintaining the same military capability
thats crazy money that could completely revamp education and infrastructure
most of of our problems could be solved through this one step, problem is if you try to fix it you get completely smeared, slandered, and then heart-attacked or jailed

>low test faggots
>simultaneously insulting multiple Veeky Forums users

Choose one


Typical masochistic twat.

It's funny because most virgins hold this view, and the more beautiful men are banging whores left and right and have already adapted to the new environment.

Cry wolf, you are an evolutionary dead end.

I don't give a fuck. I just want to bang young hot pussy man. The feeling of a young thot laughing at your stupid jokes, kissing on her lean stomach with her belly button piercing. Running your hands along her smooth legs. Rolling her over and rubbing your hands along her thick benis...

/pol/ pls stay

There are many things actually broken about society and women are not one of them. Fuck off.

It will fix itself. Quality of life in the west will gradually deteriorate as more boomers enter retirement with unfunded pensions.

Millennials can't afford houses - all assets are pumped beyond oblivion meaning the ponzu scheme will burst. No one can afford to buy the assets the boomers expect to be able to flip when they retire.

Combine this with the importation of millions upon millions of social welfare claiming shitskins and the kettle is about to boil over.

>the type of family unit you were borne into
This is what you said and this is what I answered to.
>family is the most important
Nah, I don't think so.
Btw I'm divorced. Family is important, but it's not something you-must-have just because some nazi-sjw (sic!) says so.
It's not for me, also I don't to have children with my fucked up bipolar genes.
Not that I was interested before I was diagnozed. And I'm near sure that almost any women would feel hopeless living with me, b-but there is other thing.
Also, with all the respect to family, thinking that it's the most important thing is really dumb as hell, it's escaping as same as fucking whores day after day, just in different style.

You don't get it. There is no 'us'. You're in on the ground floor or pushing daisies.

The more men a woman has slept with, the less successful her marriage will be. Multiple sex partners is bad for a woman's mental health. This is psych 201

Check this man mods. Where the fuck are the mods btw. This board is getting infested with salty poor /pol/tards who have no business instinct. How ironic if we had nazi mods to cleanse this board of the infestation we face rn.

i dont want friends i want audis

>cracking down on graft
They would rather destroy the world first.

>Hold women accountable for their actions, and reward them for their loyalty.
Get the fuck out with that sharia law you moslem faggot.

This. Whoremongerers are just as bad as whores. And I'm not talking about honest pay-for-sex whores, but the dirty sluts sleeping around, and the animalistic beasts fucking them.

Yes all that is true about society being shit but if you believe it can be fixed, or even crazier, that YOU or anyone else here can fix or save this sinking ship then you are so far deluded i dont even know what to say.

The only way to fix things is for everything to be destroyed. Whatever it takes, yellowstone erupting, running out of oil/rare earth materials, asteroids, grand solar minimum, ww3, global economic collapse or the spread of some deadly virus. Shit like that is the only way to fix the deep seated problems we have and im not trying to be edgy, dark or pessimistic or whatever but it really is the only way. Anything else is just putting a band-aid on a body with 4 gunshot wounds, a stab wound to the neck, a few broken bones, internal bleeding and severe head trauma. The time to be fixing shit was unironically like a hundred years ago or even further back desu. At this point you should just be aiming for the downfall of everything and hope it comes quick and goes fast rather than prolonging this long rot.

I'm an anarchist, would rather burn everything down desu. A klashnikov and a copy of the Ego and His Own are only $800. Think about how many insurrections one could fund with crypto gains!


It’s true brainlet

This so much and all these neckbeards care about is getting their dicks wet.
Meanwhile we are standing at the foot of worldwide financial collapse.
Once boomers die we can move out of this transitional period.
Thats when all we can annoy the next generation of snapchatting post 9-11 babbys

The 'us' is the cabal of nationalists, dummy. By consequence it also affects society for the better.
No, rather it's one of the many things.
Anarchism is a transitional period until a new power comes to fill in the vacuum, nothing more.
He's not wrong.

this isn't pol. Even though I agree with you, this isn't the place for it. We should focus on getting rich. No point in fantasizing if you don't have the means to accomplish anything