Are you ready for the mega dump ?

In order for that to come true we need something as big as a drop to the previous support level, i.e. 8k, and then to eventually hit the previous low, i.e. 6k

Not really sure it's gonna happen

How do taxes for chinese miners work? Are they predicated on their new year?


there is no reason for BTC to not drop to $4k, that would be a reasonable valuation for BTC

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>that would be a reasonable valuation for BTC
reasonable based on what?

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Someone sold at 6k. Stay poor nigga

I just completed a mega dump if you know what i mean

It won't be a mega dump. We're just brushing up against some fairly strong resistance in the form of the weekly median bollinger band (weekly 20ma). We rightfully bounced right off at approximately 10k and might revisit as low as 8k or so but the uptrend definitely isn't over.

blablabla you will have a good encounter tomorrow because neptune is in the orion constellation

mega dump well happen around 12k in a few days


Quick! Bulls are sleeping, post bear memes



Bears now are like bulls were at $16k.

let me guess, you used ta, aka pulled iy out of your ass

well guess what, I threw some chicken guts against the wall, and the pattern says its going to 50k in 5 weeks.

beat that faggot

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Not likely. We'll see 10-11k the next week and test that resistance level. If it fails expect downward trend in the coming months. If not, then upwards to the moon.Also up 60% in this bitch. Sucks to be you.

nah, bulls are again just like they were at 16k.
falling for the same shit again.


The chat HODLer versus beta nocoiner.

Meant for

> Once a trend starts it never reverses

So are bulls going to fall for this until Bitcoin literally reaches zero?

>he sold the bottom

>be amerimutt
>get shot

>he doesn't know the United States Federal Government Saved Crypto

what do i do, what do i do ???

I think bitcoin will remain at 9000 for the rest of the day.

I'd be surprised if it jumped from 8k to 10k within 24 hours.

12k is where i'd dump if i were a whale. why?
8k was accumulation range. 10k is where idiots open up shorts. you pump it past 10k, shorts get liquidated, fomoers come in and then you sell into that and dump. where the floor is, i don't know. for whales the lower the better to buy back but it rebounded off 6k really strong last time

t. sold at 6k

Spotted the abject retards who end up making threads asking just HOW the price could've done what it did when there was NO reason to do so

Is that a dude? Gay as fuck, mate

what exchanges are showing the biggest resistance at 10k ?

Patterns repeat, fractals abound, bots are in control

zoom out