Endor ICO

I'm not even sure why I am posting this here, as you idiots don't see a money-making machine even if it were raping your little asshole, but here it goes.

Whitepaper for the project: uploads-ssl.webflow.com/59f19167ffa06300013b3a69/5a83529b0c1e7b000115cf5f_Endor_Coin_WP.pdf

What is this?

> After years at MIT, Endor invented the “Google for predictive analytics”, providing automated accurate predictions, fast, with no data science expertise required. Reinventing predictive analytics with proprietary Social Physics technology and massive machine power, Endor makes accurate predictions scalable and accessible to all.

What is the benefit to the token holder?

From the whitepaper:

> A key uniqueness of Endor.coin is that the EDR Token will be usable on day 1 of the token
launch – offering token holders complete access to the pre-defined predictions. In addition,
a group of beta users will be selected shortly after token launch, and will be given the
opportunity to request predictions in addition to the pre-defined ones.

> Furthermore, token owners who believe they might require affordable access to predictions
in the future would be incentivized to buy and hold EDR tokens, as expected increased usage
will result in increased cost of predictions, driving token value up, rewarding prediction users,
who purchased EDR tokens early on.

Look at some of their previous clients (Mastercard, Coca-Cola...).

At the moment they are in a pre-sale stage, with 250 ETH as entry-point. Considering I am not *that* rich, maybe we can use some escrow service to buy this shit up? Otherwise we'll need to partecipate in the normal crowdsale which while good, might not give same rewords.

Also, details about max supply etc are not yet known and they'll disclose this shit in due time, but I would expect it to be in the BILLIONS, considering similar software (CND) has billions of tokens.

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You idiot, are you rich enough to pay 250 ETH for the pre-sale?


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>Social Physics technology

it's a predictive tech invented at MIT, already used by fortune 500 companies

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this guy is just mad that we are sharing his secrets

There will not be a crowdsale, this will sell out privately pretty soon.

Also every single ICO pool is trying to get in right now but they are struggling to get the minimum to open the pool and private whales are buying most of the tokens.



There's no details on the 250 ETH min buy in? Where did you get that details user. If not, let's so pool this shit. I'm heavy on ENG already, perfect synergy portfolio play here

give me your discord name and #

t. endor dev

channel: gg/RZq59rn (just for test)

My username: Universal_Blue

The admin in telegram said presale is 250 minimum

Thanks, interested in pooling, can contribute 2btc for the pool


i m in love.

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How da hell, is this AI going to distinguish legitimate interests from pump and dump groups and paid shillers?

>a token used exclusively to pay for a service with no reason for people to holid it

blatant cash grab. No matter how good the companies and software are these tokens will go literally nowhere.

the reason for people to hold it is to access other predictions

altough I agree I would have liked them to do as cindicator, where you have to stake the coins

is it like the chainlink presale addreses where you can send from multiple addresses though? they said they didnt want pooling but couldn't stop it

so a centralized service wants to sell a funding shittoken to late adopters?

why exactly would any non stupid person think buying a token that's only usable while this tiny company is relevant and their data is useful is a good idea?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you use Primablock

yea of course not but not having to deal with that is easier.

Been looking to get in, will join a pool to meet the 250eth limit

it's also easier to get raped by some fag without using it, I'll take my chances