Alright Veeky Forums what's the next Ethereum?

Alright Veeky Forums what's the next Ethereum?

Obviously AION


Isn't that an erc20 token?


Not for long.

Change the logo to link and the bottle to rolling rock please it's my fetish


>be vitalik buterin 16yo virgin faggot russian
>want to build dapps and smart contracts platform on top of established crypto
>based devs tell you it's not fesible at the moment because it will cause blockchain bloating and transaction halt.
>make your own crypto
>get money
>other ico
>lose money because you are based autist
>rollback blockchain
>based devs launch featherweight game involving cats
>blockchain bloated, transactions come to halt
>go on with autism plans
>start tossing vaporware hype
>your coin's value is 90% driven by ICO scams
>people complain
>come up with retarded impractical DAICO concept
>people find possible problems with it

Ether is ripple 2.0 not bitcoin 2.0 from a dev and centralization standpoint.
The concept behind it is good but poorly executed. Its price is artificially increased by token ICOs.

It will probably moon to 5000 this year.
Feels good to be russian virgin autist with dictatorial and socialist economical views.

It's obvious at this point, Sir. MOBIUS is providing the needful for the Oracle problem.


By the time you know, it will be too late to chase it.


Probably desu. Apart from that Neo.

Kindly do the needful.






ICX or I eat a nigger's dick

What makes you say that? :)

Achain (ACT)


in terms of functionality - neo/ada
in terms of 1000x potential - not sure there will be anymore

I think most people who actually know crypto realize it will be xlm

Tau. Or Universa, if you’re looking to get in on the Russian Ethereum

When can you buy that shit at an exchange?

Unironically this.

Couple weeks. Monitor the Gitlab account or lurk Riot chat. Core devs are merging into the master and testing. Right now we are still in backroom talks regarding the politics.


Cardano + LINK will take us into a new era.

>dunning-kruger, the post
the greatest threat to libertarian values is the average 110-120 iq libertarian

Probably etherium

I/Ocoin, only 40 millions worth... for now


EOS is the only correct answer.

NULS according to Oracle.


Cardano has no product. I bought some on the big dip - kind of regret it already. I wanted to acquire a decent amount before staking launches. No Linux wallet, the windows wallet bugs out, the website is lame and it's just basically a whole lot of fail.

Fucking academics. Useless. My only hope is they get a business manager in to move things along.

Meanwhile EOS, ETC, QTUM and NULS are taking off. And hell, even Ethereum will be fine with the updates happening this year.

Fucking Cardano....

what is most likely to survive a landscape of regulation?
although tax agencies and governments are largely impotent in the face of technological work arounds, they do have control over businesses that operate within their jurisdiction
so which coin, token, protocol is most poised to survive what is to come inevitably?
Do you know, Veeky Forums?

Stuff as NEO (Stellar inflation too?), the ones generative passive income, are in bigger trouble imo.
All the others will do fine, legally speaking. Though I am not so sure about the other Chinese ones.


Komodo..... I’ve already said too much..

Pls r u buying the Venchains sirs superb coin veey good investing