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Music thread

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Yeah, this aint music board but guess it goes cus that aint no music either.

shut up nerd

Here ya go, buddy


ehh kinda weird couldn't listen.

slow and nice, like it. wouldn't listen in my free time but good production quality and video.

sick! added to my sex playlist.

is this what anons listen to? :D weird but quirky.

here's an electronic one I'm into now, love the drop.

Im fucking crying right now. The next PBC pick is SKY coin. I had 100k incoming in april to buy SKY coin and now itll be 20x. I WANT TO DIE

Thank you Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer for this.

/mu/ threads on Veeky Forums are just a reminder how bad shitcoiners tastes are.

if i had to choose between 100mil and good taste, i would go with good taste. you can't cultivate it. you're doomed to a shallow, empty life.

>sick! added to my sex playlist.
Hey good taste, user. Seems like a lot of people hate her for some reason

Here's another great song for a sex playlist

Has male vocals unfortunately but still pretty sexy

posts squarepusher (not even a good track of his)
then complains about bad taste...

Haha this is so good but also a littttle cheesy. I like to have a mix of fast and slow in my playlist. Got like 5 playlists that I change up.

Here's a few others I can recommend for that type of playlist—they're a little more upbeat. Going to sleep now.

Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
The Code - Crazy
Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell
Stwo - Haunted
Eden Prince - Senorita

More upbeat:
Jengi - True
Cages - Listening
Flux Pavilion - Emotional
Cheat Codes, Dante Klein - Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)

and a weird one:
Jorja Smith, Preditah - On My Mind



mah nigga


The ultimate state of biz. Young anons who don't recognize Radiohead is the single greatest & most influential band of all time, and every single shitty "artist" they're listening to would cite Radiohead as an influence just to sound cool.

great album

muh radiohead

desu I don't know much country music i just heard that in an episode of south park

song unrelated

anotha one

it's definitely one of his best. sorry you can't hear m8

what is that shit you just posted? is it supposed to make me cringe?

this is the single greatest and most influential band of all time

4 minute warning is not a good radiohead song

You changed a person's life today.

shit interpretation, gould is the reference for these pieces

Agree to disagree.

That hard panned left rhythm section. The accents on the 3's and then the groups of 2's on the tambo. That washtub-ish bass tone. The incredibly simple singular note guitar melodies. Those right panned backing ahh's.

Then bam, Thom's voice comes in dead center and clean as hell. Beautiful and unique lyrical content. Backing harmonies coming in on the right.

Queue upright piano 1st chorus. Backing harmonies get panned more left-center and start getting stacked. Enter fuzz, additional guitar, quick fade into second chorus to just piano where you can hear the thump of the keys and a very faint acoustic guitar where you can hear the strings.

It's not their best, but it's a fantastic track.

you're right. desu i didn't even listen to this. it was the first one on youtube, but i was thinking of Gould.

>reddit spacing

fucking puke

meh I like planeterium or tundra type shit a lot more I'm not into muh industrial / noise but yeah compositionally or whatever it's respectable but still sounds like banging a trashcan elegantly to me, I get it if that's what you're into I used to enjoy stuff like that a bit more. If you like that track you'd probably really enjoy throbbing gristle.
Once your tastes develop a bit which they will you'll get where I'm coming from. Are you a metal kid?
good shit user that rare autechre

I can jive with that. Anybody who pays that much attention to their music is alright with me. Your post makes me wish I hadn't abused drugs and lost my autism. cheers man

people still spouting this meme? gould butchered bach. András Schiff makes gould look amateur.

and listen to this

now listen to goulds version, it's absolutely fuckin horrendous. he had no clue how to play bach, only his ego allowed him spotlight

Cool story, user. Tell us again about the time you were a piece of shit on an Internet nerd forum.


ay, fellow aphex poster

Haha, I've done plenty of drugs - I'm sure you still have it in you.

I'm a musician so that doesn't hurt my ability to listen to music, but I very much believe music to be the sum of its parts and I listen with that perspective in mind. Most people listen only to the whole, and I think wind up missing the best parts.

As someone who has recorded plenty of songs, I know what a difficult balancing act it is to really bring instruments together harmoniously vs. talking over each other.


listen to this on acid + good sound system

I'll give the schiff another listen but I remember not enjoying it. Could just be the piece, I tend to avoid it.
Nice cantata.
But, if we're gonna listen to Bach, might as well get out

hes the king

oh shit now we're talking that ending is extra dope wtf

dude, are you looking through my playlist or st. it's scary cause all the tunes you're posting I was listening just an hour ago or st

when i heard on acid i lost it. pretty sure i never returned from that trip completely.

nah man just tunes that came to mind. do you have a playlist? link it if you do, i could do with some new stuff

and ikr. He's the perfect mix of adhd beats and beautiful melodies. So satisfying to listen to time and time again. He got me into electronic music, been doing some of my own tracks as well. They're pretty shitty but I've only been doing it for 4 months or so

I completely agree. If you can't focus on a specific detail and relate it to the whole, then you aren't listening. What do you play?

yeah but it'd reveal my identity. I'd rather not. I'll see if I can transfer the track listing over some other way. it's about 114 tracks, then also some other random electronic things

>Haha this is so good but also a littttle cheesy.
Yeah it's pretty cheesy but damn that chick is hot

Here's a couple more sexy songs for ya

Thanks for the recommendations user, I'm real picky with music so recs for specific types of music are great. I'll check them out tomorrow, I gotta go to bed

like a poor man's carpenter brut

checked, that would fuck me up too good shit user

>adhd beats and beautiful melodies
nice thats why i love him, especially the beautiful melodies. i never get sick of listening to his tunes ive heard 1000 times.
wouldnt mind listening to your own stuff, and your bound to be a bit shit starting out but i'm sure you'll improve going along. best of luck

no worries about the playlist, let me know if you manage to link it user
classic tune classic video

Is that PPAP guy in back right???

Very nice composition.

hooray for everything

i swear to god. off by 1 again
Was eating some lunch. Got the playlist sorted now

this thread is cancer and you're all faggots
Take on me, (take on me)
Take me on, (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two
some other electronic stuff as well. Got a couple more on that channel now

good thread, bump

post best film music


You mean made for, or featured in films?

is this supposed to be music or is it an advertisement for bizarro world?

here you go

ranch or cool ranch?

we country western now, only on /k/rose

good movie.

kek the 80s

sick playlist. thanks man
check bjorks stuff out if you havent yet. some reminds me of rdj