Are there any pro chart readers here?

Can you tell what's going on?

Shoulder forming into head.

Price moved up at some points, down at others. Forreals, it's rising a bit too quickly and that can be a problem, spending another week at 9K would probably be healthier.

gonna dump hard in a couple hours

>moved up at some points, down at other
>pro chart readers

theomegay is now thealphaggot

TApro here
we might go up, down or sideways
you can take that to the bank

TEXTBOOK dead cat bounce

Massive bulltrap.


Broke out of the meme wedge on the 14th which was a very important moment for BTC in a bullish sense, as this is the first time it has done this in over a month.

Forgot image

Correction + growth = around an 8-9k valuation currently.


Since then, it has been traveling in an ascending channel. When it hit $9.750, the first key resistance it stalled. Now it is battling to go higher or lower. Trading above the 4 hour cloud, which is bullish, but it will also hit the 4 hr 200 EMA at about $10,000, which will be key resistance.

Likely we see some range trading around $9,750 for a little bit, as we fight to pass $10k. $10k break and we head to the $10,800 resistance line and then the $11,300 fib. If we break down, support is at $9,280. All signals now are pretty bullish though, so likely upward movement continues.



how this monthly candle ends is critical to where the price is going. if feb ends below this line it will be the first monthly engulfing in 18 months. it will then follow a 12 - 18 month bear market with the bottom being ~1800, which I kinda expect to happen.

>tfw 2x long

the week highlighted at the bottom was a huge weekly engulfing which told me exactly then what followed now

now when I decided to sell at 18,800$ it was because of this - highlighted is the first daily engulfing in 30 days. so you can safely say that it was coming down then. Same applies here

But who what then later?

It's breaking out of consolidation range at 8k which was the 200dma and now looking to test resistance at weekly 20ma which historically acted as support before breaking through to the downside. Will likely encounter some turbulence at that line (10k) but ultimately there's too much momentum in this market to be stopped by a puny memeline. I remain long spot BTC

10k is going on thats what

post more

fuckin idiot

Not going to share much other than "quick low volume rises are unsustainable".

>battling to go higher or lower.
So you dont know whats really goin on.
Check my TA, i know whats going on:

So guis, you wanna now whats gonna happen to BTC right? I just checked the weather channel and its going to be snowing in Antarctica, which means penguins wont be able to buy BTC right now as they are busy shoveling snow. On the other hand, wild rinnos in africa just finished reproducing, and will be at full force buying BTC shortly. Now it is battling to go higher or lower.

t. sold at 6k

love it when old trend lines get tested months later. feelsgoodman

This is the final bulltrap before the crash down to 4000.

In fact, if you look closely, you'll see that the crash has already begun. Better hold onto your butts, this ride is about to get wild!

As a professional TA expert, I can conclusively say that the price will either go up or it will go down.


namaste fag

Personally, I think this is a bull trap. That being said, here's what will happen:

If we break 10k (we've failed twice already, not looking good) we'll probbaly head to 12k. If that happens expect another rally.

If we fail to break 10k expect another crash. The lowest it'll go before bouncing is probably 5.4k.

Lain your TA is literally OmegaMaker shit tier.

You have been making so many calls since december for every possible outcome because you failed again and again countless times.

Your TA is basically just posting every possible scenario that could happen and then claim you were right in hindsight.

You are a massive cancerous faggot that needs to remove itself from the genpool asap.

Going to form massive cup and handle, will peak out at ~34k EOY



>every TA "pro" itt has a different opinion on what will happen to btc in the near future
You can't make this shit up

Trading is a probability game. You always have to assess both bullish and bearish scenarios. Until we receive confirmation, we are at a point of indecision and it could go either way. As such you have to use what information you have to prepare you for both bear and bull, by hedging your trades, having set entry/exit points, etc..

If you think otherwise, you're not trading, you're gambling.

Mega expert TA here.
We are looking at a fat fedora redditor formation.
Crash is imminent.

Been hearing that from 5900 to 9000. Couple hours seems to have a weird definition around here.

>Until we reach 12k i can confirm we are going up

Dont follow ta

Follow gets

>the market is composed of individuals with different outlooks on future price

Big shocker there

Alright I'm gonna tell you all something why BTC will break out above 12.5k

ETFs will be launched in April.

If you're not entirely stupid, you had bought BTC 6k range and if you're not a complete imbicile then you buy BTC below 10k before it breaks out and sets a new ATH.

Insiders already know this information, its the reason BTC hasn't completely crashed yet into oblivion, cause really BTC shouldn't even see anything near 10k this year.

So you're saying could either go up or down? And we won't find out until it goes either up or down?


Corrective wave 4 most likely to 9.1k. Everything hovering below 10k right now is pure fomo.

super high volume at bottom good sign

we break diagonal bottom line without spring, we down.

we stay over diagonal top line for a day: we go UP.

horizontal lines are resistance points.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Bitcoin ETF's won't be available for at least a couple of years, if ever.

normal rise to 20k, then anomal massive beartrap to 6k, now back to ath.

Nope April

If I fomo back in will it all crash?

Jesus i have so little respect for TA fags. Your shit is good for daytrading and that's just about it. Any other kind of prediction is garbage. I've been following calls on here since the begining of the crash and i've yet yo see a decent prediction


U cant Read fomo out of charts thats it

Do you even have to ask?

finally a professional analysis. thanks a lot fine user !

Insider info, there is no sauce

t. crystall ball expert

The SEC already denied a couple of crypto ETF attempts quite strongly.
If you think they are gonna allow the creation of ETF's for a speculative, volatile, unregulated asset with many allegations of manipulation, fraud and illegal activities, I have some tulips to sell you. First regulation needs to happen and that's going to take a while. You are a LARPing moron or you are hugely uninformed.

11800 is the break down trend. be cautious until it opens above that.

Ofcourse it will and if you think you're smart when you buy back at 10100 only to discover that it was a fakeout!
If you don't buy it will go to the moon so flip a coin.

ETFs in April mark my words J.P. Morgan will launch them