Mfw neets actually think they can outsmart people with years of experience in trading millions of dollars

>mfw neets actually think they can outsmart people with years of experience in trading millions of dollars
>muh boomers don't know shit i'll make millions and show them who's wrong
just how delusional are you neets?

None of those niggers are running asic.

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What's the point of going to an office to trade

>muh boomers don't know shit i'll make millions and show them who's wrong
i took the $15k in contributions out of my roth ira and put it into crypto for this exact reason.

we're coming for you, you selfish old pricks. we're going to steal your retirement funds then dump on you when you fomo in. i hope i see masses of boomer niggers dying on the streets

>he thinks stock operators keep their edge indefinitely
>he does think fucking around in unregulated virtual markets since the age of 10 is valid experience

>thinks the average boomer is smart
>not just entitled and growing up in one of the biggest periods of growth of industry, trade, technology, medicine, and an ever more advanced interconnected world
>can literally work part time and get a college degree with no debt
>can purchase your first home at the age of 18-22 out of college no problem and pay it off within a decade
>the immense growth of jobs to feed the immense growth of the population from the 20th century
>apply for job
>"all i had to do user was walk down there and introduce myself to the manager and he hired me on the spot"
>current millennia
>boomers still alive
>population still rising
>boomers responsible for the financial crisis in the late 2000s
>housing market crashes from irresponsible lending
>not even checking people's income or credit
>just handing out loans
>they will be long gone by the time the new generation pays for their misdeeds and foolish greed
>boomers responsible for the dot com bubble
>pumping money into a new industry they know nothing about
>cant even into computers or internet
>"why dont you just go to school"
>be 200k in student loan debt for a 70k/year job with little to no benefits, a pension that will disappear when you go to collect it in 40 years, their precious social security they brag about inventing will be completely insolvent and vanish after their deaths, straddling even more debt on the current generation who is paying into it with no chance to collect on it
>"why dont you get a job like i did? its so easy. just walk down there and talk to the manager he'll hire you"
>network with people, impeccable resume, good interpersonal skills
>"sorry you need to apply online"
>apps online are filtered to ensure only the best candidates on paper get a chance at an interview
>95% of apps are automatically trashed by the system as being inadequate
>no chance at knowing if yours is even looked at let alone considered

not being lonely making money

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If you don't try you've already lost

I know some NEETs who have had an outstanding performance because of their autistic nature. But most NEETs are obviously just lazy.

>boomers systematically shipping jobs over seas, ruining industries that made america a power house. manufacturing, textiles, etc
>only jobs left are skilled jobs that require education or brains and are ruthless in competition
>education system has been stripped of everything in the last few decades
>teachers no longer care about their students
>college degrees are expensive and most are just a piece of paper with no future outside of law, medicine, finance, or specialized business degrees
>colleges fail to properly educate and prepare their students for the changing world
>let feminism and political correctness run the show
How any boomer can think they were so smart, so clever, so wise is beyond me. They have completely fucked up every opportunity for their children's future. The housing market is again at the brink of failure for the very same reasons it was a decade ago, no one learned anything, no one got thrown in jail, and institutions and banks are running off with more money and more back room deals than ever before. Their is little opportunity in education without straddling an immense amount of student loan debt that you will be paying off until you are in your 40s or possibly 50s. Fuck off boomers

I've had people say weird shit like this to me about playing the stock market, too. Like "how do you think you can beat algorithms and blah blah". Who gives a shit? I just see something that looks fun and I do it. I'm doing much better than I would have with index funds, so it's obviously not that hard. It's like people just concern troll themselves out of doing stuff before they even get started.

t. delusional NEET
get a job Matthew

> mfw when me and thousands of neets around the world are literally making millions of dollars doing nothing.

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>didnt check my id
>implying not a good GoyY

t. whiny millennial

yes sir enjoy your gains of $100 in a year from dinosaur stocks

When a bear is chasing a group, you don't need to be the fastest to get away. You just can't be the slowest.

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You drastically overestimate how competent most of these people are. For every brainiac there's 10 mildly intelligent office jockeys that got to where they are because of connections and networking and not actual skill