When to diversify?

I've been 100% in XLM since the beginning. I'd like to diversify at some point but when? What is the right moment? XLM's top was at 6k sats and now it's 4k6 sats.


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I'm actually waiting for xlm to reach the same price as link so I can reach my link goal. I don't know if that will ever happen though. They've been within 2 cents of each other a few times recently but it just want good enough for me. I originally wanted to sell at 2x the price of link but I realized I need to lower my expectations so now I'm just going to dump it all at some point. Definitely before March.

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Might as well hold until FairX


I’ve been mining Verge on my pc for a few weeks, accumulated a couple thousand. It’s a shitcoin that is a shittier Monero but fuck it I’ll keep mining

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My question was: "When do you decide to diversify when you're 100% in one coin? What do you wait for?"

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