How much crypto do I need to be this kid

How much crypto do I need to be this kid

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I also want to be cucked by these cute preteens.

his going to grow up and start raping these thots and im going to applaud him for it

not clicking that shit, what happens ?

I was in a similar situation as a teenager, and it fucked me bad. After every relationship of mine failed I went to therapy and I discovered I have a humiliation fetish.

pedro bear was standing in the back and kicks him as he runs.

some sminem looking kid gets bullied by a bunch of girls, it’s nothing bad

Imagine if he just grabbed the one in grey and started kissing the fuck out of her. She'd struggle for a bit, be disgusted and confused, but then give in to his sweet, salivating tongue carresing her own moist tongue. The other girls would be staring in shock and awe, and would be giving out slight giggles. The boy would then run home while the girl is left there with new feelings for him. She would feel confused, and from that day forward, she will be dreaming about the next time he will grab her by the back of her head and start making out again.

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why doesnt he uppercut those thots and piss on their face?

bullying is bad mmkay

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because there where some "big" boy backing them up

Because their brothers were standing behind them. One of them kicks him as he runs. Fuck I feel bad for him.

>how autists think attraction works

Honestly this

Situation is fucked already, but you'll at least make it fucked on your terms. Grab one and start making out, and you'll instantly go to Alpha status Chadius Maximus.
Maybe they'll still attack, maybe the situation doesn't "end" well. But it'll warrant so much respect you've basically one.

Then you wink at her next time you see her with her friends.

it doesn't for grown ups... but in this case...
yeah, it would've worked... most girls lose their virginity like that at that age...

most boys around that age are just too much of a pussy to project the confidence to really "bring home" such a gesture in any kind of "alpha" way...

> Chadius Maximus


>Someone bullying you? Just sexually assault them, problem solved
lmfao what fucking reality do you all live in

Why is there a fully grown dude at 0:55 that contributed a kick?

Had this happened to me back then truly wanted to kill them all probably would've if i had access to guns

t b h i was in the same situation minus actual physical assault, i raped the ringleader a couple years later and my life feels incredible

Am I the only one that fantasize about forcing a disgusting bitch that is always insulting or attacking others, and through forced sex, transform her into a loyal, homely and soft girl?

very hot, except for the actual punches and whatnot

t. swede


This made me sick to watch.

I once had a pack of girls bully me because of something a "friend" of mine decided to pawn off on me. I hadn't even done anything wrong, and for a couple of weeks I had to deal with these girls treating me like total shit which ultimately culminated in them throwing poison ivy on me and of course me being out for like a week with poison ivy. That made them feel bad enough that they "forgave" me.

Also, I was no bitch. If a guy would have done anything to me I would have beat the living shit out of him. I was a tough kid, and in my life I've probably been in 50 or maybe even 100 street fights and won them all. Men are objectively weak against women because society says it's wrong to hit them, and so I just took the abuse. It wasn't fun, though.

I've also dated some physically abusive women. They think it's ok to punch you when they're angry or throw shit at you. I think there are a lot of women who could really use a good old fashioned ass kicking. They might keep themselves in check more if they knew there was a risk of suffering a beat down.

If that was me I would kneel down, allow them to spit in my face, kiss their feet and offer to lick their pussy

you are a bitch

Because going around punching weaker beings makes you such a alpha, can tell you're scrawny numale who only talk about these power fantasies here where you're anonymous.
It's a loss loss situation regardless

>why doesn't he just hit them like a normal person
>oh chad is there in the background

Women are subhuman

No, going around and punching people that punch you first makes you a normal human being that is capable of drawing a line when it is not possible anymore to do so with words.
Stop being such a beta cuck.

He didn't say they beated him, just bullied him the girl way. Mentally.

But dont think you really care. Just get a erection daydreaming about power fantasies you'd never dare irl, pathetic.

Used to be really aggressive when I was ~20. You never neither feel or get treated as a hero for Shit like that regardless how hard you crack their lip as retribution

>reddit spacing
>calling others pathetic
Whatever, man.

"bullied mentally", exactly user's point. only cucks care about what girls say

One day you're going to have a woman hit you, and you're going to take it like a real man and think "I now know what that one dude on Veeky Forums, and that poor little kid in the video felt".

Have you ever murdered someone? It feels fine at first, then you realize there are darker thoughts which you need to control. 4 tours in Afghanistan taught me that. It's kind of the same with when a woman as being abusive to you. You want to choke her to death and show her how truly weak she is, but if you give into that you're no better than she is.


LMAO. Jesus christ how much of a pussy are you? reminds me of the time when I was student.

That's my point, literally nothing.
And he claims thats do something to sperg and start hitting over

Kid probably has a humiliation fetish now

How tf did you end up in 50-100 street fights

Thats my dream,I only need the perfect opportunity.
Its hard cause girls walk in groups

Just fucking up this poor kid's view of women for the rest of his damn life. Nothing serious right. You need to get off /b/ you've been desensitized to extreme levels

Not really related to my childhood, but I was once slapped by a bitch at a club. I politely said that it wasn't cool, but she slapped me a couple more time, with her whole weighs behind them. I'm a pretty introverted guy that can take a lot of shit, but after a couple more slaps I snapped and knocked her out. She pressed charges and I got a good behaviour bond and a fine. It was so fucking satisfying to knock that bitch out. Some females think they're untouchable because they have tits, I hope I taught her a lesson

My dick is hard now.

what a legend

stuff like this always pumps me up for some violence
but everytime I go on the street, everyone is all friendly and shit, nobody is picking fights, theres nobody to defend against the bullies

Fight me

fucking kek

I liked to fight when I was younger. People tend to like to do things they were good at. When I was in grade and high school, I never hesitated to escalate a verbal argument to a fight. I don't count most of those because I was young.

When I was in my late teens and early 20's, it was more about not letting people bully me or my friends. Two common scenarios:

1) someone would bully me, verbally. I'd instigate them verbally as much as possible, and get in their face. Eventually, they'd take a swing. I've always been able to take a punch really well, so letting the first one in was fine. It usually wound up in me smiling at them, them getting an "oh shit, what have I done" look on their face, and then me popping them a couple of times and then taking them to the ground. Most guys don't know what to do on the ground. If you have good groundwork, you can beat anyone in a fight assuming they have little to no skills there. Ultimately it'd be me on top of some guy bashing his face in.

2) Someone would be bullying my friend. I'd get involved quickly there. I once from across a bar saw a friend with 4-5 guys surrounding him, and I saw one push him. I ran over there and jumped off a staircase and punched a dude and laid him out flight, turned around and popped another one, turned left and popped another. Then focused on one of the ones that was left and started going at him before two enormous bouncers came in and restrained me. My friend likes to say I "flew" into it and tells the story like it was some Jackie Chan shit. I don't know about that, but I do know that when it comes to defending friends, I get very worked up.

There was a short period when I was 19 or 20 where I had a best friend who was very tough. One of the few guys I've known who I'm not sure I'd hold my own against. We used to go out together looking for fights. Though we got into a handful, he was a scary looking dude and most people backed off from him fast so we used me as bait.

Anyway, long story short - to get into that many street fights you have to be looking for those opportunities.

I would avoid a fight at most costs now. Obviously I'd protect myself/my family/my friends... but I've chilled out quite a bit.

Jesus. Imagine if the roles were reversed. This video would be all over mainstream media.

reported you to the FBI lol

>in my life I've probably been in 50 or maybe even 100 street fights and won them all.

Oh and the really interesting part is if you met me you'd probably think I really was just your average joe pussy. I'm about 5'11 150lbs. I used to be closer to 160 and almost totally muscle, but you don't need to be particularly muscular to be a good fighter. One thing I learned in all those fights is you really can't judge a book by its cover. Some of the biggest dudes wound up pleading with me to stop. And the toughest fight I ever had was with a really tiny guy who I thought I was going to demolish and I left with my face all bloody.

How did you even get charged? Did you not mention the fact that she assaulted you first?

lol dude.. I'm sure it was and I hope you did as well. I never got that close with any random women but I had a couple of girlfriends who I had to physically restrain but genuinely wanted to punch in the face. I don't know if I could bring myself to ever do it, but there are many women who really deserve this (the same as many men do)

you fucking LARPer seriously how does anyone get in 50 street fights let alone 100? And to win them all? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I know there are tough people out there but even a pro MMA fighter wouldn't win 100/100 street fights - there's just too many variables

And I just so happen to be talking to the world's toughest street fighter on Veeky Forums lol

And how old are you? If you're in your 20s that's like a fight every other week

ridiculous lie, absolutely ridiculous

Straw man.

It's about defending yourself, period.

I guarantee that you're the type of pathetic cuck who wouldnt defend himself from a violent woman because she's "smaller" and "fragile", but you would have no problem defending yourself from a man of the same stature as a female. It has nothing to do with size and everything to do with having a vagina. Stop lying to yourself, faggot.

I did. I'm an Ausfag, the police here pretty much always take a female's side unless it's one-way violence to a male. That night has cost me a couple of jobs because just about everywhere here hiring SE's won't hire anyone with a record

Ive been attack by a load of women before. one of their boyfriends started a fight with me in a bar i knocked his drink over and immediately offered to get him another but he just punched me. 'ok then' i thought and i tackled him straight away while my friend just straight up punched
one of his guys .for a moment he was on top of me and he thought he was in control, im not a great grappler but i have trained in BJJ for a couple years when i was younger but this guy knew nothing i quickly rolled him and layed into him as much as i could until the bouncers pulled me off. bouncers said we both had to leave so me and a few of my friends followed where this cunt was going for round 2 . i jumped into his crowd and grabed him in a reverse strangle hold and dragged him to the ground, this is when about 5 girls started punching and kicking me but their attempts to hurt me were utter shit, i was tanking their hits they were hitting 0's and 1's like rock crabs against full barrows. it got split up by police this time who gave me a ride home. they were pretty chill cops

speaking of your fetish. when i was at school the girl in pic related was mocking me asking me "you know when you get home from school user, i bet you wank your little dick" and she pointed her little finger out and laughed with her friends "do you user? do you?!"

spilled so many loads to that memory, i would fully pay for her to say shit like that to me while i wanked / she wanked me. and when i come she can mock me.

Understandable. For a moment I had assumed that women could be held responsible for their actions in the court of law. Only men are held responsible.

Not the same post, but I had a similar number.

Going out a lot and living in a city full of naturalized gypsies gets you into constant fights. Times have changed tho, gypsies now rob you through taxes.

The worst bit about it was how society looks at someone who has hit a woman. Everyone in that club would have been laughing about her slapping the shit out of me, but then I retaliate and suddenly everyone acts like I'm a piece of shit. I've seen that girl since it happened and she can barely look at me in the eye. It feels good to know that I have genuinely taught her a life lessen.

Pretty much. The whole ordeal is pretty much the reason that I fucking despise most feminists

That is the ugliest whore I've ever seen. She has so much makeup on she's practically wearing a mask at this point. I can't imagine her IQ is above 90, there's clearly no higher thought occurring in those deadpan eyes.

I'm in my mid 30's, and I would have to say you're wrong. A professional MMA fighter would likely win every single street fight. That's why he's in the ring with the other top .01% of people who have been in fights. His chance of running into someone who kicks his ass is literally one in millions. Also, I am a trained fighter. I trained for over 15 years in Jiu Jitsu and over 6 years in wrestling. I would get my shit pushed in by a pro MMA guy, but most dudes are easy enough to beat up.

Anyway, believe me or don't. I don't actually fucking care.

If anyone was curious, the kid beat and molested one of the girl's little sister, hench leading to this public humiliation in front of late teens.

Sminem has already found those girls, you don't want to know what happened to them.

user shes a full on QT are you gay?

The thousand cock stare.

>i was tanking their hits they were hitting 0's and 1's like rock crabs against full barrows

Would flood her pussy with biblical portions of sperm.

good ‘ol pussy posse

>believe me or don't.
I don't

This is literally a hentai trope.

So... why did she attacked you?

>when i was at school the girl in pic related was mocking me asking me "you know when you get home from school user, i bet you wank your little dick" and she pointed her little finger out and laughed with her friends "do you user? do you?!"
Do you realise that she was into you?

Good thing your opinion doesn't matter :)

Nearly absolutely no reason at all. She was talking to one of my friends at the bar, and I went over to talk to him and introduced myself. I had barely said anything to her and she started saying shit like, "You think you're good looking but you're not." And a bunch of other unprovoked bullshit. I'm really introverted and modest, so she was really just being a bitch for no reason.

thank you

is there a part 2 to this?

I was waiting for on me of them to grab his Wang


na, she accused me of raping her for attention when we were like 16 but my bros quickly put me in the clear.

god damn i would have loved to have wrapped her legs around my head

>mentally ill autistic girl attacks me after trying to verbally bully me
>I'm 6'2 and she is like 5'3
>grab her by the throat and put her on the table
>apply a bit of pressure on her throat and choke her
>she surrenders while squirming under my firm grip
>whole class (which was 95% girls) is watching in shock (moisture in room goes up)
>throw the mentally ill slut out of the room
>other girls that were bullied by autistic girl say they're happy I did this and that next time I should punch her K.O
>crazy autistic girl from then on constantly following me around trying to be my friend
>gave her some dad like life advice and moved on

>she accused me of raping her for attention when we were like 16

Yea she was into you, why do you think she thought so much about your dick and you raping her?

>she accused me of raping her for attention
Your comment validates my words. user. What if she wanted your attention, but didn't knew how to do it?

So you didn't fuck the shit out of her?

Slavs are subhuman

You are talking shit in this thread. The context is that he bragged of having a juicy Blockfolio and fucked the girls several times.
But then they found that he only held Link and Bitconnect.
The girls were right this time

>i was tanking their hits they were hitting 0's and 1's like rock crabs against full barrows


>all the internet tough guys unsheathing their katanas ITT explaining how they'd destroy these inferior female beings with their martial prowess

You bitchboys would just take it just like him, even worse you'd probably start crying and piss yourself. If you didn't get similarly humiliating treatment yourself in school, you wouldn't write cringy tough guy revenge posts on an anime imageboard.

countering with sexual assault seems to be Plan A here, this is very far from White Knighting

what country is this

What really happened
>mentally ill autistic me attacks a girl after trying to verbally bully me
>I'm 6'2 and she is like 5'3
>grab her by the throat, but she dodges and punch me in the face
>start screaming in pain as tears, blood and snot goes everywhere
>she runs away from this gross sad scene
>whole class (which was 95% girls) is watching in shock (then roaring in laugher)
>get thrown out of classroom
>other girls that were bullied by girl say i'm the most pathetic thing they've ever seen
>stalk girl from then on constantly following her around trying to be her friend
>she told me to fuck off and moved on
>i decide to write a fanfic where i won and everyone loves me on Veeky Forums

>that qt in the blue shorts.

Fuck anons....I'm 19 years old so not some sweaty fat 35 year old pedo but I'd genuinely have sex with the QT with the blue shorts she looks like the most sexually developed one in that group, and those bangs are nice too. I'd love to peel those tiny shorts off revealing her cute, small, tight perfect butt. Also where was this taken? Seems like Russia/Ukraine.