Winding Tree

Who here got into the Winding Tree ICO? You'll definitely /make it/

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3.3k here. feeling comfy

1.1k here, will I make it?

Got 1k here, was hoping to throw in the profits from LiveEdu ICO but timelines didn't line up. Total supply of LIF will be 30-35M, I can see it reaching $100+ EOY depending on adoption.

circulating supply will be around 20 mill
with partners like lufthansa top 100 is pretty much guaranteed
that's 10$/LIF

and when the alt pump comes later this year you can be we will spike up to 1 billion so 50$

10k, comfy

marketcap for this is 15m, lmao this is free money

I got in at presale with 5 ETH ~1500$ back then. 5.5k LIF

Very nice, congrats

But DESU the amount of time used for this project is very exhausting. Another 6 days till you are able to trade

its 26M and some change

I work in the industry they are targeting, for one of the big players mentioned in the white paper and can say that this is one of the most needed and exciting projects out there, disappointed i didn't have more eth to put in and only stumbled across the ICO late yesterday but managed to sneak a little in there.

26.7M ICO + ~6.5M private sale. But it'll decrease:

>The excess of raised $10 million will go into a smart contract that buys back tokens. Once tokens are distributed if you wanted to sell those back—there will be a MVM contract address to which you can send your tokens and get ETH back. This allows contributors to get some of their contribution back if we do a bad job or other unpredictable events happen, hence it acts as a validation mechanism.

10$ sure would be nice.

Really there is another 6.5M that they dont list on the site? I thought the 26,736,145 included all pre sales etc

got rekt by icodrops, missed the ico by minutes. Lets hope I can scoop some up on cancer delta next week

Never mind, I'm wrong.

>We don't count ETH we raised in the presale towards the ICO total, but we have to account for the LIF. We also count the 20+5% that the foundation will receive, according to our white paper.

Something that excites me as a Software Engineer is their active Github account (, which seems to be pretty rare among projects. Binance said they "heavily" look at Github accounts of teams when they review their application process. :^)

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Funnily enough this has been discussed and explored at work because the big boss is obsessed with ‘blockchain’

My learned observation is they have basically no tech whatsoever as it stands today just another ERC20 ripoff, they spend all their seed money on marketing the company is registered in Gibraltar and finally in the white paper they mix up their lif interface with the erc20 interface

So, phenomenal opportunity by biz standards

>My learned observation is they have basically no tech whatsoever as it stands today just another ERC20 ripoff
I'll bite. Their Github ( has plenty of projects, Lufthansa and other partners are helping develop the project as well. I'm not sure where you've been looking, but certainly not in the right places.

Main project:

Muh 1st ico. How do you add it to Mew so it shows up under tokens? So far they only show up on ethscan


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