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Lazy bait.

>they unironically think that jap is sataoshi


Literally who...?

The guys that will end your ponzi and make your meme coins go to ZERO.

.......uh huh. Good luck with that. We'll be over here counting our cash while you plebbit scum do whatever it is you people do.

You'll be counting your worthless monopoly money.

How dumb are you people that you think circle jerking yourself in a tiny community has any effect on price and adoption.

>then comes to Veeky Forums to brag about


Actually, counting my money everytime after I sell.
instant 24/7 transfer to/from bank account in € btw.
Is this larp? Actually not sure.


I'm stuck in my office and got nothing better to do. Even if it's bait at least it kills the time.


buttcoiners literally think this is a reasonable valuation for btc KEK

>he unironically thinks he's not Satoshi


What, my fiat? Nah, that's toxic to hold. Most of my crypto profits beyond basic play money are in other markets now (commodities, metals, dividend stocks, bonds boring shit like that). What I have still in cryptos is pure house money now - going to retire at the end of this year regardless.

So even if it went to 0 now......too late. I already made. So did most people here.

So why are you so jealous? It's a very unhealthy attitude you have. Like someone insulting people for eating well or exercising - there's got to be something VERY wrong with you mentally to think that way.

Ah well. Enjoy debt and wagecucking plebbitor.

Oh and you need to go back. Pic related.

>All those retarded goons on SA who were laughing at bitcoin when it was 2-20$
God they must have killed themselves, knowing they could have just thrown a bit of money in

meanwhile the libertarians they utterly despise from that time period are all multi-millionaires at a minimum.

I literally cashed out 25K just a few days ago.

Yep. I'm pretty comfy already after last year, should be in that club at the end of this one. Shit, anyone on Veeky Forums in since roughly September on will probably make it if they aren't total brainlets.

These faggots are just sad. It's like a bunch of incel fatties standing around pointing at heavily muscled Chads in a gym with their hot girlfriends. "Huh we'll show them!"

Gratz :)

the great thing is not the money, but the fact that we are making the internet what it was supposed to be.

We're reclaiming what the internet was before the rise of facebook, before youtube got purchased and changed entirely (from 'never reveal your personal info!' to 'What's your name?').

The fact that we're making money while doing it is just the cherry on top for me.

Laugh all you like. It's nice to have a source of escapism while you wagecuck for the rest of your life.

Nobody believes you.

>bearish on bitcoin since at least 3 digits

Literally the laughingstock of the internet. They've been so thoroughly BTFO over the years they resort to calling it a parody sub and not actually all hating bitcoin. LOL I WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED

It's always been about the comedy gold!

at how much money you lost by not investing? I'm laughing at you, too.

fuck you kike faggots

Why would I invest in something that has no intrinsic value?

low effort

you missed out on a 20x multiplier of your money.

Yes but only idiots would have invested in it in the first place.

You may be a rich idiot but you're still an idiot.

>daily reminder that they are laughing since 2012, when they could get bitcoins for 100 dollars

Imagine being so broke and poor you invent a fictive world like this.
Note how every single fag who says he "made it" has never once posted an image proving his account. Instead they fall on reddit images.

Exactly. I'd be surprised if anyone on biz has made over $10,000 with their ponzi