What went wrong?

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Dunno man. They told us we wuz kangz en shit.

Wait for btc to stagnate for 2 weeks and it will go back.

It follows BTC, pumps are coming

Nothing. ETH was a refuge in the bear market for the weak and cautious. But now we are transitioning out there will be more money resuming a position on BTC or their choice of alts than there will be buying into ETH. Give it a week, and ETH will resume its place and the flippening with advance again.

This commiecoin deserves to fail.

Sold 80% of my Bitcoins for fiat and Ether. What the fuck is wrong with me and why does biz suck so much.


Soros accumulating

>I was born in 1994 in Russia and moved to Canada in 2000, where I went to school. I happily played World of Warcraft during 2007-2010, but one day Blizzard removed the damage component from my beloved warlock's Siphon Life spell. I cried myself to sleep, and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring. I soon decided to quit.

And proceeded to create my own decentralized payment system centralized around my own whims.

I think someone bought a fuckload of BTC today and this is pushing the price up a lot. One single whale is causing this, so I would not worry too much. A similar thing happened when a single whale started selling BTC for ETH 2 weeks ago and we saw the ratio moon like never before.

Eventually this will normalize. I'd say that whale that just bought so much BTC will probably reinvest in alts so after the BTC mooning alts will moon as well. BTC is sort of the gateway to crypto still today, as most pairs are traded in BTC.

The easiest way to spot new investors is if they blame pump/dumps on whales desu.

Wow, nice speculations. LMAO

Everyone decided the value of crypto being in some utility or use case was just a meme

the flippening is never happening is it?

Bought this dip. Did I do good?

I'm not a new investor, I have seen this happen before. It doesn't take a lot of money to make this spike happen and it's very weird that the spike only happens on BTC. This is a whale buying in, and I think we'll see many more following. The herd is coming.

It was never good. I like to be able to sign a transaction, make myself a cup of tea, go in watch tv, walk to the dog, maybe work on my novel a little bit, and then check if it has sent yet (it hasn't).

With this shitty ethereum it's almost instant. Is this the kind of hectic pace we want to live our lives at?

ETC is just simply better

FUCK. Do i hold this bags?

I dumped mine to fomo into btc. ETH is going to go up but it's stagnant right now.

Yes. This means it's almost time.

>he sold, pump it

correction, going down to .060

the pump is coming

Can't believe you idiots don't know what is going on.
There is an ETC airdrop coming in early march. People moving ETH into ETC, sell off your ETC after the airdrop snapshot block, not after you get your airdrop coins. The price will tank after the snapshot block, at that time ETH will come back. ETH is healthy, don't worry about that.


so should I sell my ETH for ETC then for the airdrop and buy back in later?

current uses of ethereum:
>ICO scams
>crypto kitties
>decentralized casinos

am I missing anything?

I kind of doubt ETC will gain more than ETH in that time period

>tfw holding ETC for months with the end game being ETH maximalism

this lol
idk why the fuck people buy this crap when vitalik gave 12,000,000 ethereum to himself then forked the chain when he lost some of that on DAO

Not 1 good wallet

nice 8/10

Too big of a shitcoin generator.

It can't scale.

When Plasma/Sharting?

you can risk putting your ethereum into shoddy wallets and code that hasn't been tested but that's not a use just a massive flaws that's consistently overlooked

Made my day with that pic user. That scene and the "That's the Spirit!" Guy from Rocket Power are some of my favorite foggy Nick memories

look at the segwit drama that had literally 0 downside and how the miners acted
now how do you think miners are going to react to consistent 5 ethereum payouts + mining fees
there aren't even any rules to how ethereum is distributed it's run by a pedo skelly promising the world and delivering cryptocats and ico scams

kek i forgot about that, its been some time since ive come across rocket power

Fucking ETC useless piece of ancient fosil ether.

ETC will catch up to ETH

Why is it falling?

ITT people who trade apples for oranges
ETH to usd is going up

>What went wrong?

muh flippening

Easiest short of my life

It's giving you a sign.
>c'mon, user, buy the dip

Ethereum Classic is going to moon