Why does this cause such hot reactions?


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Early investors (and early 2017) sold their Bitcoin Cash because they thought it would go to 0.01$.
But then it turned out that it wasn't the case, they started a campaign to destroy it. They just don't want it to grab parts of BTC market and decrease their gains.

I will leave it alone when Roger 1) will stop trying rename Bitcoin coin to Bitcoin Core. 2) will stop fudding BTC.

bcause bcash

Bcash couldn't even come up with a name or logo without ripping it. Not a whole lot of creativity over there.

Because Core has created a cult of personality that equates the coin with the github repository. In this view hard forks are attacks against the divine authority of the core developers.
Corecucks are the most authoritarian fucks in the crypto sphere. They abhor freedom of choice and decentralization.

I don't even like bch, I'm nearly 100% in eth

Because it's controlled by the banks and ran by one guy who gets paid to ruin the bitcoin's reputation by causing disputes and dividing the community by wrecking havoc

People like to be controlled by an authority. That's why everyone will do as the leaders do, without knowing why they support it besides that they want to be part of the biggest camp.

It calls itself bitcoin despite getting rid of everything that makes bitcoin special

Because they are the SJW of crypto, loud and obnoxious lemmings constantly screaming about the crypto equivalent of intersectional feminism

Bcash deceptive practises is to trick pepple it was the original chain and not a block hard fork. Then after that trying to make it look like it is the original bitcoin. When it's not.

Because people don't know this, and the ones with money and power and control that do really don't want them to.

People are salty they sold their bitcoin(BCH) for $300

bitch did you just assume my hardfork of choice?

Because there is no one to fight the trademark infringement, which means every dumbass can claim Bitcoin to some degree. Such is he wild west of crypto.

>SJW's infiltrate, destroy from the foundation outwards and reassemble according to ideals they're more comfortable wth

>BTC infiltrated, destroyed from foundation outwards and reassembled to ideals the infiltrators are more comfortable with

Do you really have to force me to post?

Your photo actually proves the idea that all hard forks after Bitcoin Cash were an attempt to dilute competitive edge on Bitcoin Cash and obfuscate it as "just another hard fork."

You've lost like 5 times in the last 4 years, why do you think this shilling will work now? The meme is dogshit-tier btw.

>uh oh, someone's opinion is wrong
>they FORCED me to reply
>lel, your image PROVES I'm right
Jesus man, maybe go outside for a bit.

>hurrdurr post so that it appears our opinions are dissenting, then agree with me right after while "debunking" cashies opinions with our HARD CORE FACTS to make it appear as if we're the majority

Fucking kill yourself, shill. You're losing regardless as to whether I post or not. I just absolutely fucking love knowing that my two posts a month triggers the fuck out of you.

I was going to kill myself, but the fact that you used both of your posts this month defending a bitcoin shitfork makes life worth living.

>Cashies start massive smear campaigns against BTC.
>Expecting anything else

Core cucks are defending a dying project. Cash will take the dominant lead this year, smart investors are getting in early.

Bcashies called bitcoin cash "bcash" since the begging. Why this is a problem now?

I've been working on a new TA chart for core buttcoin and now its available


only reactions are bcashies foaming ove bcore

noone cares

The state of Biz-

I was a paid Cryptocurrency Shill & I'am here to make amends