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Look even Vitalik goes out into the world and he's a complete autist, what's stopping you Veeky Forumslets?


If you call yourself a Libertarian on twitter, you might as well just say you are a pussy.

wasnt vorhees part of that group trying to appease those chink miners? rich for him to be talking about destroying bitcoin.

his quote diesn't mean what you think it does user. how low is your IQ. i'd say low 90's to be that stupid

He’s not a fucking libertarian he’s a leftie cunt

He right though


90% of people call themself libertarian are left faggots.
Maybe also Vitalik.

oh, really?
people who want a piece of the pie and to profit off you and your product are nice to you? how shocking buttercup
this is why betas, neets and autist shouldn't be allowed to hold any type of power

he's 20. he literally doesn't know anything

>He’s not a fucking libertarian he’s a leftie cunt

He is leftie but not cunt. He sticks to his coin, doesn't run away from it, and is working on its scaling solutions - which might turn out are better than Lightning in BTC.

He made many people very rich and they are still ungrateful.

> super genius
> falling for the first flatterer

at least there is something left I could teach that guy

D-dad is that you?

Lmfao there isn't a leftist in the world who would call themselves a libertarian you fucking brainlet. Go outside.

reread the tweet more carefully. past tense vs present tense, very different meaning
it blows my mind how well vitalik words his tweets... and how people keep misinterpreting them despite that. truly a man way too intelligent for most of humanity. trying to express precise thoughts always fall short on those who lack that degree of precision in their minds

what does he mean then?
sorry I'm not a native english speaker
sometimes its hard to catch all nuances

He's a 100 lbs faggot that managed to create a coin that has spawned more scams than any other vehicle in history and he even managed to have it scale worse than Bitcoin. Mission accomplished.

>and he even managed to have it scale worse than Bitcoin

What you mean by it? ETH scales fine while having much more transactions that BTC. Now they work on blockchain sharding, which might very well turn out to be better solution that Lighting network.

Lel in Europe left is the same like libertarian you moron. We have different history you faggot. Learn history american burger.

It's funny how all these brainlets think they're better than Vitalik lol.
"Cypherpunks" are some of the most autistic people that are cultish af. The fact that they call themselves that is cringey enough.

You are so fucking stupid. Left is liberal, not libertarian.

Fuck off autismo faggot


I think eth would greatly benefit of a better philosopher vs. people who actually write working code ratio. Too many of them attention whoring in social networks and at conferences.

"shut up and code" Theo the Raadt, author of actually working software

Not being a billionaire

If youre talking about plasma then yes, it will make people not even realize when lightning is released because it will be so shit in comparison

>I think eth would greatly benefit of a better philosopher vs. people who actually write working code ratio.

I primarily meant blockchain sharding, Vitalik talked about it on some video I think it was in December.

>Blockchain sharting
Can this timeline get any better?

Except it isn't.

Freedom and independancy is encouraged by the right. Socialism and government support by the left.

Vitalik is right though, the problem is that the leaders of our centralized society are bad, because they're leftist.

>ITT OP learns why ETC is a thing

>tfw I could have met Vitalik in high school and been nice towards him and ruffled his hair and played world of warcraft with him at his mom's place and he'd still be a libertarian

Daily reminder that virtual currency that is not limited in its nature is useless, as its no different to any other virtual money that its currently being used.

who’s nicer is a fucking retarded way to choose a political philosophy. what a dumbass

cryptokitties literally froze their blockchain. you call that scaling ?

>implying a 20 year old autismal pedophile's whereabouts on the political spectrum matters in the slightest

Great comment. One of the best I've ever seen here.

like there's a contradiction, educate yourself user

nah in europe liberal means center right

He’s talking about centralization through regulations, not center politics by not being a libertarian. He’s a commie anyways



The right is defined by their longing for hierarchy and authoritarianism.

What? No all it did was raise the fees. People as dumb as you shouldn't be allowed to post without supervision holy shit

Freedom has nothing to do with left or right, it has to do with top or bottom

Shut up you faggot. No body cares about your political theory. If you are not at LEAST a trump supporter, you are a literal socialist

fucking kek

though, at least in the past few years (and in canada), i have seen leftists who thought highly of ron paul refer to themselves as libertarian
i don't think that such a thing would be so common now; among those who have an interest in politics, the dividing lines are pretty vibrant these days
not that that's a bad thing—makes it easier to spot retards

You are not even trying
Trump is a kike, and people who think le president is anything more than a puppet is a turbonigger

>makes the second best crypto on CMC
>doesn't know anything
Tell me anons what do you know?

Does he own a gun?
If no then he's not actually libertarian.

I knew this was gunna happen. I was being sarcastic. Also Idk why so much retards on /pol/ talk about the joos but then suck the ever living fuck off the jewemperor's cock

Oh yeah (I wasnt the original poster you were replying to lol)

> unworldy autistic millenial pedophile creates second best crypto and therefor is an intellectual authority on every subject imagineable



Lizards always act nice around potential profit.

Duh. He's a communist.

You're a fucking idiot leftists hate liberals

Vitalik is pretty retarded desu.

Jesus fucking Christ are you guys OBSESSED with us.