we start test 10k already

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oracle! you're back!

shh breathe loves you!


shh nao


Z Secret coin NULS

Up 35%

Nuls is still buy through mid March

After March nul is 1 yr holder

Here we go - some of that ETF institutional money just in time to beat Chinese New Year....

...hope you didn't let em shake you out.

They took my 5 NEOs

(((mysterious crypto trader))) buys 400 million. I wonder if this mysterious crypto trader also got a cut of all the exchange fees on all the short positions that got liquidated as a result of his gigantic purchase.
I guess there's no way to ever know.

show your nose Z!


Finex dump n pump

For cover usdt funds gap


oracle when will qtum moon?

>For cover usdt funds gap
I figured this would happen.
Nice to have someone more intelligent than myself confirm it.
How do you feel about NEO, Oracle?

FOUR Chart

After test 10k and break or fall

Will type update on tweeter


Boys, this is getting out of control
I think this is our last rally

This but also non

Let z mansplain more

This first time in herstory

That govt dont have major of possible valuable trade asset

Think think


Gov print


Money to mine


Money to drill

Even gold govts have 40% of all guld

Never before could normal non non get first grab of valuable asset

Now normie did so govt fud news to shake out and take claim to more btc for regubation

Even during sec statement Chris say

US need to "Increase computer horse power to regulate

This mean increase mine

Dump now to get more old coins

Mine soon to get more future coin

Now after dipper

Govts say




We love bitcoin!

Even Korea finance chairman say blockchain is "fourth industrial revolution"

It make sense for govt to want bitcoins

And if one govt want bitcoins it make sense for all to want

Long term this very good

Z like

As you can see from that sharp bounce-back in the bidsum that big buy-in at the bottom sparked interest in new money.
All the people shitposting here now are either HODLers or LARPers.
It's a completely different round of retards getting fleeced now. This could keep going on forever.

double top

sell now

I hope you're baiting.

Not DT

i short. i think it won't be broken today, it will bounce between 9 and 10 for a moment.


what did he mean by this

Why isn't it a DT? Wouldn't that imply that not only are we testing, but breaking 10k?

Really digging the insight here.
Although, I doubt a lot of anons will be inclined to internalize what you are saying.
This is our chance, we just need to be smarter than the herd

Good tip on the NULS, oracle. Too bad it took off so soon, hopefully I'll have a chance to buy low later on. Currently locked out in REQ.

I'd like to believe that, but volume has been very low for a long time now, and there has been almost no new money pouring in since then. General interest in Bitcoin is very low (trends confirm that), as many have got burnt or consider it a scam. I hope there is enough institutional money going in soon, but I doubt that will happen before regulation. This is probably going high now, but I doubt we will hold at those levels.

Chainlink veri gud?

Nuls still good buy

Holder 1 yr.

Z hope for min 20x

10 k practically confirmed, buy now if you want buy Bitcoin under 10 k

hint, Bitcoin is here to stay and rich people know it

Bitcoin Tests $10k As Mysterious Crypto-Trader Dip-Buys $400 Million


once BTC hits 10 k, its shoot up to 15 very quick

Don't be naive
Check this address:
Now you tell me, what do you think this account was doing?

It just broke 10k right now.

wtf, why it broke 10k on some markets for a moment when oracle appears??

Z bring you


Thank shh cult day 1 who buy from7950

Thank shh cult who join along way

Over 10k

Not conform break yet

Why not stop there? 1 million by Mar 1!

It seems NULS was on a run. What number do you think it'll test today?

So will it hit 11.5k after?

Nuls in accum

Z think it will run in march/april

oh great z. please tell me 1 coin to go all in on so i can pay off my student debt.

will stay shh wow
thank shh cult

good for personkind

Z hold NUL, ITC, Qtum most

1 coin all in is rare to work

>tfw bitcoin makes resting impossible

Does btc have steam to test 11k? or do you think we will fall below 10k in a few hours and will take some time to go above 10.5k

shit, i have short on 9950 and i don't know to close it or not...

yes great one. 1/3rd each in nul, itc, and qtum. it shall be done

Resistance at 10.3k. Above that and we are good for 11k.

wheres omegamaker lol

Tell me about matrix oracle

Oracle-san, LINK? GUD HOLD?

never to be seen again

Z, Great Oracle... I'm humbled by your power. I have but one question: Will alts bleed into corn on the rebound?

seek not desperate validation for your random shitcoin bags
seek rather to listen and understand

I'm seeing a possibility here, now that you're promoting NULS.

> a significant inverse head and shoulders is forming
> create two accounts, oracle and omega. One goes short and one goes long
> after the market makes a move, go dark on the failed account
> begin to use the successful account to promote your bags

What do you think about HST? Basically a decentralized voting platform. Isn't blockchain ideal for stuff like this?

fuck off omega

Should i fomo in now?

We will settle above 10k right?

i gave up and went in at 9k

Z we break 10k?

Firster z was not only right
VERY accurate right
Z say coins because shh cult ask

Z always help shh.

Don't buy

Z really fine

Well this article is scary considering the Rothschild recently sold 600 million to 1 billion in property out of the blue since couple days ago. And the pump apparently = 600 million - billion dollar Bitcoin wallet kek

Z thanks man, I opened a pretty big long (x50) and I'm now up 8BTC on 1 trade. Do you have a paid group?

Z has said he only wants to help biz.

Miracle make your chants

No pay grup

All Z help free on tweeter and biz

Z very happy for non

Make lesson all worth it

did you believe it would retest 6k?

AAAAAAA I sold at 9950 the fomo is getting me

Dumb money entering the market, crash in 2 days.

see you at 30k

LOLOL Where is that OmegaMaker Faggot again AHAHAHAHAAHAHA

ancient crypto prophesies state that
a messiah appears in times of need
to battle the false prophet
who has led the herd astray
could Z be the one to save us from Omega?

> 10200

we are not going back

i hope so, z is nice

dumb money sold at 6k idiot

Exchange or private?

I literally bought at 10219.50 someone kill me if it drops now.

Z can you do lessons for us lesser plebs so we can better understand the ways of shhh?

your a fomospaz brainlet for waiting so long.

>Never before could normal non non get first grab of valuable asset

Lads, how do you figure incoming resistance/support?

12k in two or three days. Then back below 10k before we go for ATH. Stay poor.

What's your Twitter?

oracle is here: twitter.com/OracleOfEarning

because you are probably using a low timeframe chart... aka fuck off retard.

Oh wise Z what makes NULS "da wae"?

you look at historical points at which it had a tough time surpassing or perhaps caught at. another one that usually has contention is big whole numbers like 10k 11k ect

Ey Z man you made me 10k since the 1st thread and I'm broke as fuck and now actually have some money so I thank you from the bottom of my heart

You're the man, I hope you have a good day and all the fortune in the world in the future


We're all gonna make it brah.

Z can't tell non how happy Z is

Z know not have money

Feel trap

Z come to help biz

Help biz shh

Have hope

Keep up shh cult

Keep up good non

Bitcoin make Z do well

Biz help Z

Now Z save biz

Make biz do well

so how far can it dip again within next months? is this already institutional money coming in?


If we continue to 12k then the biggest dip you might see is about where we are now. 9k-10k.

If we hit 15k, game on.

Z I have invested on nuls. Hope you right I need money


It has come to my attention that you're a girl, your opinion is worth even less now.
Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

>wanted to buy NULS last night
>get Ethereum on coinbase to buy.
>it takes the entire night
>watch as NULS goes up 35% with my head in my hands

Z not girl

Z ironic fem slang lost in


200 twitter cult nons

Just 3.5 days

Biz is z z is Oracle Oracle is z z is biZ

>all these liquidated shorts
Fucking hell I love when bears get REKT
Think omeganigger killed himself yet?

What's your opinion on XLM, REQ, FUN, Oracle?