Only path to wealth

>tfw will never have a high paying job due to my low I.Q/ADHD and bad social skills so crypto is my only path to wealth.

Any anons share the same feel? It's all or nothing for me.

i too travel down this path and it looking more and more bleak everyday

shit social skills + empty resume so i need a nice savings stash from crypto to stave off a shit job

I just don't wanna work. Life is too fucking short and ephemeral for me to do boring ass shit I fucking hate and pretend I'm a fucking normie not to get ostracized from some idiotic workplace circle.

Even if I fuck up the whole crypto thing I'm just gonna go be a teacher, kids might be fucking retards but at least they're cute. Unlike adults who are just fucking retards.

You can't avoid adult social life as a teacher user. You will be expected to socialize with your colleagues and the school principal will make your life miserable if you show any signs of autism.

Dude, literally me

If crypto doesn't work out I might just kms

Wageslaving is so dreadfully boring, time goes by so fucking fast and I hate being around normies.

I'm in deep. If it doesn't work out I guess I'm young enough to rebound. Worst case I end up like every other wage slave oldfag with no retirement big fucking deal

I've started a paid coding course with my crypto gains, plan to do freelance work when I'm done. Volunteer at a vintage charity shop one day a week, and deliver takeaways on bike for fiat to live on when I can be bothered for double minimum wage.

Minimum effort and fairly happy. Coding is also pretty interesting cause you feel its a worthwhile skill.

Same here. I simply refuse to wage cuck, I tried it for 2 years and it made me sick to my stomach. I either make it in crypto or I kms.

No and it is a ridiculous statement. If you really think day trading butt coins the most you can ever accomplish then I assure you, you will accomplish nothing. Just as well if you hit the crypto lottery some how, your wealth would be squandered with a mind set like this.

>I don't like having to work I want to have a lot of money.

Fucking neohippies with literally nigger mindset

I have adult add, I have had type 1 diabetes since childhood, I grew up with very little. Today I own a chain of pawnshops on the east coast, fuck my gorgeous wife, and travel the world with our son. Your mind set, the tape you play inside your head, will define you faaaar more than your bs conditions.

Kek. No.
>tfw work at a top 3 bank and just threw enormous bonus check into the market after it crashed anticipating the Jews manipulation because work with Jews daily

>travel the world with my wife's son.

What did he mean by this?

was missing an "and"

Dude, move to norway. Educated teachers make the same as engineers here.

>low I.Q
You can still learn shit unless you are under 60 or so (whatever is the us army minimum), the more you learn and practice the better you get. Just because you can't be great doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to be good.
Medication/Therapy/Meditation/Breathing exercises
>bad social skills
Therapy/Youtube/books and getting the fuck out of the basement


Same here. It's either cuckslaving at mcdonalds or becoming a NEET thanks to crypto

>You can still learn shit unless you are under 60 or so (whatever is the us army minimum), the more you learn and practice the better you get. Just because you can't be great doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to be good

What I can learn is very limited, I can't even do HS level mathematics. It will also take a very long time to learn anything that's even super simple to normal people.

>Medication/Therapy/Meditation/Breathing exercises

Literal memes besides medication. And medication only works for the first few months or so, it makes you feel awful after awhile and it's bad for you mental health in the long run.

>Therapy/Youtube/books and getting the fuck out of the basement

All memes that will just make soical interaction feel forced, if you weren't good at soical interaction from elementary-HS there's no way you can be as an adult. Even in HS if you're awful socially you have a slim chance of improving.

There's no hope for me.

Thank you, dr. Peterson

I'm 19, bored of college, don't feel like working cause I have really poor social skills (aspergers) so I just put in like 100 euros for laughs. Plus Veeky Forums is easy communication cause it's anonymous so noone gives a shit about who you are or what you do. You just come in and say something. I like that

but I didn't drop out of college, I'm still studying, I just hate every minute of it. Studying the same garbage millions of other people are studying, who probably get better jobs cause they're not afraid of people. And I'm also not good enough to the point where I'd be able to work on my own in a research lab. So I just wanna make some money doing lab work and after that I'll maybe study something I actually like

Hi ADHD bros,
My iq is normal(114) but i suffer adhd and can't concentrate a lot, also i can't write long sentences that well. I usually hire people on feveer to wrote down what i said ( send them a recording of what i said pays 5 bucks/ 1000 words, did this for my thesis). My social skill is fine. I don't believe in IQ though, as long you have an iq above 100 you have the same opportunities for people with 130 IQ. Go to a doctor and ask for long and term prescription, it helps. Even writing this post takes me 10 minutes.

Looks like you don't care about yourself anymore and are rationalizing things to make them fit your downwards spiral world view.

Good luck with crypto and your beloved memes.

You shouldn't see iq as linear to the chance you'll get wealthy. It's a combination of many different subsets. You can score really high in some area but low in another. If you then manage to fully capitalize on that one area you're actually good at you can still make a lot of money

well, given that you have relatively good social skills probably. Just being good at something isn't enough sadly.

e.g. there was a huge gap between my highest and lowest point when I once got tested for mental health. Highest was over 135 on verbal reasoning, while my spatial reasoning was under 90. So I think that's why people never know what to think of me. Sometimes I outsmart everyone and then suddenly I look like a retard when I have to make like a construction in lab practice. Wish everything was more balanced, that would make my ego a lot more stable. Now I'm overly confident and doubtful at the same time. It's really weird.

you are either 45 or 46 years old

I'm starting to think my only option is to become a drug dealer, but I dont have the animalistic instincts or ruthlessness.

daily reminder that this thread is posted every day to seed depression amongst anons here because a bunch of commies are asspained over people getting rich

Which course?

I was just reading a post where a dude was valedictorian of his his with like 80 IQ. It doesn't matter. For ADHD get adderall. You won't feel euphoric after taking it for a week or so but the ability to focus will remain.

You can improve your social skills with minimal effort. In my experience I still don't enjoy socializing but I'm able to interact with others and have them like me enough for work purposes.

Take things 1 step at a time. Don't try to knock all this out at once as it will be impossible
Get medication first as it will make the other stuff easier.

Also set realistic goals for yourself and work your way up. If you take on too much too early you will fail.

Also try to get out of ur current habits. Move everything in your room around so it feels different. Do different things than you typically do throughout the day. When you need to do task where you have habits try to do them differently. Phoneposting ATM so forgive my grammar.

Eventually it won't feel as hard for you as it does now. Don't pussy out.

This. Subtle nocoiner thread.