Follow my journey to 100k

Who's with me?

You're not gonna make it.

do you expect to reach it this month op?

Journey to 100k? Ju must be joking- thanks to JNT this is a journey to 5millys this year

holy shit you are literally going to be a multi millionaire in 1-2 years. well done

You could put that much in a boomer/grandpa fund and have $100k by the end of the year.

multimili eoy


Multi million easy

Someone shill me on jnt


well there was a giant thread where people were complaining that they are bag holding, any takers?

They are memeing, you should dyor about this coin you'll understand why people are so hyped on it

How much did you start with? You'll be millionnaire by EOY guaranteed

Welcome in the club baby fish. Locked my 290k JNT in my ledger, far away from my weak hands.

Let's do a JNT meeting after the $5 milestone.

Am i gonna make it?

>ckdoor in an coming up capacitor block node on the Bitcoin Cash
Maybe get yourself some digibyte coins? Its growing nicely with Bitcoin atm :)

>space for separating thousands
>comma for decimals
Where this at bro?

Can you send a poor fag like me a couple of jibbies please? I put all my fiat in crypto and only have a little, but I want to make it. I'm white too if you want to know.



Pls r8

Nice meme but it’s factually incorrect. Please show me what funds you’re talking about so I can invest immediately.

I'm ahead of you about $300,000. You should seriously rearrange your porto.

you probably are going to make it friendo.
Find some tanking shitcoin and pump it.

$SPY returned like 22% last year, moran

Buy ZCL at 0.015 and you'll make it to 200k in 2 weeks instead of 100k in 2 months