What’s a realistic amount to have in savings before moving out into the world on your own Veeky Forums?

I know 100k cash, 25k in stocks, 50k in crypto, and rental properties but for the average mid twenties user what’s a realistic amount and yearly income and savings to live somewhat comfortably in your own apartment without (((roommates)))?

you don't need anything user. I left home at 18 with nothing

I was earning £12,000 pa

Well obviously you don’t NEED it but what’s a realistic financial goal to be on your own? 15-20k savings with 0 debt? I’d say 6 months salary in savings should be a decent start right?

wtf?? why would yuou need so much savings just to move out? You just need enough per month for rent, food, transportation. Where I live that would be around 2k per month

With 5k-10k in emergency savings and 25k annual income you should be able to live alright on your own. If not you're either doing something wrong with your expenses or you live downtown in some huge expensive city.

I have at least this but was a NEET until about 21 years old so I’m a bit behind in life, I have 0 debt though so at least I have that going for me.
I mean you don’t have to have that much but I don’t want to be your typical goy living paycheck to paycheck only able to save 2-4K a year. My living expenses will probably total around 16-1700 a month so I’d like to be able to deposit 1000 a month in savings but living on my own will just barely allow me to do that.

Guess Veeky Forums would rather just talk about shitcoins than real financial and savings plans. What are you fellas holding? Currently I have 70% ETH 20% ICX 10% FUN

can't really answer this one without knowing the cost of living where you're planning to live

where I'm from rent is really cheap but everything else is expensive, so moving out isn't that hard if you really just want some place to live but if you're the one buying groceries and paying utilities you're fucked

100k would be plenty here but 100k in california or new york wouldn't last long unless you have enough income to support your lifestyle

1700 is a lot. I live on 1100 a month in a big city (3-4 million pop). What's your budget like?

You learn most in life and grow during moments of hardship, you shouldn't fear a little difficulty but embrace it. Move out as soon as you can (not foolhardy, have a job and at least 2 or 3 months of rent saved up) but you don't need all that money in the OP.

Learn to live below your means.

>rental properties
Wait out any existing lease and live in one of those, dummy.

Well you just answered your own question. If your living expenses are 1700 and you wanna save 1000 , so thats 2700, so say 3000 to allow for a little buffer, so you need to have an income of at least 3000 per month to be able to move out. Savings youll want at the minimum a few months living expenses in case you lose your job or something, so say 12000.

Guys this isn’t my first time living on my own and I don’t have all the assets listed in the OP I was just being sarcastic as Veeky Forums is known for lying about how much money they have. My income after taxes is typically about 2-2800 depending on the month and circumstance and rent in my big Midwest city is typically at least 650-700 unless you want to live in a cuck shed or shithole surrounded by niggers and have roaches(been there before would prefer to live somewhere that’s not the equivalent of a Brazilian favela). As I said total monthly living expenses probably comes out to about 14-1700 depending on if I feel like spending money on entertainment or eating out a lot. Also share tips for cutting costs on living, haggling with (((land lords))) and other ways to save for fellow Veeky Forumsraelis.

have 40k in debt worth of student loans (UK so i repay pennies if i earn over 21k) 50k in crypto and 5k on card.. still cant get a job, finished uni during the summer. Went to a bunch of interviews just to realise how coggy the "real"world is. Bunch of useless service sector jobs, creating more useless service sector jobs. Essentially just a giant, useless complex web of useless jobs. Studied econ and int business (with strategy courses on the side that i paid for my self). I've learned more from reading journals, books and forums about management, economics, international trade and strategy, than i did through uni. :(

You make more money than I do, and I was able to live alone and save up enough for a Mustang. $700 for rent is amazing, learn to cook, don't party a lot... basically live a neetlike existence and you'll have tonnes of money left over.

I felt so scammed after graduating when applying to places and realizing school did 0 shit to prepare me for entering the workforce and every place wants 2-5 yrs experience for “entry level” positions and lists of 10 plus skills for those jobs. It took me over 300 applications, 8 in person interviews, and countless phone/ recruiter interviews over a period of 6-8 months before I found a job. You just have to keep hammering away at it.

Why are you so desperate to move out. If I hated my parents, I'd just take night classes or something and spend my time outside the house until 8-10P.M. and go straight to sleep.

Your parents house it your biggest financial resource. If they ask you to chip in $500+ a month, just move out if rent is $700 or so.

what do you need the savings for?

if you can't maintain the lifestyle you intend to live when you move out without savings then it won't be long before you have to move back in with your parents

obviously it's good to save money but you don't need to save a ton of it to move out. Just work out what it costs a month and that's what you need

Do you still live with your parents user? Being independent and autonomous has a lot of value.

Dude I don’t want to move out at all I’ve had my own place and it sucks but I’m 27 and my mom is downsizing to a smaller house now that all the kids are done with school and she won’t have any room for me so I’m getting the boot.
>what do you need saving for
???? Idk things like unplanned layoffs, car problems, health issues, investing, food, bills. I want to buy a used vehicle in the next 1-2 years as mine currently has 185k miles on it so I’m saving for that as well.
It’s overrated yea you need to learn how to live on your own but after you do that for a year there’s no reason not to live at home as long as you can unless your parents are awful.

Yeah i know, i am just annoyed at the quality of jobs available out there, the fact that theres sales to sales recruitment, recruitment to recruitment sectors exist ... fucking mind boggling.

I was offered a job at a brokering company, however, the cuck wanted me to pay 5k for a license and have 3 month unpaid probation...