Serious question

How much % of your portfolio should you keep in BTC and why?

Czar Shitcoin needs to die

You realize that if BTC dies the market dies right

at this point BTC is the crypto world reserve currency, they all follow BTC to some exstent. if you don't own any you are letting others control the market. The ppl behind the lighting network will not let btc die before they gain contol of another coin, they are a lot more powerful than this board. to most ppl btc is crypto and crypto is btc. most ppl are dumb though

sometimes it's better to kill something in order to save a greater whole, even if it results in temporary pain

>you realize if yahoo dies all internet will die right
this is how dumb you sound

Btc is the weakest link in all of crypto, the sooner it dies, the faster as an industry it'll grow.

50% BTC here

I'm aiming to always have between 0.5-1btc to hedge myself in a situation where we transition to bizarro timeline where this old piece of shit keeps being relevant. Right now I got 1.2 and it's basically 25% of my pf, I'm pretty certain it's gonna pump back beyond 20 so I'll sell some there.

Better go 100% bitcoin for the upcoming bullrun, after that diversify.

And to all who say bitcoin needs to die, stfu you probably started crypto last december you faggots.

0%. It's a dead coin walking.

0% BTC holds everything back

You have an emotional attachment to btc, let that shit go. I've been investing in it to some degree since 2011. But there are so many better coins now, it's ridiculous to hold on to btc just for legacy.

no more than half your crypto. and crypto should be no more than 15 percent of your holdings. really half that, but i know you niggers aren't generally responsible.

Except you didn’t buy other website shares with yahoo shares

It was 5%. Even after taking profits it just outgrew everything else lol.

in most exchanges you can buy altcoins with eth and ltc. newer exchanges like coinmetro will also offer direct fiat-altcoin pairs, btc is becoming more and more worthless by the day

The people saying 0 have objectively low iq, being unable to see the most blatant pattern of the entire market

>if you don't own any you are letting others control the market
Yeah, because user's 1.2 BTCs sitting in his wallet allows him to "control the market" fucking lol.

I'd call you a quadruple-faggot if it weren't for the fact that btc is outpacing ethereum now...

i have 40% in btc.

I have an equal amount of BCH as hedge for btc flippening just because.

Not holding BTC is moronic.

No BTC, crypto will take a decade to recover.

>The people saying 0 have objectively low iq, being unable to see the most blatant pattern of the entire market

these are likely 90 iq or less.


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0% BTC, 90% ETH, the rest to flip high gain alts. btc dev community is fractured beyond repair, get out while you still can.

but admittedly this is only effective if you have a $200-300k portfolio

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I started in crypto a few weeks ago on reddit and then moved over to the chan. Fitting in nicely so far but haven't made any close crypto buddies here yet because my ID keeps changing.


Crypto is the best long term invest you could possibly make. What other asset is going to grow 100x in 5 years? The volatility is just a noobtrap.

When I started last summer BTC was around $2,200 and I didn't have a lot of money to get into the market. In my mind, I though I had better odds hitting big with a coin that cost $1 over a fraction of Bitcoin at $2,200. So I jumped in and picked up all alts, holding 0% BTC. This came back to bite me in the ass when Bitcoin ran up over the early fall and alts were stagnant and fell. I thought I fucked up.

Then late December/early Jan. hit and alts went APESHIT. My portfolio value went from 2 btc of value to 25 btc of value. At that point, I pulled 20% to cash, 20% to BTC and held 60% shitcoins.

Moral of the story? Who fucking knows what is right. I'd say hold some bitcoin to play with, hold some cash in reserves and buy some solid long-term projects.

your story makes me pull my hair out. not because of your success. congrats on that. but on the fact that i have no clue what to do next.
i have 10K sitting here waiting to put it into coins. no idea where to put it though because it is all random as hell.

Thanks for this. Quite interesting because I have a similar story.
When I started investing, I chose Bitcoin and Ether. Barely made any gains.
Then I invested in XLM and the coin did x20. Can't imagine putting back any money to BTC. It would mean very slow growth.

Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

were your holdings evenly spread? when you say 2BTC do you mean you initially invested $4k or at current BTC/USD?

Serious answer: 10-20%
And another 10-20% in ETH


t. Whale

this is pretty much why I don't hold btc
I have like 3k in crypto so I'm not going to get a ton of gains with btc like the guys who have hundreds of thousands in crypto, I'm trying my luck with alts that look solid, if they work out I could go 100x, 200x or even 1000x, if they don't well at least I tried.

I could see btc going going to 100k or more this year but even if I bought at 6k that wouldn't be more than 17x, it's just not enough for someone with a small amount of capital like me. If I do eventually end up with hundreds of thousands in crypto I'll revisit the idea of having some of my portfolio in btc