I just want to buy a reasonably priced graphics card

I just want to buy a reasonably priced graphics card

i like ur mustache

I'm sorry, OP. Miners are faggots.

Get a job.

if i make it i'll make a giveaway roll thread for people who need a graphics card

Supply and demand is a bitch aint it you filthy degenerate vidya player.

Buy ethereum now, sell when it switches to PoS. BUy all the graphics cards you want.

You just want to be a complaining vidya addicted consumer.

since you don't seem like a complete /v/irgin dickhead:
gfx cards are just a temporary solution...
if crypto stays a thing and mining stays a thing, they'll make more specialized hardware, sooner or later...
and the gfx prices should go down, again...

why sell when u can stake..

>he plays shit tier modern games

Are you actually this fucking stupid.

1. Buy the card you want.
2. Play your stupid fucking games on it.
3. Do 30 minutes research to see what coin your video card is most profitable on and find a mining pool with decent volume (nevermind, I forgot you are stupid, just use nicehash)
3. When you aren't playing - turn on the miner.
4. Cash out in 10 months.
5. Free video card.
6. Now you literally get paid NOT to game you fucking homo.

See look, I can't even properly number a list, imagine what kind of brainlet you must be.

yeah about that

Put the money you want to spend on a gpu in crypto.
Wait some time and you can afford one.

>Running up the power bill on internet funny money

Buy a Xbox one-x and never look back

you can. through the market mechanism prices are accurate at all times

HAHAHA, no more computer games for you. Time to go into the sun.

I’m constantly fudding bitcoin to my normie friends and everyone I know for this reason. I used to tell them how it would make them money. Not anymore.

Yes and when my dad asks me why the electrisity bill is so high i tell him cause im using my pc to solve junk in junk out equations so i can obtain free internet club card points on a decentralised funny money game
I dont think he gonna react well

>he didn't buy nvidia stock 6 months ago

grow up kiddo

You are literally the fuckin normie yourself

Buy gpu, mine shitcoins to pay it off when you don't use it for work/goyims.