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We going back down

I feel like Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this token.

>buying BAT
>not doing your own research
>falling for the meme

You brought it on yourself.

if you did actual research and still didnt buy BAT, you are a legit retard

Great stuff, really confident in this project !!

>requires browser extension
In the trash it goes

Doesn't, go do a modicum of research

metamask is a browser extension, do you not use metamask?

If you buy this you deserve to lose your money. This was a cash grab so Brendan Rich could fund brave browser. Brave browser has a future the bat token on the other hand is a complete gimmick.

Go read the whitepaper or read up on Eich's business history before bubbling shit out of your head again.

this was so fucking dumb its not even funny. Brave's future hinges on the success of BAT

I didn't really believe in BAT, but two youtube adpocalypses later I can really see this working if the tech is good enough.

Maybe the only functional token to date.

YouTube likely isnt even its maim usecase, using ad payments to earn BAT to pass paywalls or stream content is likely the main eventual use.

The biggest problem in my opinion is that there are a lot of coins similar to BAT, so it isn't such a unique idea.

But anyway BAT people go check friendz ICO and tell me what you think. Kinda similar concept, except they will use it in their own app that already has users. I really good ide a kinda social network where you take your pictures with brands and get payed for it. I feel like it has a future.

And to all the morons who say Facebook can't be beaten. Read the latest news. It says facebook is loosing young users and that kids are preffering snapchat to facebook. Simply put it's dying out.

Pajeet just leave.

bat can't be over a dollar dude why would you buy it

Lol moron. I just think someone who likes BAT would like this one too. Have a working platform already and look serious. But whatever


God forbid that curse

hey nigger, that makes it 100x more accessible than most cryptos. you guys don't understand how this will get a ton of users who won't have to fuck with fiat to dip their toes in

it doesn't even feel like a crypto to me, brave is fucking great and the implentation of BAT payments is already way way ahead of other crypto apps/usecases
this will be a coin so many faggots will regret not buying

you're fucking retarded with your reddit spacing, pajeet spelling, and awful shill for a coin that just reading about makes my head hurt. even the name is for fucking brainlets, the concept is just offensive to everyone
you think the high IQ bat owners who are behind the project BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING GENIUSES INVOLVED are going to give a shit about a vaguely similar usecase? fucking retarded ass pajeet shills, I swear to god
my brain is big and beautiful, STOP fucking hurting it with your garbage

>requires another browser
>a fork of chromium will take down chrome

kek, this coin is like the erc20 replacing eth meme... classic. See you guys back at 7 cents like in the summer

it actually makes me angry. this man could have already made you MULTIPLE FORTUNES in his lifetime so far with javascript alone, I mean it's un-fucking-real.

Why have a coin to do this and not use fiat money? Flattr seems to do the same thing - you pay a subscription and it gives money to content creators based on your attention.

A+ id fucking checking it retards

You mentioned other coins the same as BAT. There are none, only cpu miners. Then you mentioned some atrocious sounding social network for shilling, i. e. Instagram.

You are an obvious and just terrible shill.

microtransactions not possible with fiat. also the UGP will be a huge catalyst for adoption

is this a serious question LMFAO

Read the whitepaper

oh shit

You are the stupid one m8.

>Name is for brainlets

This is the most important aspect of any crypto that will make big, you don't understand this because you are autistic. Anything that can attract normies and the mass population is the future.

>he thinks 'friendz' is a good name
>he thinks people who don't have personality disorders want to pose with brands

>Then you mentioned some atrocious sounding social network for shilling, i. e. Instagram

How is it attrocious? Look at facebook every roastie takes pics in branded stuff, now imagine you could get payed for it? The company already has a lot of big clients using their app. But it doesn't matter really, like i give a fuck if you buy? I just mentioned it because i think it's worth checking out and don't give a fuck if you autists like it or not, but stop calling me a shill.

>he thinks people who don't have personality disorders want to pose with brands

Look at every roasties fb profile, she is posing with brands. You have to realize that the world isn't you, other people don't think like you, and what is personality disorder for you is normal for them. What is personality disorder is narcissism, which social networks are based on.
There is a world outside of your autistic views

Incorrect, though that would be an accurate way to describe Ripple.

you fucking retard, they do it because they like it. once you pay people to do something, it changes completely. these roasties and normies want to be seen as cool and tasteful, not like literal pajeet shill sellouts like you whoring themselves out just to get the briefest sniff of a brrap

Yes they are - look at flattr it works right now.

I tried to answer you politely the first time but now Im just gonna call you a retard

And for that small group instagram exists. On your platform shills dont even have non shills to shill to.

Factor in that in 10 years every other mother will be a single mom on neet bucks and i guarantee this will boom.

>not like literal pajeet shill sellouts like you

How fucking dumb are you?

> payed

you think this shitcoin platform will actually have single moms on it in 10 years?
meanwhile if you learned java 10 years ago you wouldn't be a retarded broke pajeet, Eich is giving you another chance with BAT and you're here shilling Friendz (LMFAO) instead

top KEK

god damn it pajeet no one wants to hear about your garbage pajeet coins!


This is where you went full retard, because i have BAT, and im gonna buy in friendz.

no one stupid enough to think Friendz sounds good actually understands BAT
doesn't matter if you hold, you're a brainlet.

In BAT related news, it looks like they just kicked off their referall program.


should definitely help with adoption rates.

better link:

also thinking Brave/BAT will fail because it requires a plugin in is hilarious. the #1 plugin is always adblockers, the whole sentiment around big tech companies now is how terribly invasive they are.
along comes big dick eich to take care of trackers and ads and privacy on the browser level, fast as fuck
you people talk about partnerships, no one cares about 90% of these fake ass crypto partnerships that only get eyeballs from other cryptotards, BAT is going straight for youtubers who get millions of views per month with the perfect demographics

You sound like a cultist. You are the brainlet here my friendz

Now this is shilling my friend

pajeet please. i don't want to be seen talking with you.

plz go back to your dilapidated shack!

Why? You can do microtransactions with flattr?

I finally sold all my BAT for ETH, FUCK THIS SHIT COIN, MADE ME LOSE 50% OF MY MONEY

dude this is a hold to 2020 coin

I can win way more money with any other coin, actually I already made more money than the 1000 coins that were on my binance account daytrading XRP. Again, everyone who has this coin better invest on any other coin.

can't gifto make this obsolete?


lol ya it was this and not the market tanking as a whole.

It's held it's value better than most.

>there are people here who unironically don't know that BAT being over $1 defeats the purpose of the token.

BAT and STEEM are the two best day trading coins on Binance.

what? the volume is pretty shit, really?

Ah, I remember when they said this about Ark