Anyone here have an experiences with a live-in-sb?

Anyone here have an experiences with a live-in-sb?
How does one set up such a deal?

A what?

A live-in-sugarbaby, all the pros of having a gf but none of the cons.

Literal fairy tale

You better make her live in your basement and enslave her or some shit

Otherwise you are cucking yourself. Probably for a pretty penny too. How much money are you paypigging for?

Yeah, but how?

Why do they do this. It's so blatantly obvious that's a fake nose. Disgusting.

are you fucking retarded? depending how "progressive" you country is, you can get fucked over just as hard as if you were married.

What's the problem with being upfront about money and avoiding issues?

Not Canada so no problem.

>thinking youre going to avoid issues

This is where you reveal yourself to be hopelessly naive.

Go ahead and try it, it will be a learning experience.

What is the difference with a whore at this point? Is there sex exclusivity?

Full GFE and possibly, depends I guess.

>depends I guess
Then just a whore. Not one, but as many as you want. I see more cons than advantages, honestly.

Can you develop more deeply the concept?

She isnt going to fuck you. They just tease you a lot. You re going to buy her everything thinking "this time she is gonna want the D". But no.
They are scam artist.
Maybe she is gonna fuck you once if she want a house.
But once she has got everything she wanted she gonna dump you and call chad/Jamal to live with her in the house you bought her.
They just make you think you have the upper hand cause you have money but they are in charge cause she know you re in despair.

Having them live with you is not a good idea.

Ask yourself, what's the best possible outcome?

This is not an mgtow thread.

You do gf/bf things but only the fun things and no shitty things, why is this so hard

I still want to know how much you are planning on paying them

How fucking old are you?

Hi, the downside is that you have to pay. And don’t give me that “you have to pay anyways” bullshit. Try finding some quality girls that have high incomes that buy YOU things.

>only the fun things and no shitty things
Because you are not defining none of those things. Which are which.

Not really sure, was looking for experiences others would have.
I would pay for expensive trips abroad and fancy dinners.


Unfortunately I'm not into dried up milfs.

i always laugh when autists think that honesty with women will somehow make things OK.

women want to play men into the ground, and these rich cucks wont know whats hit them.

Why would you do this, dude?

All seriousness. This is a minefield you do not want to get into.

You havn't found some secret shortcut to drama-free loyal relationships. Human beings have been at this a long time, your idea has been tried innumerable times already.

You're setting yourself up to blow A LOT of money on something that will collapse and end, at some point.

Rant all you want about the modern dating market, I agree shit is fucked up. But this is not the answer.

It's fucking sad.

It's not going to be how you think it is. You're either going to find some chick desperate to have a roof over her head who is going to bring down a crazy level of drama, or you're going to find an off-brand gold digger looking to get in and get out with your money.

Sorry lads thought I posted this on Veeky Forums, not /pol/.

>I would pay for expensive trips abroad and fancy dinners.

Nigger. Explain to me how is this better than GFE with regular whores.

Let me couch it in Veeky Forums terms for you then: don't rent or buy toxic assets.

Dude just fuck hookers.
When you find one that does a good service, visit her more often or have her come over every now and then.

but Live-in = mine-field. Why would you even want that lol. fucking and hving her leave after is the main reason to even fuck hookers.

Pretty face, terrible hair. Just awful.

No, faggot. You posted a bad fucking idea on Veeky Forums.

Veeky Forums is telling you that you are an idiot. This is a bad fucking idea from start to finish.

But you seem set on doing it, so get the fuck on it and see if you're right. Seriously. Stop shitposting here if you're not going to take any advice, stop wasting time. Your sweet, drama free life with a 20 year old hottie awaits user, stop hanging here.

Just make damn sure you come back here and update us on how it's going.

Hi, there are loads of educated girls in their 20's in big cities (SF, NY) making well into the 6 figures. I promise. You just have to look. And make sure you are of their quality as well because they don't date bums.

A black person living in my house and spending all my money? Count me in!

First actual good post in the thread, thanks.

Worst post in the thread, terrible.

Has it actually even been tried?

I rent, I admit it.

seriously. retard anons think that mistresses haven't literally ruined the most elite and powerful men in history.
you will underestimate some thot and you WILL lose in the long run.

But I like my job and money's no issue.

wow she is beautfiul, give me her insta

that Shkreli nose

>Has it actually even been tried?

Yes. And if you are actually 28, you should know better. I'm 27 and I would never, ever do such a thing.

1. It is fucking expensive. You are probably highly underestimating the costs involved here. It wouldn't shock me if you end up losing ~$1000 a fucking WEEK on this. This stuff is NOT cheap.

2. Talking about how you want her to be some live-in arrangement tells me (and more importantly, HER) that you are desperate for some female company. She WILL use that to her advantage. She WILL press and twist and do all of that shit to extract MORE.

And the second you cannot provide MORE, she will leave. Now, you say, women already do that. To some extent, true. But with this, this is the express, written foundation of the relationship. There is literally nothing else.

If money is genuinely no issue, then take time off, join a gym, get a prepared meal plan, travel, go out more and get a wider social circle.

That shit does two things, it will get you a hot gf CHEAPER than what you would be paying for this, and you will enjoy your fucking life more.

In Veeky Forums terms, you are seriously buying an underperforming asset, at best (you could use that money in a much wiser and more profitable fashion), and setting yourself up for financial disaster at worst.

Wisen the fuck up and don't fucking do it. Buy a hooker for a fraction of the cost, she'll fuck better, and after the sex you will feel like an idiot for even considering this.

I'm genuinely disappointed in this dude. 28 years on this planet and he thinks this is a good idea?

Even to get prostitutes you need game.
Think about it, they can fake it for a man that can't tell.
But they don't need to for a man that can.

The point is, many of my side girls 'started' as pay for play then they wind up calling me more. And I don't pay them all the time.

The OTHER ONE is MORE FUN is to convince innocent girls to play for pay.
Once they do it once they are addicted.

> learn game
^ do this

Hey OP I'll be your sugar baby. I'm pretty low maintenance and I'll let you peg me whenever you want.

A live-in sugarbaby sounds like a wife to me. There are hookers you pay so that you can leave at the end of the night, and there are hookers you pay to live with you and potentially start a family with, all decided through a shitty government contract called marriage.

this is now a nose thread

>Not Canada so no problem.

Dude, you're retarded. After 6 months, you're Common Law partners and she's entitled to half of everything you own.

Qt girl tho. I'm pondering taking the Black pill.

Most of the things you mention don't interest me. I've seen the world already, seen everything been everywhere.
I'm healthy, good BMI, no interest in working out, going out or widening my social circle, I just don't care.
$1000/week is a bit more than I want to spend at this time, but $1500/month is no issue for me.
>you are desperate for some female company

Not polygamous. Will this work for just 1 girl too?

mgtow get out pls

Alright, fine, go ahead and do it.

What is the point of even asking people at this point?

I asked for experiences, not people trying to talk me out of it.