What kind of potential does this have?

What kind of potential does this have?
>10mil hardcap
>based on an already existing/successful product
>very active staff/community/marketing
>will hit exchanges March 1st (won't be left to die on idex/ed)
>HODL - 30% of burned subscription tokens go to creators

>OP has no idea how heavily this was shilled on Veeky Forums during the ICO

10x is reasonable given the amount of shilling and legitimate interest

Post a picture of the ceo and tell me how the token is needed

>kiev offices opening soon
What other surprises are they going to have? Dr. Garbage is exceeding all expectations. This is going to be the easiest 5x in crypto.

did they say what exchanges it's coming to? ED is fucked right now and it's not on forkdelta. I'll have to check out idex.

>tfw have 50k of these

So comfy right now.

25k reporting in

hmmm I'm not seeing it on Idex.

We're gonna make it.

68k here

i saw someone on etherscan buy 600 eth worth at the ico

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dumping this shit as soon as it hits exchanges in march.

It won't be on idex until the tokens release, which could be anytime from now until 28th.

from what i gathered, it will be on at least 1 good exchange. I'm predicting it will be listed on Binance and possibly Kucoin (since they will list anything).

It won't be on any exchange until March 1.

excellent we can only hope. the best thing about this ICO is it literally had me sell at the top to buy it. All it has to do is not go too far below ICO and we're golden

Long term it's hard to say. Short term if it hits binance we're probably looking at $1-$3. Vibehub hit $2.50 for a time, and it's an absolute joke.

If it doesn't hit Binance, who knows.

This is my first ico.
How can I sell the coin? All I have to do is to deposit the coin from the edu account to the exchange (then sell), right?

95k Eddie reporting for duty.

Coins are on your dashboard yet, they haven't been distributed yet. They'll get sent to your ETH address after which you can do whatever you want with them. Yes you can deposit them to whatever exchange they get listed on, or simply sell on a decentralized exchange like ED or IDEX

They will send the tokens to the ETH address you provide, then you send to an exchange to sell. If you bought EDU with ETH it will go to the address you sent from originally.

If you look through the Telegram chat history, you'll see they onboarded a whale at the last second with 800 ETH who has Binance connections. This is good. This is great. For a $0.1 coin to get listed on Binance is great, we could be seeing 15x at time of listing.

One can only hope.

gargantuan if legitimate

Mhmm. VIBE hit me off guard too.. I saw a guy buy 30 ETH of it on ED within 30 seconds of Binance announcement for around 50c. Beat me to it because of higher gwei. It launched at around $4 and pumped to 7. Guy literally pulled a $200k heist in 30 mins.

Am I too late