It's officially Chinese New Year. Chinese will start waking up in less than six hours. Prepare for movement soon

It's officially Chinese New Year. Chinese will start waking up in less than six hours. Prepare for movement soon...

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China doesn't have money you retard it's a communist country

Prepare for announcements.

Doge is mooning.

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I just realised the picture read "錢金" instead of "金錢", what kind of fucking retard made this

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Good, they better start buying Chinkcoin Cash. My bags are getting heavy.

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>it's a communist country
It hasn't been communist since 1979

Why is this so important? Also is that actually their bonus?



Did this cause any changes for cryptocurrencies in the past?

the image is right, it says: give me money, gold frog

Why do you think BTC just got over 10k?

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So it's a stateless, classless society then?

Oh wow then I guess it must be true

NEO will moon on this daye

>t. believes everything north korea tells him

Way to miss the point retard

WFT i love democracy now!

go back to russia fuckin commie

IOST ready for launch
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Yes free speech is all the rage there

china has a capitalist/communist system. meaning, peasant farmer worker drones aren't going to be driving lambos any time soon

They are still communists my man. Just not pure socialists anymore, hence their GDP.

>only communists repress free speech


Please rise! I bought in ATH and I lost too much money.

Shouldn't it say "金蛙,你給我錢!"?


It's arguably more capitalist than Europe or the USA. There's hardly any regulations on business.

I hope you are trolling / "just pretending to be retarded"

when was the last time you were dragged out of your house and executed and left in the gutter for having the wrong haircut faggot. stop defending literal commies.

I have no idea how from my post you get that I'm defending commies.

I don't think you know what you just wrote.

Oh but I do. No copyright, no environmental standards, no government issued quality control or warranty, the list goes on. I can start a business there today and the government wouldn't give a shit. Compare that to the west.

he's right bro. you may need to study up

commies on Veeky Forums the absolute state

Its custom to gift money start of Chinese new year. Especially parents giving money to their offspring

Again, please point out anything in my posts that has been in support of communism. My only point is that China hasn't been communist since a few years after the death of Mao. They started transitioning to capitalism very fast.


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I thought they banned Crypto?

Are you saying those things exist in China? Or that business owners do not own their own profits? Or that it has an unreasonable corporate tax rate compared to the western world?

China switched from Communism to Fascism in the early 1990's.



lol chinks don't buy NEO, it is a scam used to fleece westerners of their bitcoins

Why is this significant?

China went with the route of SEZ inspired by Hong Kong and Macau which are pretty much carrying the whole country in their backs thanks to Capitalism. Only the rural areas keep being socialist nowadays. Government is way too involved in business but they don't really prevent from accumulation of capital. I'd say it's closer to fascism at this point.

There is no proof of causality, but there has been a dip prior to Chinese new year and a subsequent surge for the past few years

It's actually the opposite.
They now want to buy a shit ton of coins and will pump it through the roof with their new years money.

Isn't that what I said? A dip before CNY and a surge after.

it's kind of both

China is communist just like traps aren't gay.

Interesting, thanks.

can you guess who else posted this?
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Its the kind of communism that still allows sick gainz while sort of staying true to their beliefs (like censoring movies and shit)

because China is the largest crypto market?

and everyone will get multiple pic relateds full of $$$$$$$$$$$

>Highest GDP (PPP) in the world since 2016 (Surpassing even the United States)
>Communist country

If China is a communist party and it has the highest fucking GDP (PPP) in the world. Does that mean that Communism is more profitable than capitalism?

They're culturally/politically communist, but economically free market

now shut the fuck up you illiterate niggers

Sorry I guess I'm too dumb to understand your insult.


Look I know Veeky Forums is among the lowest educated places on Veeky Forums if not the internet.

But PLEASE. Realize that what most people think as "communism" isn't what the actual definition and ideas behind communism actually are.

According to Marx's theory of history capitalism is NECESSARY to transform into a socialist and eventually an communist society.

China wanted to skip the capitalism phase to try and force socialism. This is NOT the original vision of Communism.

The original Marx's view of communism is that you should develop capitalism as heavily as possible. Like a libertarian/Ayn Rand fanatic.

Remember Marx NEVER supported actual implementation of socialism. Instead he argued that socialism would follow automatically outside of capitalism. It's an automatic process not a human guided one.

China is actually becoming more in line with Marxist thinking by going full-capitalist. But all you fucking people are too retarded and have never read a book out of your own volition.'s_theory_of_history

At least read this wikipedia page to educate yourself a bit.


>But economically free market


You can't even buy an apartment here in Shenzhen Instead you buy a contract from the government that you "lease" the apartment for 70 years. Because capital still is owned by the government on paper.

Free market my fucking ass. You people know NOTHING about China and nothing about Communism.

That's a regional difference. Older words usually have alternatives were the characters are switched up.

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Knowing economic theory doesn't make you reddit. I know Veeky Forums is fucking retarded but being educated doesn't make you shit. And everyone should know about communism same as that everyone should learn about every big historic ideology. it also gives you more insight into economic working.

Fucking read a book faggot.

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just John McAfee posted your chart a week ago..

What does that movie have to do with economic theory or the prc?

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If they can make China naturally progress to communism by going full Ancap then I not even mad. They won't though.