Mfw it was a bear trap disguised a bull trap all along

>mfw it was a bear trap disguised a bull trap all along

>tfw I exited all alts at 8k, and shorted BTC
>tfw I lost money on the way down, and on the way back up too
>tfw I'm now paralyzed and unable to do anything because I know the moment I buy, it's going to crash. If I try shorting, it's going to keep going up
>tfw the bogs got me

>tfw the bogs got me

it's not funny user
the bogs are real, and they've cursed me and my financial decisions
I don't know what they want from me

Or you could just not be retarded
>pic related

>buying high
>shorting during a bull run
Such is the life of a Veeky Forumsraelite

I feel you so much my friend. I also lost about 50% of the money upwards that I lost while it went down.
>tfw doing literally nothing was the best choice (again)

Same tbqh. I get fucked every time I try to swing trade. Learned a valuable lesson to always hold.

please teach me. When do I buy back into BTC? I just want to buy back in, but if i do so now and it goes back to 8k I'm actually going to kill myself
Yeah. That's when you know you're a brainlet - when your actions have a more negative effect than ding absolutely nothing

its 9.6k

But I can't really judge anymore atm what is a good entry point. Also when BTC farts alts go to shit again anyway. After being down 50% I decided to take out most of the money and wait. Even if I miss some 25-50%. Catching some moon missions in the next bull market will make up for it more than it is worth having the hassle at the moment.

The bull trap was in January before everything crashed

are you fags really gonna flip out over every $500 dip movement in BTC?
not sure if bored trolls or just overinvested

>1) Don't 100x
If I'm feeling ballsy I'll go 20x but otherwise I stick to 10x max. It gives you a LOT more wiggle room to exit bad trades.
>2) Don't trade emotionally
If you're getting a bad case of FOMO or FUD, step the fuck back. Go take a smoke or something, and come back when you've got a clear head.

>3) Know your platform
Where do they source their data from? What's the best way to monitor trades. Do I know how to exit bad trades without fucking myself?
>4) Stop looking at your USD value
The goal is to increase your BTC stack size. Even if the market tanks, as long as you believe it will (eventually) recover, sats are the only thing that matters.
>5) Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.
This ties into not trading emotionally.

it is actually better to increase both. USD and BTC stack.

As for when to buy back in. Monitor the news, monitor the market and keep an eye on key support and resistance levels. We should retest key targets at least twice before large movement in either direction.

eh, bought at 6k, sold at 9k,

waiting for a solid week of 11k before buying back in

yeah this latest rally came early could be waiting weeks before another rally


That literally happens regardless in a market with upward momentum but good luck keeping your ATH during extreme downward swings; and if you're going to say "Just exit to USD/USD-T" then you're probably playing with pocket change because good luck trying to cash out a sizeable stack at ATH during downward momentum.

It was BRAAAAAP-TRAP after all.

You really should read the original HODL text

either it will pump to 10.5k and bounce to 9,5, or it will bounce of 10k down to 7.7k.
Either way we in mid now, u have to wait and see, dont fomo. Alts are also waiting.
Except gbyte that shit is mooning

repeat with me

>shorters are the cancer of biz
>shorters are the cancer of biz
>shorters are the cancer of biz
>shorters are the cancer of biz

Stopped using Delta 1 month back but keep it installed with my coins at that point. Have been selling and buying some since then, no catastrophic mistakes. My old Delta portfolio is still 5% up compared to my current portfolio. I should just sit on my fucking hands and wait.

OP you fool! It's a bull trap that was masquerading as a bear trap that was really a bull trap we thought was a bear trap!

dubs confirm actual bull trap

>he didn't acquire some more spot holdings in the 8k range

kek @ not buying the fuck out of the 200dma, especially as underlying indicators began to perk up

Trips confirm actual bear trap

QUADS confirm long wiggly line