I present you, your next moon coin

I present you, your next moon coin

Telcoin (TEL)

The discord will be shilling this heavily today


This thing will explode in the next 6 months. Not selling till at least 10c

Are you a liar?


judging by OP pic, its a coin shilled to normies
meaning its a pump and dump
no thanks

They had interview in TV.

> checks team
> nig ceo

No thanks

who watches tv in this day and age?
braindead normies, thats who


About fcking time, I need this shit to have some sort of movement... Dragging my portfolio down since it hit Kucoin.

Keep the shilling strong user !

Yes, and I will take their money.

I came here to post this
>They paid to have an interview in TV
>And fat Lebanese fuck who looks like DJ Khaled
Normiecoin confirmed.

I would unironically eat her shit

Hey um would it be ok if this went back to 0.000003 ETH for like a couple hours haha I don't want to get just'd here

Pump it

pump it.

Can this moon so I can trade it for more Ven plz, these post ico bags are getting heavy

wow are u me

Are you both me? I need to get rid of this shit

Yes, please shake weak hands off ASAP.