Did you ever scam someone? How did it make you feel? Is it a sustainable way of making some money without repercussions?

Seriously thinking about it seeing so many retards falling for the biggest bullshit and pajeets raking in all the money...

I'm 22 and have been scamming/defrauding since the age of 13.

I pretty much have always shopped for free online by fiddling returns and jewing couriers. I've probably stole £13000 from Amazon, maybe more.

My friend has made around £200k fiddling returns from PC electronics stores.

I scammed someone on PayPal for a £400 jacket, felt bad desu. I try not to scam individuals.

I've also got 2 PayPal's with negative £10,000 in from old school fraud which haven't impacted my credit and Paypal haven't contacted me about in 4 years.

Sounds interesting... I'm probably gonna try some stuff because it seems like the only way to make it in this bullshit place

>fiddling returns
elaborate please

I rolled need on a BOE trinket my friend wanted in WoW. Won the roll and sold it on the auction house for a shit ton of gold.

Anyone got any hard to believe deals itt I got cash burning a hole here


I was a shoplifting POS for a long time but I finally stopped I was basically just doing it for a thrill it taught me how worthless things are and how we live in various delusions to justify our existence

Sold someone my RuneScape account for $350 and took it back 2 months later. Kek Though I did get hit with karma. Lost twice that in a gold sale later that year.

scamming is for niggers

I always do a bit of low-key shoplifting every time I shop. Never high value items but things like coffee, premium olive oil. Medium spends. Must've saved thousands over the years, and I have developed a way where I can always get out if it by claiming it was a mistake.

I scammed m00tles into giving me access to his fora by the simple expedient of rebootling my router. Does this count?

I scammed people making them belive i was an online drug dealer with lsd,pills, even weed and they would send me money,

I pretended to be an ancap for years and created bitcoin forums and subreddits and squatted bitcoin domains.
Later on I banned all the original users and got nice $ kickbacks for advertising various bank run projects .
Fucking LMAO I even had my cuck users raise funds in BTC to "recode" my main forum. I simply kept it and now its worth millions.

stay mad cryptocucks

I've "sold" stuff like steroids, DNP, modafinil, etc online, received money through Western Union. Don't give them shit.

You keep the higher value item and return a lower value item. They almost never notice.

Buy a $50 dollar coffee machine on Amazon (make sure they sell that same model at a local brick and mortar store), return a similar looking $20 machine bought at Wal-Mart, return the $50 one for store credit.

I did in WoW. And it felt like shit, because you weren't really anonymous and could face repercussions. I've also scammed someone anonymously and I didn't fucking care. It's his fault for falling for it.

Until you get caught and get raped by niggers for 8 years

Never scammed anybody, but thought about it a lot. Could never live with myself knowing i injected more misery into this world.

I worked loss prevention for a while, the stores know you're doing it but if they catch someone their insurance goes up so if it's something small, they'd rather look the other way.

Unless you're doing it all the fucking time.

looking to sell my acc and gold. Have any tips so i dont get scammed? really need the money

>buy one return two

>Be an unusual hat trader on TF2
>Find inventories of players who don't play the game much anymore
>Spot a player who has a Bill's Hat
>Change name to "kawaii gamer girl"
>Friend request player
>They accept for some reason
>"Oh hey user! I saw you played TF2 and was wondering if you wanted to play a few games with me."
>Play a few games with him
>"That was so fun user! Hey are you into trading? It's always been my dream to get a Bill's Hat...I was never much good at trading and got scammed all the time
>Player happily gives his Bill's Hat to me for free
>Block him, remove him from friend's list
>Sell hat to naive children on Minecraft server for exorbitant price

1. Buy $50 coffee machine on Amazon
2. Buy $20 coffee machine at Wal-mart
3. Return the $20 coffee machine to Amazon (claiming it was the $20 one)
4. Return the $50 coffee machine to Wal-mart for store credit.

You only make $30 a pop, but do it with a few things a month and it pays your grocery bill.

No, I never scammed someone. I own a business and making your money in a fair way is just as easy.

I ban all third worlders on my sites though. What a waste of time those pajeets are.

>*(claiming it was the $50 one)

make an Instagram for women steal all there content sell all there content only accept amazon gift cards and then sell the amazon shit on ebay.

Ive got a law degree and sue people on principle.
For example I once applied for a job and had to spend 10 euro on a birth certificate. Then the fuckers canceled my job interview.
So I wanted my money back sued them for 10 eurobucks. They just decided to pay up lol.

>£200k fiddling returns from PC electronics stores


I'm white so no

It’s pretty shitty. but once you get big there’s no stopping ya 2-3k a week to catfish lol guys are fucking dumb.

how can you return the $50 one to Wallmart? you can only prove you got the $20 one

I used to ring up all my produce as bananas at self check out

Tell me about this scam please, I want in.

Once at walmart I spotted a new cashier so I didn't tell him to scan my pack of water bottles and he didn't! I got so scared I ran to the parking lot and drove out as fast as I could. Never came back since.

and what about taxes? 3k a week going in a bank account dont appear so innocent

haha i bought a 980ti off amazon a few years ago, and when it arrived the box contained an old dust-caked Radeon HD4870. Im guessing that was one of you degenerates who sent it back as an unused return item

Pay them? Fucking retard.

Find girls that are as far away as possible my target is hot Japanese/ ueropean girls. Then just start messaging other pages to share your code and you’ll share there’s do this everyday and you’ll gain a massive following. Make sure you block those girls from viewing your page lol also make sure you steal all there content even if you have to pay 20$ for access then you steal all there content and then refund your payment on PayPal so it’s all free. Get a screenrecorder (use a computer based Recorder so you don’t get banned) also make a Dropbox with every girls content in it. The guys will message you just keep marketing yourselfs.

>it taught me how worthless things ar
Maybe what it actually taught you is the hollowness of obtaining something you didn't have to work for.

Kind of sad that this is my career but I put all my money in coins so I’m crypto rich i guess that’s all that matters.

>other pages to share your code and you’ll share there’s do this everyday and you’ll gain a massive following

pages of instagram?

details details

explain your method?
im doing something similar by pretending to be their friend for about a week

Instagram has a feature similar to Snapchat. So if you have used Snapchat you know how stories work. Simply Sfs (share for share) with other pages to gain a following.

karma is real and a bitch

and then what? you ask people for money? wtf?

when i was five i traded bootleg hotwheels to my mexican neighbor for his really cool vintage legos

sorry Julio

back in the days where sharecash and services like "download available after you fill up a survey" were popular I used to create fake "hacks" for games. It was just an empty file. I'd make youtube videos with the link and made probably like $2.000 after a year/two. For a 16year old kid that was some nice cash.

I made 20k selling gold on silkroad online after selling items I scammed with a brilliant trick, was 16 at the time and it felt great

Were any of you involved in YouTube subnetworks? Best MLM Scam I have ever been a part of.

for those of you not savvy, a youtube network signs channels to their Content Management System in exchange for a percentage of their revenue. They handle legal shit and help you target ads and get sponsors, basically.

>be me
>set up youtube subnetwork under MCN
>notice the massive potential for adding a high volume of tiny channels
>add thousands of minecraft letsplay kids on skype
>tell them they'd be the next pewdiepie if they signed with me
>hand them super generic content strategy plan which I wrote in 30 minutes and re-use for every single partner
>lock them into a two year contract at a 60/40 revenue split
>they make like $30 a month tops
>I take 60% doing fuck all
>rinse and repeat until I had just under 7,000 partnered channels
>collect rewards from parent network
>start setting up sub-sub networks that do exactly what I do, except I get 30% of their revenue

paid for four years of private high school and gave me my initial crypto investment right after subnetworks were banned in mid 2016. Easiest money I've ever fucking made.


>not possible

very wrong

it´s not possible. period.

me and do it easily

doesnt proof sustainability and repercussion. i see you´re a retard. go fuck yourself.

angry wagecuck

Are you selling the photos? Yeah I guess technically you could be charged with copyright infringement. If you're just findoming the dudes, though, I think that's perfectly legal.

>You keep the higher value item and return a lower value item. They almost never notice.
>Buy a $50 dollar coffee machine on Amazon (make sure they sell that same model at a local brick and mortar store), return a similar looking $20 machine bought at Wal-Mart, return the $50 one for store credit.
how in the hell they are not blacklisting you?? Also you sent back something less valuable and they still not coming after you? how? you tell them it wasnt you and thats it? then a month later you do it again and say the same thing and they eat it? how?

where do you go to sell pictures?

Turned out to not really be a scam, but could have easily been one:

Ran a crowdfunding campaign for a real product in 2017. Made 300k+. Product got delays during production etc. Took a portion beyond the profits to invest in ETH (bank wouldn't even give us interest to cover inflation on 300K deposit). Had every intention of just filing for bankruptcy for the LL entity if the investment failed.

Started paying back the company gradually in May 2017. Delivered the product.

Tax emigrated in late 2017 and now trying to figure out how to actually use some of the fiat I made in early Jan (I'm selling off gradually when markets are good).

What was the product?

>It's his fault for falling for it.
If I stab your dick, is it my fault for stabbing or yours for not protecting your chode?

Nope. LP are a bunch of paleolithic niggers.

I had a paypal linked to a closed bank account, i spent 16k without having the funds in paypal and with nothing to back it up LMAO
I moved out of the country and they don't seem to care