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Why haven't you bought Oyster PRL yet?

>Token burn 1st March
>Testnet B in 1 week.
>Mainnet in April
>Binance listing confirmed

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Good exchange. Sign up with binance.wtf/ redirects to my ref so we can get back 20% of trade fees!


You forgot to shill Shell

-10 Rupees

Only have 500 extra to spare on crypto

SHL isn't even that much of a big deal yet. This isn't pajeet shilling, that's why I didn't even bother mentioning it.


Could be a quick easy 5x to give you more leverage for future investments.

>>Binance listing confirmed



oh shit nigga! it's about time. I fucking hate Kucoin with their low trading volume

isn't there an air drop for this? when?

There is but I don't think it's all that significant yet. The airdrop will be announced after 1st March.

I have 40k need moar.

should i go all in?

Do it.

Yes, join the club - I'm all in too. I don't hate money.

This shit is dead. It's already hit peak at $4 and collapsed back to $0.35

Look Veeky Forums
is desperate to unload

I'll unload my bags when it's $10 per PRL nigger.

no we dont want ur bags

You must be new.

why not user? they are so heavy. p-please have my bags, pleaseeeeee

nice, currently at 10k, how much you have?

1k, poorfag here

Mooooods Ban this scammer pajeet

im all in

That's not "confirmed" you retard, that just means they WANT to get on binance.

Prl is my biggest bag so pppplease moon

PRL and SHL are probably the easiest 10x in the next month with the public testnet, 10 million token burn, and SHL airdrop 1:1 in March. Along with Bitcoins upcoming bullrun by the looks of it, I'm going to fucking make it boys

you hate money if you don't sit on some pearl now

how is the shl airdrop going to work?
we put our prls on mew and just sit on it?

Yep, they're working on getting Kucoin to support it as well.

Is there any information on when Kucoin will confirm that? I kind of want to keep PRL on an exchange to swingtrade.

Nope, all I know is they're trying to get them to support it. They said they'll give us more info about it before the airdrop


Stop OP I'm still accumulating

>Kim Dot Com with 13M PRL reporting in boys
>HODLing to the moon !

Just check PRL twitter once in a while.
Anyway, you should be safe till March 1 because taking a snapshot before the burn would be kinda weird