As promised and delivered, user. EthPyramid, now in glorious Russian

As promised and delivered, user. EthPyramid, now in glorious Russian.

VKontakte marketing effort underway. Also, a Veeky Forums advertisement so you'll get to see it even when you're not reading these threads!

Also: new, shinier statistics, and an actual candlestick graph.

Arabic translation due over the weekend.

Do you want to build a pyramid?

>holding tokens
>feels comfy man

Statistics is very nice!

Can we get a tool that can calculate approximately how long time it would take to make your investment back in dividends?

>devs actually deliver on time and ahead of schedule
>you could have been earning free money all this time
>user, be responsible with your eth and put it in this free savings account please

This shit is an easy 2x even without dividends

Thank you for destroing crypto, pidor.

Just filling the role of honest guardian for people who want to do stupid shit with their Ether, дpyг.

If people are in this, they aren't getting Bitconnected, DavorCoined or (cringe) Monero Golded.

If you wanna waste your money on a ponzi look for a newer one, this one has died already. That's the point of these kind of scams.

I've already 4x'd on cryptoarts which was released YESTERDAY.

We're working on a simulation tool to model certain outcomes based on movement. Current priority is working on dollar-cost-averaging and a transaction history for your contract interactions.

Pop it in the subreddit thread about features and it goes on The List, though!

> this one has died already
> what the f**k am I doing with my time then
> oh wait i'm trying to make something that'll last
> even during periods of stagnation
> i am scam pajeet, destroyer of crypto

>first legitimate decentralised pyramid scheme


>Monero gold

>tell me more

Increasing volume day by day and active fanatical development and marketing means it’s dead?

Gtfo pajeet

Meh. I joined Ethpyramid yesterday. Made about 1% in divs. I'm happy with a constant trickle of income personally. I'm already chasing enough pumps trading, constantly fomoing into new schemes seems stupid IMO.

Graphic looks nice!

Exactly. This is growing hard considering powh wiped off 2 million dollars overnight.

The team is working on promoting the project and media attention is increasing.

Why haven’t you even thrown .1 ether into this, user?

As a slav that translation is atrocious. Did you fucking google translate?

Actually, that's whats bugging me about your comment: it's not supposed to be a one-shot quick p&d. You're comparing it to something totally different. It's supposed to be a more long term, secure thing that's not going to 0 easily at all. Like social security kek. So not really a ponzi in the normal sense. Have you read how the algorithm works?

Join the discord and volunteer to better the translation


It's something that was paid for. I'm afraid I can't verify the accuracy of the translation. Although as points out, we have an open GitHub for refinements to the language if native speakers have things they'd like to change.

Help us out if you have the time or inclination! The Pyramid doesn't get built with just Ether!

It’s crypto social security. How are Veeky Forums not actively promoting this to normies after getting in themselves?

You gonna get putin’d

I'd just like to follow this up by pointing out that translators that we hire are - even though we ask them to try - likely to not capture the nuance of the English base.

Like I said, I'd be more than appreciative of your effort. There's a marketing wallet that we use to pay for community efforts, and refinement of a translation would qualify.

The contract has proven itself to be bulletproof so far. Better than shitty powh anyway

So many weak hands, easiest 1% / day ever

Will be a lot more soon

Hit me up on Discord if you choose to help out.


Exactly. If you’re not in this right now you’re dumb. Like super dumb. Practically guaranteed 1% compounding ether in a secure smart contract.

1% compounding A DAY. With THIS VOLUME. But the window is rapidly closing with the team’s marketing efforts. If anyone has any questions reply to me and I’ll do my best to answer any concerns you have.

Hodl forever = infinite dividends
Anyone who buys will shill forever. LMFAO GENIUS!

Yep. Plus you can sell at any time you want, too. The project is getting more and more transactions day by day and with the new campaigns going live more and more people will be promoting the pyramid.

Great time to get in.

dumping some good info

That’s some good shit right there. Never felt more comfy with my eth in my life.



Basically, get in here. It’s happening.

200 eth by tonight just watch

You're a fucking idiot. This project actually improves liquidity in the market.

The best way to win this game is to hold forever. My hands are made of fucking mythril. Do you think you have stronger hands than me user? LOL

russian translations came out today. Some russian hackers have been pinging this thing everyday after i came out trying to hack the contract. And i mean tried close to 30 times a day for the first week.

they have since given up :)

this. Anti-social security




holy shit this is awesome

is Veeky Forums even awake? Forget moon mission, this contract is going to exit the galaxy.

>b-buh buh its'a skam!! its'a pyramid its going to eat all my money! TRIGGER TRIGGER

Its actually a game, economics chicken. No different than gambling blackjack but instead of betting on a hand of cards, your betting on the weak hands(greed) of others to either buy or sell. Either way you make 10% on each. ON EACH. let that steep. So when a whale cashes out, he tips 10% of his share to everyone on the way out the door....HUGE numbers.

Similar to poker, the rules say, the house always wins. But what if the house is made up of all of the people that own tokens? Tokens may have been purchased at a different price, but each token is valued the same. Eventually, with more volume this system can actually sustain itself indefinitely as long as eth is valuable...and thats something i can bet on.

translated into 5 languages already. Russian just came out today. New UI posted yesterday.
read up.

Yay - Another morning, another reinvest of last night's dividends.

I take ETH over coffee any day!

holy shit the shills are out in full force today

brings a tear to my eye, i love user

and thanks for staying active, function

damn new website is T H I C C

new stats page out today

*attaches rapidly*
note the top holding token holder bought at the all time high, and is not a dev. Can prove this if needed.

>tfw dev and I'm not even in the top 25

Because this is incredible. If you aren’t storing all your eth in this you’re actually dumb.

>unhackable (maybe)
>anonymous (mostly)

I was going to hold my ether anyway. Might as well get paid through the actions of others.

tfw dev and not in top 10 :(

Honestly, how could I Satoshi when this is so fun to work on?

you're the hero we don't deserve.

understandable that divine took off but you and tocsick have been doing most of the work since then

god bless

and god bless the ethpyramid

Yeah, the devs are working super hard on making this as easy as possible to get into. More progress than a lot of the projects that are posted on this board make in a year (if they last a year).

shout out to the guy that just dropped 5 eth right now

What a baller dude

If you aren’t getting dividends from your eth, you’re doing it wrong

Boom, everyday we keep seeing big investments.

My dividends is growing!!

i made 5 bucks from that 5eth alone in divs for reference and i put 2 eth in

If I had the money I would be confident enough in the contract to put 100 eth in this and just wait for the dividends to roll in

the guy that put in 50 eth at the all time high has made about 8% of the total divs... which is 18eth... in 10 days

iron hands rewarded as usual. DIVIEEEES

18 eth in ten days is like 80% of my yearly salary.

user, why the fuck are you not in this and promoting it already???

HOLY SHIT 9 eth in the last half hour

Wow. Things are really picking up steam here.

Haha FOMO is starting hard now :D

breaking 200 eth tonight check em

guys they are paying for russian advertising now. Holly shit this is huge! Best devs ever!

i said... CHECK EM!

20k roubles worth from the dev’s own pocket

Call it a scam now, dickheads.

Also, can you say mining eth directly to the contract via monero?

Sounds like a pyramid scheme, how do I get in?

Get in or stay poor.

What's the basis? I get tokens that give me ETH dividends and then I could sell for higher?

You get dividends for holding.

You can then either withdraw the dividends (price locked to the price of the token’s current value in ETH) back to your wallet for free, or reinvest they to get more tokens and therefore more ETH dividends in the future.

You’re rewarded for holding, essentially.

Sorry, minor mistake. You get dividends for holding while other people buy in, sell, or reinvest their dividends.

How dare you! We're more of a... reverse funnel.

Devs starting russian ads


Lol, I'll take that challenge user! See you at infinity!

This if from their whitepaper:

"lack of sufficient allowance for the re-splitting of Yakubian hypercube manifold tokens when exposed to meta-tether dithering ratios after the input transaction, with included support for tesseract omni-quantification perplexion algorithms"

What the fuck did I just read?

It’s better than TRX’s white paper lmao


Not even shilling user. I only bought in yesterday. Shit is legit. DYOR, it's a great algorithm.

mfw I did an IRL double spend when funding my VK advertising wallet ;_:

It's a joke brainlet. Go read the actual paper the mathematician wrote on how it works. Then the source code.

Brave knight, you see the light, it is bright, do not fright, take a bite, you just might, take flight.

I’m down for holding eth in a contract if it continues to make me eth. Which it currently is. Which is fucking awesome.

Fuck yeah user. I'm getting more fiat into Eth tomorrow, just for this.

I'm gonna work on getting my stake to 100 EPY (about 10 Eth). As my various Alts hit their profit targets I'll put that in too. At current return rare thats like 50 to 100 bucks a day.

And in a year when Eth is 10x? Yeah....official end of Wagecucking.

Get in now, be rich with us!

I can’t imagine what this will be like in a year lol

what about 5 years, 10 years?

we mooning bros made pretty comfy divs just this morning alone. Better get in now before rest of the world does

But user.

Issa scam.

Mmm, no no no. Is ethconnnneeeeeeeeec


i bought the top and sold cause it was crashing...

if i buy again i just know it gonna crash again and abandoned

why is crypto so hard, everything does the opposite

What's the official link?

You are the person holders make money off of. Buy in again, properly this time, and just hold. It’s so easy a chimp could do it.

Are you stupider than a chimp, user?

russian bitconnect

literally if you can't make money off of this you should neck yourself. All you need to is just hodl and it will just print money

That is the official link. Do not use any others (.com redirects to .io now).

In 24 hours I have gotten around 160 dollars in dividends.

Though I'm one of the top 6 holders. The volume is still picking up, I'm expecting it to be much higher soon, which means more dividends.

So earning dividends as ETH everyday + re-investing those dividends for more EPY tokens everyday. Well you can probably imagine my dividends growing day by day.

ya you CAN imagine that