All time low in satoshi value incoming.

I went all in on jnt. Fucking piece of shit. Had I held my other positions I would have had 50% more BTC.


Fiat price stable

Then sell my dude

Fuck this retard who market sold his whole stack by accident. Piece of shit reduced the value of the coin in this volatile market

Suck my cock

Holy shit, where the fuck did you buy?

Good news is you'll end iup rich anyway if you hold for a couple months. Bad news is you won't and will just keep losing money. Sorry, user.

>Fiat price stable

Honestly have to admit I never by shitcoin but I had to get in on this. Lots of opportunity here for a small investment. Jibrel has constantly been delivering real products on time (Jwallet, CryDR Explorer is going well, etc). Backed by solid middle east oil money. With the volume and current rank this has a lot of room to move.

Who cares about fiat? All that matters is getting more satoshis

You said you would send me some but you didn't!!!!!

>making it

You seem like your brain functions. Good job being a non-ADHD investor in an ADHD market.

I hope everyone realizes that its the same 2 pajeets from telegram that make all these JNT threads.

I'm happy
I decided to buying 2k initially but since I've had more time to think and do research I've bought more

I'm contemplating whether I should keep going or not

89 million cap, only getting a kucoin listing anytime soon. Why would this moon?

I know there's autists making threads to FUD it and shill it every day, I don't care about them
the project looks good and that's all that matters, the pajeets can dump it in a week or two if they want but I plan to hold for years

Nice FUD op. Stay poor. This is not a shitcoin. You will regret selling.

Talal Tabbaa:
Hello @yonetmen

You raise a valid point that we definitely took into consideration as part of our plans..

I completely understand that you would want to see Tapscott, etc tweet about Jibrel on a regular basis. BUT, reality is that we utilize our advisors very efficiently and all tokens are vested and linked to KPIs.. Don's speech at our conference in Korea was neutral, because that was the case for all speeches.. Please remember that domestically, ICOs are illegal in Korea and we had the Seoul metropolitan government as sponsors, so we had to curate all the decks (including Don's) before they were presented..

We had closed a 30 mil USD token sale 1 month ahead of schedule but no one brought it up during the conference.. We are working with regulators and want to continue being the link between crypto and the real world, so such considerations are necessary.

you're new right?

sad bastards


Do your research and you'll find out. It's not a mooncoin, it's a legitimate investment.

Being so new you call other people new even though they are saying something that signals they obviously aren't new.
Fuxking shiggy diggy

I was kicked from the telegram for swearing

how do I get back in