Just got like 14x charged by Coinbase


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Hello??? what is happening???? can anyone explain this??

is this real?





reddit.com/r/CoinBase/ they are hacked or something man


Sure user, let me just make the call

Post this on their reddit and say you are filing a lawsuit and calling fbi etc. And ping their customer support reps in the comments they will try to help you when lawsuits are involved. Write a support ticket first and have case # ready to give the support reps. Good luck user

i have already contacted them everywhere without a response. are they hacking us? they took everything in my account and put me in negative 25k

Priced in

well user, how else could they pump btc price?
thank you for taking one for the team

Just do what i said on reddit. They arent gonna help you on Veeky Forums they are normies. go on /r/coinbase its happening to everyone right now so they must be aware its happening.


Your only choice is to turn to the Bible, son


They are saying it’s an issue with debit cards outside of their control and all of the pending charges are in the process of being refunded. Hunker down for a week or two and you’ll be fine.

This. OP check their reddit they updated so all you can do is wait

I'm sure the banks will understand this isn't his fault and won't charge him overdraft fees

dno my dude, I sent a SEPA transfer and it arrived within 2-3 days all fine as usual.

>chequing account is overdrawn by 25K

So they've basically passed the buck and people should feel safe now that the buck has been passed?

>put me in negative 25k
tell your bank its not your loss.
someone steals money from the bank and they charge your bank account for -25k. fuck that.

Is this only happening to people who are making purchases? or are they withdrawing from peoples banks for no reason?

>Coinbase Merchant button will make REQ obsolete

Holy kek.

They refunded some of my previous purchases. What do?