What's the point of being rich if you'll never be happy..?

What's the point of being rich if you'll never be happy..?
Normies are in huge debt because of mortgages and student loans but you see them hanging out with their friends and laughing and having a good time...

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Normies are stupid and they're happy wageslaving their whole lives away.
Normies also get bored with their free time so they need some shekelstein to tell them what to do for at least 40 hrs a week.

I just wanna be comfy, play vidya, draw and paint and not be bothered by normies and wageslaves, fuck them.

They all smell like shit because of their alcohol addictions or because they smoke 10 packs a day.

Fuck'em, short-sighted animals

>>I just wanna be comfy, play vidya, draw and paint
Why do those things make you happy..?

Being rich only means you'll get to drive a Ferrari instead of a Toyota. You'll go to a 5-star Fiji resort instead of motel in Virginia Beach. Your house will have 4 bathrooms instead of 1.

Becaues I enjoy them more than anything else and they make me feel fulfilled? Especially drawing and painting are just so satisfying and pleasant to do, but it's hard to improve when you have to wageslave in an office for 40 hours a week.

I need to make it, for my neices and nephews

but why would those things make you happy?

They don't. Money doesn't bring happiness.

Wage slaving? Do you think Bill Gates needs to fucking work? No, but he still does.. Trust me, you don't want to be sitting in a mansion with a lambo parked outside while you rot your life away doing nothing.

I made about $200k (cashed out) and I'm much less happy than my friends who are in massive debt. All I can think about are those fucking numbers day and night.

you sound like me... I am not rich like you though.

Those things would help me attract a mate which would allow me to have children which would make me happy

>tfw have no car
>tfw have no house
>tfw can't afford to go into a motel on a shitty beach

Yeah fuck you, if you can afford all those things you're not poor, you're middle class

bill gates 'working' is very different from joey normie getting wagecucked in a cubicle

>Becaues I enjoy them more than anything else and they make me feel fulfilled?

What are your plans when your mom kicks you out of her basement?

That is a retarded thing to say. Money buys you time and freedom so you can focus on things that will make you happy and self discovery instead of being a miserable wagecuck for the rest of your life.

My mom died when I was 16 you retarded twat.

>it's hard to improve
So start your fucking drawing/painting career. Save up enough money to be able to support yourself for 6 months, that should be enough, and then QUIT and START WORKING YOUR PASSION.

You'd be suprised how effective all-inning can be. You could be living off of your art in 6 months if you're truly good/passionate about it.

I'm not rich, my portfolio only worth $3000...

>My mom died when I was 16

That explains the absence of common sense and social capabilities.

like, if you hadn't cashed out you could have 200k + xgains? Yeah, its not healthy to think like that. you had your strategy and you succeeded. good job man, now you have in your bank account more money than most people in the world will see in a lifetime. For western standards even, you're in the top 10% probably.
What if you had let your money stay in crypto, and you had lost everything?? How would you feel then knowing that you could have had 200k in your bank account?
If it worries you so much, get back into the game with 10k and rebuild a stack.
Also, buy REQ

> Normies also get bored with their free time

THIS. Most normies have the attention span of a goldfish.
Back when I didn't have any internet at home, I'd go to the library, download some emulator ROMs, and then spend months playing through RPGs.
When I started having internet at home, I'd spend weeks binge watching anime series I downloaded.

Meanwhile, a lot of normie friends have the attention span of a goldfish, and can't find happiness in such things.
Most normies I know would be "not happy" unless they have the new iPhone X, or have something new to wear for Christmas/Valentine's/their birthday, "not happy" unless they eat out at that new place they saw their friends on Facebook eating out at and make a social media post of their food...
They'd bleed money non-stop and then when they're broke, they'll make social media posts crying how poor they are.

> Money buys you time and freedom so you can focus on things that will make you happy and self discovery
This is exactly how I see it, but most normies will just get bored out of their minds given the freedom to do anything they want.


If you have to be told to work on your passion, I'd argue you are not passionate.

>"money doesnt make happy!"
t. someone who doesn't have much money to begin with

>So start your fucking drawing/painting career.

For that you need a certain skill level that I don't have yet, and reaching that skill level while wageslaving in a non-art-related job is difficult.

Now you're just grasping at straws, retard.

Are you a wagie, nocoiner, late-comer or all of them?

>practice 80 hours a week
>put in 2000 hours over 6 months
If that isn't enough to get to a certain skill level then you will never be able to pull it off. Stop making excuses shitface

I'm not someone who wants to draw but doesn't have any skill. You realize how stupid that sounds as a life ambition? Get the fuck to work and actually become useful at anything. Where do you get your food and shelter?

Find a distraction or replace a fading distraction so you forget about roping yourself. /thread.

>doing a college major I don't enjoy
>have no passion so I don't even have a choice

>Where do you get your food and shelter?

I fucking wageslave for it as I've mentioned at thousand times.


>as a life ambition

I have never once mentioned that I want to survive off of doing art or something like that if you actually would read I've said that I just want to be comfy and learn art on my own terms, not live like a slave and then still not get a job because the art market is impossible to get into if you're not god-tier at 20 years.

Same goes for As if I want to become a wageslave artist. Why do you people assume that I would want to ruin my hobby by working in a market as shitty as the art market?

You gotta do something until you find your passion m8. You can't just die in a ditch waiting for it to fall into your lap. Go around, try stuff, you'll find something eventually.

>Why do you people assume that I would want to ruin my hobby by working in a market as shitty as the art market?
Find your niche, faggot, or stop complaining about >muh wageslaving

Quit the shitty cheese job. You gotta work on it for weeks and weeks and weeks and months and months and month and years and years and years... and then.. if it doesn't work out.. blow your fucking brains out.

thanks for the positive response user. guess I do have to support myself with something practical if I don't have anything else going on

I don't like sports, gyming, movies (at least the newer ones), watching shows on Netflix, YouTube celebrities, celebrity gossip, driving, biking, marathon running, woodcraft, yoyos, skipping, cycling, clubbing, drinking, partying, painting, sewing, knitting, travelling, yoga, meditating, video games, board games, programming, coding, and other stuff I tried.

I have 'made it' thanks to internet funny money. But if I'm being honest the most fun times of my life were when I was scraping together $6 in change to get a combo meal at Raising Cane's and putting in $5 with a friend to get a .8 of dry ass Arizona weed. when you don't have anything you appreciate much smaller things like finding a bus token. I sometimes yearn for those days when I was floating around the city on the Orbit (free) bus on the way to sell an Xbox game for $30.

And of course it's those times that you learn how much more important family and friends are, than money.

because I could never work a full time job and be happy with that

Sucks to be you OP, I made a fuck ton of money and used some of it to pay off student loans for my friends so their lives could be better too.

Maybe you're just unhappy because you're a shitty person, kys

Honestly unless your family was all murdered I don't see how money =/= happiness. My whole life would improve 1000% if I wasn't poor.

I'm debt free, rich and happy.
What's the problem?


>ITT people who think not being rich == being poor

>My whole life would improve 1000% if I wasn't poor.

This is very true. Money may not buy happiness, but being poor guarantees unhappiness if you stay in that state long enough.

"fuck you" money is truly the pinnacle of happiness

I'm actually poor. Only money I could even afford to put into crypto was financial aid money.

Yep. And I've been poor my whole life (27 years).

Ah the good old days, I miss walking to work every day because I couldn't even afford a bicycle. I remember this one time I got jumped by a junkie who stabbed me in the ass as he kneeled on me and checked my pockets for money, good times

lmao. youre right, it wasnt always fun like I made it sound. I was homeless for about a month in the dead of Arizona summer. got gaffled by the police numerous times. was dead hungry while other people my age had anything they could ask for. But I don't remember that stuff, the good memories are the ones that remain for me.

Holy fuck user, you're a goddamn partypoop. You don't even like vidya? What's the fucking point, is there anything you enjoy doing?

>mansion with a lambo parked outside
of course that sucks. but if you would drive that lambo you would be much more happy.

Check out philosophy, sounds like you inadvertedly swallowed the blackpill. You can start with Stefan Molyneux.

>wanna be comfy
>play vidya

Yeah you are not at all doing what Shekelstein wants.

its a scientific fact that dumb people are more easily content, so if you see normies doing normie shit and having a great time with it despite having massive problems (huge debt, stuck eternally wage slaving) it's because they're probably just dumb. "Ignorance is bliss" applies to the masses.

Personally I think wealth will make me happy because my only cause for concern in life is financial burden and uncertainty. I hate wagecucking, it makes me sick, even when I've had jobs making $75-90k/year I generally fucking hate life having to get up at a certain time everyday and go through the routine. It's mind numbing.

I want the financial freedom that I never have to do anything I don't want to do again, or answer to anyone again.

Basically this scene from The Gambler is my dream. After that I don't care what happens.


I have so much respect for James Rolfe (OP pic,) he showed everyone what real content is.


You'll get to be miserable in a lot more comforts.

I'm a parasitic asshole myself but I really don't like the idea of being dependent on the whims of some bureaucrat and the political climate and whoever is swinging the scepter so I strive to be independent, give up on the notion of being "happy" and strive for simply being content, it's hard enough but realistic, striving to be "happy" is ironically the perfect way to be miserable.

Dude I've wanted a house with my own garden away from society since I was old enough to read.
>can't afford a house
>a box on wheels never takes me anywhere but my wagecuck job
>bank account got hacked, lost apartment and now live in parents garage
>sleep on a 4ft long couch, am 6ft tall
>abusive boomer father blasts MLP on tv all day and soaks up retirement money and does nothing while laughing at me

Fuck you


This seems like what POWHcoin should have been.
The jackpot incentive makes it interesting to be on the ground floor as well as on the top.
(being last to bid gets you the jackpot, being early gets you lots of dividends)
Now we just need a bigger pot

Because I would rather spend my time on music, skateboarding, and doing personal projects than working a job. The reason I want to make money is so I can have the complete freedom to choose what I want to do with my time. Also it would be fun to me to have some land to garden and raise chickens on.

>>abusive boomer father blasts MLP on tv all day and soaks up retirement money and does nothing while laughing at me


What's the point of making these threads every day?

Working is for poor people. Anyone smart would realise that even normies that make "six figs" are useally middle class at best. I will never be a slave in my life. I will forge my own path though crypto and eventually becoming a landlord. Any non idiot female would respect a non slave man like me that doesn't need to slave in order to buy meaningless items for soical status. I will have true freedom. Most normies put on a facade of happiness. They have to slave their whole life away to compete with other normies. That's why you hear so many of them say things like "i love my job" or "i barely work all day" these are lies they tell themselves. Happiness in wealth useally comes from freedom to do what you want. I'm wealthy but unhappy due to some mental/genetic reasons, and becuase I never feel accomplished in anything. If you were a stressed normie slave and suddenly got freedom you would be happy. But for someone like me that was already unhappy, and never slaved before I was wealthy, I will continue to be unhappy until the day I kill myself.

I think you're mistaking junkies for normies.
You're probably some southern trash, try moving to a city you hillbilly.
Normies Don't smoke. You will see them drinking starbucks tho.

Dont feed the trolls
'money doesnt buy you happiness' is for people that need to convince themselves.

so you never forget

great idea op! now these disenfranchised isolated (somewhat) rich crowd will seek eachother in refuge if anything at all, and you will see a new class of crypto autists that end up employing and controlling you

>>I wageslave but i make 80k so im not rich but middle class
>>Being this rich without working would suck balls!

Okay then go get a mortgage, drown yourself in debt, wagecuck and socialise with other people who are in the same situation.

Untill you're 40+ and it all hits you like a brick.

SOO true
Money feels just like a number
no friends to have fun with as they are busy wageslaving
Feels like rotting away in the room with a nice car parked outside

You are so right
I exactly feel the same, almost feel like crying

It is not about being happy. I want money because that will make my life a bit easier. Humans can find happiness in such different ways; effort/reward satisfaction, appreciation, family... We're animals after all.

Art market is just a money laundering scam OP. Which is worse for you than what you already think- it means no matter what, you're not gonna make it as an artist even if god tier. The kid of some banker or mob boss who smears shit on pictures of Jesus on the other hand will do fine due to connections.

So....buy cryptos so you don't have to wagecuck and enjoy your art without needing to get into the garbage "art snob" community.

you're a loser. listing video games as a main interest is so bad