Africa's first bitcoin exchange targets 1 billion users

Here comes some more dumb money boys!

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>inb4 niggers have no money

they don't

(((Who))) has the money to keep opening up these new exchanges?

They can afford like a bitcoin between them

the ones with family in europe do

>migrants send money home to cousin in N!boo'!ti village... enough money to feed their family for weeks... They blow it all on margin trading BTC instead.

>taxes in EU increase because nigs now spend their foreign aid on bitconnect2.0 and will starve if whitey doesn't bail them out

You all severely underestimate the Jewishness of a lot of Africans.

Jewishness or not, intelligence is a biggest contributor to wealth. Stupid people don't become rich.

I have just the coin for them

Some of their corrupt elite certainly do have money, it's where all the western aid money goes to.


low IQ rape orcs.

Africa has a great potential, they have a very poor "financial infrastructure", it is risky to have a lot of cash on your person, a lot of countries have problems with their currency - Venezuela tier problems; there is one country where USD is the de facto currency and has been for 5 years or so, because their own currency collapsed.

Despite all this, most Africans have access to the internet and has a smart phone. Bitcoin or another "cheaper" digital currency could actually be used on a broader scale in Africa, compared to the west.

Look I'm as redpilled as the next /pol/ack on the utter retardation of Africans generally and Africa as a continent BUT bear in mind the guys getting involved in BTC over there will be

1) Way smarter than average African/African-American
2) Hugely motivated to escape the idiocy of their governments/local fiat currencies.

We're not talking American nigger tier blacks here.

Not knowing African farmers have been using btc for years.
>tfw amerilard get conned by African coop farmers

I'll give you guys a bit of insight here: they pay a premium in their currency. I know because I have to in ZAR. If you ever happen to visit south africa, and open a bank account here, there's about a 10% arbitrage opportunity, depending on if the Rand fucks out.

It's not as dumb money as you think, as correctly mentioned by: These are people who's lives and wealth is on the line, to escape hyperinflation or corrupt tax authorities. This is very good news for the crypto space

and as you can imagine with the current political developments, if South Africa fucks out in the next 5 years, you can bet there will be a huge influx of african money into crypto

yep, all the money the smart Africans make from scamming stupid burgers is going straight into BTC now.

people in those 3rd world country for the past years had to buy dogecoin to then trade to bitcoin or other top coins. but you already knew that didn't you?

What about the problem of an average IQ of a retard?

Corrupt African leaders take all foreign aid and stuff it into BTC, get dumped to shit before the end of the year and sell the bottom.

> Africa
> Money
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