Let's say l got sent by error a HUGE amount of BTC that's not exactly clean...

Let's say l got sent by error a HUGE amount of BTC that's not exactly clean. ls there any way to cash out without anyone following my tracks? Could l just trade it to paypal in localbitcoins or would it be better to trade it to monero then back to BTC first?

Send them to me bro I'll take care of them

Sell it on bitstamp and withdraw to your bank account, all good my dude

trade for monero and slowly cash out

Trade for monero, send it to another wallet, create new Account on an exchange with fiat pairs, send it to there, cash out

Trade for Monero and buy guns

convert to monero ASAP.

and you better donate at least 20% of the money to good causes, if you're dealing with tainted money.


Run it through a tumbler for 5% fee

>split into many wallets
>slowly cash out


1. Go to an exchange like cryptopia that only requires an email to set up.

2. Transfer bitcoin

3. Trade for monero

4. Transfer monero to another exchange

5. Trade monero to bitcoin

6. Cash bitcoin out.

7. Tip a bro: 1HFX4FSKRAuRa8YPQ9YbHP6hWCgdsSMoe6

Would the taxman actually look into previous transactions

Localbitcoins. Monero. An exchange outside your nation. Then to whatever you like.

Everyone asking for tips in BTC, lol.

Defeats the purpose of washing if he tips in BTC, assholes.

Def use XMR. Def donate to some charity. Def don't give to beggars.

If you really want to be super clean find a coin that can be burned and will issue you clean brand new ones, there is a couple that can do it, trade in all your BTC for it than burn and issue and than cash out, u clean forever.

>people unironically suggest to use monero

An infosec disaster. Monero offers *plausible* deniability. That could be useful in a court (not with a jury) at best. Use shielded transactions on ZCash, they are the strongest privacy preserving primitives.

how would you pay taxes tho

op going to get his legs broken by gangster pajeets

How does someone accidentally send a large amount of Bitcoin to YOUR address.

just buy monero

>pay taxes

Look op it's pretty simple. Get on a secure internet connection. Make a new exchange account. Transfer the funds to that account. Convert that to zcash or hush or zen... Send that with the shield or user payment method to another exchange you created on a different secure connection, and then it's home free from there.


That's my zcash wallet if you're feeling generous op.

whew after that OP will still have to explain to the taxman where its from

Call Saul, he'll help

checked trips of truth


They don't know whose wallet it is until he tries cashing it out.

Yeah, I don't understand how exchanging it for monero on another exchange makes you user. How would you cash out without triggering alarms? What exchange?

lurk moar newfag

use offshore fiat exchanges. xoinxo.com looks promising.

Every fucking day someone asks this question. The answer doesn't change. Launder it through a privacy coin back to BTC, then cash out. Most anons say monero, you could use PIVX, a.n.other privacy coin of your choice, or a mixture of all of them. Multiple small transactions are better than all at once, remember the funds appearing in your clean BTC wallet is traceable, so you need a cover story in case tax jews ask about it. I have fake email chains from fake people about selling software and soft dongles, and fake invoices filed away in case I need to account for the money some day. Remember, it was tax that took down Al Capone, so make sure you're keeping records of all your tax write offs.