How much BTC for a gf with a brapper like this?


not enough to find somebody willing to shovel all the shit that ass ejects

Fuck off nig

Yeah you’d have to have some Mandingo looking dong to get it up here shitter during doggy

I realize this is just comedy, but what is it with these disgustingly large, mash potato looking asses that some retards actually find attractive? I don't get it.



Well she's a stripper and an escort in Toronto. She charges $1000 CANUCK an hour... so that.

Obviously nignogs

she needs a refund for that shit, her surgeon gave her a big lumpy mess.

t. homosexual

t. weak bait
>7/10 made me reply with a thot

YES BUT WHY. Have you ever seen a negro strip club? Not a single one of those dancers could be considered attractive by any stretch of the imagination. Just one thing in common. Disgusting, gluttonous terd cutters.


this is the ideal female body shape. you need to cut down on the soy

what the FUCK is that

>Deformed, disproportionate ass

user this is fucking not cool. I come here for fap material and you post fucking ricotta cheese in the sun?

The fuck now I have a limp dick

>The fuck now I have a limp dick

you have a limp dick because you're literally a fag

Is this the female equivalent of synthol injection?

caveman would fuck women who had big asses, big tits, big hips, and small waists because it signaled they were ideal to reproduce with

its something that is instinctual in every heterosexual male. If a woman's big round ass (fake or not) doesn't turn you on, it means you are either gay or a low-t soyboy

you can install a bad ass job on any woman for like 7k user

Its like she has two ziploc bags full of cottage cheese strapped to her ass.

>t. autistic little dick

yea, and you'd probably rather have a big hard dick pumping your ass than to fuck her, right?

i guarantee you if you part those cheeks you will smell nothing but sweaty shit

Is that Madonna?

>caveman would fuck women who had big asses, big tits, big hips, and small waists because it signaled they were ideal to reproduce with
Caveman would fuck anything with a hole. Anthropology is a worthless masturbation the second it attempts to step into human evolution or prehistory.

Yes, it is logical that man would fuck a woman with a large ass. However, this ass must be toned and thus lack disgusting cellulose as a toned ass indicates that the woman is often walking, and if she is often walking, she is often gathering, if she is often gatgering, she is fit for the hunting/gathering nature of early man.

check'd and kek'd

Anal is gay.

The penis is not meant to be inserted into the anus.
The anus is not meant to receive the penis, when anal intercourss occurs, it damages the tissues and muscles of the anus, making it difficult to control bowel movement.
Furthermore, the anus is the only hole the penis can enter on another man which sexually stimulates both men.
It would be difficult to differentiate between anal intercourse with a man and anal intercourse with a woman.
This is contrary to vaginal sex where the feeling of the vagina is unique to intercourse with a woman.


the ass and pussy are just holes to fuck, stop putting so much thought into it


How fucking dumb are you?


>dying of an embolism

Meant cellulite, apologies.

>thinks women's asses are disgusting
>unironically apologizing to someone who called him dumb

soyboy confirmed

kim kardashian

Her ass literally has diabetes.