He thinks 10k btc is sustainable

>he thinks 10k btc is sustainable

I was watching this too, the whales are getting rid of their longs, probably the same ones who drove the price up

Selling at 6200 was such a mistake.

>he sold at 6k and is desperate for another crash

hahahaha... let's dump now x10 leverage.

I'll be buying at $5.4k

no it wasnt, just wait

Even if it isn't right now, there's no certainty that it won't stay there until natural growth catches up.
12k is a solid short position, but 10k isn't.

>If I had a time machine: the thread

Just as buying at 15000

People closing their long positions as BTC moving up with conviction? You don't say.

Back in January the $10.000 - $10.200 area acted as a very strong support. As we're going back up this area will now act as heavy resistance. It's obvious we're not going to break this resistance on our first go.

>he doesn't know about the bull trap

Hey you're not supposed to be trading on that

It's all manipulated dude, they've closed 3000 btc worth of longs in the past hour, they're getting rid of them while driving the price up, then once they short it's game over

Even 10k won't be the floor next January when it's temporarily dumped again. Get it now or regret it for eternity

>getting in at the absolute peak of the bull trap

haha, no thanks

>People closing their long positions as BTC moving up with conviction?
no, idiots buy from people who opened longs at 6k thinking it will keep going up
i wonder what will sellers do with their spare money they made from closing to buy cheap again? hmmm thats a tough one

> muh b-bull tarp!!
Stay poor

Wait so.. Longs close, price goes up, and now they have momey to buy in at the same price?

That's not how this chart works.

Whales want you to believe they're in full control of the market. There's no market force stronger than human psychology.

People are closing their longs because they think this is the peak. The last time we had this many longs selling btc crashed to $6k.

just closed my long, always follow the whales.


>He sold at 6k like a complete pussy and is panicked to see the market recovers and rise back quickly.
>He will finally give in and panic buy at 15k like a total moron

>t. omega

>to buy cheap again? hmmm thats a tough one

Hmmm hopefully they'll let it crash to the price you wanted to buy in instead of this one user hmmm?

yeah this rally is pathetic

any price or direction is good for me because i trade a channel
but keep sperging this autistic meme about missing the bottom
really shows that most bulls a retarded