100k networth at 18

Is a 100k Usd networth at 18 impressive? I'm in HS also. If I tell girls this will they be impressed? Would it still be impressive for a college student? What's the normal networth of people around 17-22?

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Quick response.

Having a positive net worth is already impressive

100k net worth is good until you're like 30.

I didn’t even think about money in high school. Too busy chasing girls

>op most likely nerdy af no females will dig this


Do you want golddiggers? Cause that's how you get golddiggers. Stop being such a beta cuck, using your wallet to attract pussy. May as well go hire an escort, the sex will be better.

It's all subjective. Where do you live? How wealthy are the people around you and their parents?

Plenty of 18 year olds have millions of dollars they can play with. To them, $100k is chump change. Most 18 year olds probably have less than $1,000 to their name. To them, $100k is an insane amount.

Can it help you get girls? Probably a certain type of girl. You could buy a prostitute. This would be more effective (likely better sex) and probably cost you the same or cheaper than a girl who is "dating" you because of your money.

Of course it is. Don't listen to these faggots here that tell you otherwise
> hurr durr I'm 15 and have 4 million

if your networth is the only thing you can brag about then just get hookers

Really? At 30 a person has probably been working for 8-12 years. I'd assume 100k would be below average. What do people spend their money on? Do most people not invest? Even investing in stocks is very easy and not super risky like crypto.

You'll just look like a jackass bringing up your net worth especially fin it's out of context.

>Plenty of 18 year olds have millions of dollars they can play with
Uhh no

Not really nerdy, but I'm a kissless virgin. Do you think girls my age would give me sex becuase of the money?

Just a pretty normal city in Florida. Everyone is mostly middle class-upper middle. My parents are decently wealthy though, around a 1.8 million networth.

If you tell girls to impress them, all you will attract are gold-diggers. Which is OK if you do it willingly, just don't complain "all chicks are gold-diggers" - by trying to buy girls, you will repulse those who aren't gold-diggers..

No, most people blow it by living beyond their means

You know its not very hard to look up statistics
>A household led by a 30-34 year old with a net worth of $100,000.00 was in net worth centile 74% in 2016. This centile ranged from $98,562.90 to $103,298.45. Around 2,800,743 of the 10,772,092 households in this age range had $98,562.90 or more in net worth.

That's for US, where you will find much more rich people than elsewhere

>What do people spend their money on?
Oh boy, you'll find out if you ever more out of your parents house.

Yes. But youd need a nice good looking car to prove it.
Worked for me. Literally

Uhh yea. It really depends on your social circles, user. I once was hooking up with a girl from a very wealthy social elite family in NYC. At the time she was 17. Her and all her friends had insane amounts of money at their disposal. They lived these weird lifestyles where their parents were never around and they just basically lived alone in these $10MM+ apartments, went to clubs and got VIP tables and bought expensive name brand bottles all night for $500-1000 a pop, etc., etc.

When I was 17, I was stealing liquor from my parents liquor cabinet, sneaking downstairs after they fell asleep and hopping on a bicycle and going and hanging out w/ a couple of friends in a basement.

There are worlds out there you are not privy to.

The way you describe yourself and the verbiage used “give me sex” implies some psychological impairment which will most likely be your ultimate down fall and prevent you from ever forming a bond with a female that would ever result is sexual intercourse.

I’m not one to just put people down so I’ll give you some advice. Get some psychological care, understand you have mental problems and work hard to correct them.

I don't have a car yet, but I'll be getting one once I graduate. What would you recommend? I'm looking for a coupe in the 20k range. My mother will be buying it for me.

I'd say then that yes, $100k is likely a lot comparatively to your friends. Instead of worrying about impressing girls or whatever dumb shit you have on your mind, think about how you can invest that $100k and turn it into $200k or $500k, or $1MM. Get your ass in gear, get to work. $100k is peanuts in the scheme of life unless you actually turn it into more money.

Damn straight user, all you need is a car to get the bageenas moist

This, 100k doesn't go far unless you're investing, and at your age you might as well risk half of it on crypto and see where it goes.

Around 85% of my networth is crypto. The rest is in stocks/money in savings.

>wealthy parents and stable upbringing
almost got scared for a second

Yeah I get what you mean, but saying there exists plenty of these 18 years old is just wrong. Of course if your entire friend circle consists of them it would seem that way.

You have a lot to learn.

I guess the word "plenty" is subjective. To me, seeing that there are at least hundreds if not thousands of rich kids like this in NYC means they probably exist in cities like LA, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. I'd estimate there are at least 20-50k 18 year olds running around w/ multi million dollar bank accounts. Maybe a lot more than that.

To me, that's a lot considering how much money it is and how young they are. And I'm sure anyone living in a big city has met someone like that in their lifetime. Even in my older age, I met someone who was about 25 who was a trust fund kid and had access to essentially unlimited funds. She would get drunk and show us her bank account with tens of millions of dollars and then buy everyone a round of drinks. And she had been doing that since she was a teenager.

It's more common than I thought, so to me that is "plenty", though I obviously understand the majority are not in that situation.

Food, clothing, home insurance, car insurance, gas, maintenance on home/car, interest payments on mortgage, furniture, phone bill, internet bill, electric bill, natural gas, property taxes to name a few. Have fun growing up!

> in the 20k range
>My mother will be buying it for me.
She's going to breast feed you tonight too I bet.

>Around 85% of my networth is crypto.
Oh so you only have 15,000 at 18. I had that too when I was 18. Lemme know when you cash out then I can take you seriously.

No, net worth has nothing to do with your sexual reproductive success if that's what you were implying. Man the fuck up and stop being a beta bux provider.

You would still include crypto in your net worth, it’s an asset just like stocks or gold would be.

So much this. I felt way richer on a $30k salary living with my parents than I do now on a 6 figure salary with my own home, 2 dogs, a wife and kid.

No matter how much money I make, it feels like it's never enough. There's always some expense around the corner you never saw coming.

The only impressive thing about you is the level of autism you have, user. You won't be able fuck anyone but whores for your whole life.

If you use your wallet to attract women they will be attracted to your wallet. If this is what you want then sure, go ahead and tell them, but like others said, you're better off getting an escort.
My advice would be to keep it to yourself. Keep to yourself. I don't understand normalfags' need to share everything with everyone.

Haha you seem pretty salty m8
Why would you not put your money in something that has a very high potential ROI? Especially if you're young and can take the risk.
Your sour grapes attitude is only going to bring you down lol.

Goddamn yes. Once I can save more than 50% of my income, will I finally be safe? I feel insecure all the time. Like 10k just doesn't cut it anymore.

I remember when I was 18, 10k would be like infinite money. Now I know: 10k, that's about half a year.

fucking retard.
do you know how much the cost of living is? you probably think food and rent is enough

Hard not to be salty when some snot nosed brat who gets everything from his parents is looking down on the finances of people with actual responsibilities.

lol ya man. It's not that hard if you budget well and actually have money
It seems like he's more curious than looking down on people. I think your insecurities are showing.

whatever you do DON'T use money as your leverage. That's pathetic.

Continue to work hard in whatever you're trying to pursue. You'll build a character naturally from discipline and solid work in the long term. This "character" or "aura" that you built from hard work will make any seemingly negative traits you have work for you.

"Awkward" becomes "cute". Rudeness becomes "bold" or "direct". Having nothing to say all the time becomes "grounded" or "stable", and etc.

Once again whatever you do DON'T use money as your main leverage, or else you'll never experience what it's like for a person to really like you for who you are.

can't argue with this much of a retardation

paper profits are not money user. Learn to take profits and thank me later when you can put down a hefty downpayment.

>thinking about net worth

Sure OP, let's pretend you're 18.

>all these posters responding to this tard
OP i would punch you in the face for being such an entitled cunt. There are people at 60 who don't have 100k to their name.

>telling girls your net worth
You got a long way to go in life, enjoy your soulless wenches

Holy shit OP is definitely an Elliot Rogers clone.

>OP i would punch you in the face for being such an entitled cunt. There are people at 60 who don't have 100k to their name.
Not defending OP, but if you aren't worth $100k by sixty you are a complete fucking failure of a human being. especially a boomer who could hit like 5 times that just by having bought a small apartment in a shithole for cheap 30 years ago.

>Implying women who aren't hookers exist

lol you can't argue because you're too salty being poor

It's actually so funny looking at how butthurt a lot of you guys are. That's why you're losers that'll try to put down others to cope and make yourself feel better rather than trying to improve your own situation. Enjoy your nigger poverty mentality lol.

>60 minutes ago

jesus christ the fact that this thread is still going on this long tells you the absolute state of new/biz/

kys faggots

It was going to die until this sperglord bumped it three times in a row

is 150k networth at 21 impressive?
t.jobless uni student

>continues to be a retard
>complains people are mean on the business and finance section of a Nepalese sherpa forum.
What did he mean by this?

minimum age for Veeky Forums should be raised to 23 or smth desu

What do you mean? Are you implying I’m younger or older?

It's pathetic how salty you guys get at a kid asking questions
Such a loser mentality

girls don't actually care about how much money you have

they are attractive to the qualities that rich people usually have (social dominance, perserverance, etc.)

You're very mature for your age, user. Your mother must tell you that a lot.

Underage ban please for this nigger

I've been thinking about my net worth and even made an early retirement plan when I was 16. My plan is to retire, or at least part time retire after 10 years of having a job.

lmao hope you don't ever plan on moving out then.

yes, impressive.
and if no debt, you're rich now.

Yeah I plan on living at home for awhile, I don't see anything wrong with that.

I have no debt, and I won't have any debt in the future.

The jews have rigged the economy so most people are worth NEGATIVE NOTHING. Imagine that. Being worth less than zero

100k at 18 is incredible by most standards
it's also completely useless as a talking point to get 18 years old girls to hook up with you, because 18 years olds interested in money can date any older man

>Yeah I plan on living at home for awhile, I don't see anything wrong with that.
No I meant literally ever or paying your own expense. Look, not trying to ruin your dream but when you are an adult, you will learn expenses you didn't think about or tally are huge income tax is huge, your first few years in a career dont pay that amazingly and you won't get to pull from any pension plan at 10 years of service under 40.

no idea, I was already in the 7 figure club in 2014 and I was just 16 thanks to early bitcoin investing

Yes, it must feel sad walking past a homeless person knowing that they have a higher net worth than you. It's always really smart normies that are in a lot of debt also. I know a couple and they are both lawyers and have around a negative 400k networth.

youre poor user. $4m at 18

yeah a lot of people are losers it's true

Am I the only poor Jew? I must be doing this wrong.

In the new world order will there be a place for me? I like whiskey, alt rock, and gambling on cryptocurrency on forums for autists.

When will anons realize women want a man with developed character, not numbers on screen. Mature guys just happen to have money as a side-effect. If you have shit childish character, you can only attract the same level girls.

I think your math must be off.
negative net worth implies debts exceed assets. As in if you have a $400k loan owed on a $350k house you have +$50k etc.
>replying to a /pol/tard
oh he is retarded nevermind.

No, they have a -400k networth. And how does pol relate to this?

pussy you pay for is the cheapest pussy your gonna get

And how did they get negative $400k? who is lending someone whose liabilities outweigh assets that much any money?
Id love to see your breakdown?
>how does /pol/
cause you were replying to the retard.

I'm not sure, I know they have tons of student loan debt though, and a mortgage. They just told me their net worth is -400k.

>student debt
even in Murrica $400k MORE than you have in assets is a lot of student debt.
If the cost of their mortgage is higher than their property value by any significant amount they should default/walk away.
Either they or you are doing the math wrong. Realistically the only way to have a negative $400K net worth is too be a multimillionaire to billionaire as then as a percentage of your asset value its not ridiculous.

no, you aren't impressing anyone with net worth until you're over 10m. it's a good start though.

>bonding with females
holy shit lmao

If you like gold diggers and sluts you should buy an expensive car and high quality clothes and similar status symbols no one of your peers can afford.
If you want that highest quality cute and good girl that isn't shallow and that is like winning the lottery these days, than you be discreet about it, but always have cash and live just a little beyond the means off everyone around you. A bit better car, a bit more expensive vacation, a bit better food, a bit more cash for restaurants and night life...

>implying women aren't all overgrown children

yeah I dunno about that advise - scoring a high quality chick doesn't have anything to do with money and material things at 18, that's more of a factor at 30-40

Any chick attracted to material wealth can be an issue later (like say if shit goes bad and your broke?)

Nigga try 2.1 million at 23

>Learn to convicingly fake emotions so you can pump and dump dumb whores

15 yo here, running my own global conglomerate, networth:20bil
Nothing personal,kiddo

>scoring a high quality chick doesn't have anything to do with money and material things at 18

What was your networth at 18? I'll easily be im the millions in my young 20s with the cryptos I'm holding.

I assume the post was deleted because you learned how Net Worth and Mortgages work? its okay user, happens to the best of us.

holy shit good advice on Veeky Forums

I just want to clear up something about my post.
The high quality girl I am talking about will not know that this is wrong and bullshit and that she was preconditioned to be like that even though naturally she isn't.

>oh look user is posting pics of him cruising near the beach with his comfy convertible
>oh look user is in Paris on vacation
>oh look user is always part of the night life scene, he isn't as built as chad but he is chill and looks sharp
>oh look anons instagram has a lot of followers(user payed some small amount for shills and follower bots)
>oh look user is with stacy but he really deserves better
>I wanna drive around with user and suck him off while he contemplates higher mysteries of life

I mean he is not right or wrong necessarily.

Think about how many 18yo dudes have money and material things? Not many. Do they all still score high quality chicks? Yes.

Money surely does help but it's absolutely not necessary.

When I was 18 I was middle class, leaning towards lower middle class. But I was tall, well built, playing professional handball, great grades in school, making the best out of what I had in terms of clothes and looked really good compared to most of my peers.
I could go into a night club and hang with older crews and score with any girl.
But my competition was usually what I described. There is nothing you can do as a pleb with no money when the girl you like and her friends go to the rich boys pool and you arent invited. There is nothing you can do when that girl you like that lives on the outskirts of town wants aride home and you dont have a car but the richfag has an slk Mercedes. There is nothing you can do to overcome the fact tht the girl you like is in Greece all summer long with some richfags and their circle of friends when you can't afford to even be there for 10 days...

And I was winning against those, I was winning until after college based on my wits, plots, scams and looks, than it becomes a no contest and without wealth you can't win, not even temporarily.