How much debt does Veeky Forums have

>Student Loads
>Credit Card Debt
>Money you owe people you know
>Hourly Wage
Don't include Mortgages unless you are late on your payments.

>also 0
Neet reporting in.

None not including mortgage. Unless buying things with a credit card that I pay off every month immediately counts. For cars I only ever buy shitboxes I can afford with cash.

None. Got a PhD debt free. Canada rules.


... and I even lost $600K in a settlement last year.

>Unless buying things with a credit card that I pay off every month immediately counts
it doesnt.

>30k + interest
Hourly wages are for wagecuck peasants. Never gonna slave my body away for some jew


t. web developer

I am going all long on debt.
Wow. Aren't you responsible?

Mostly I just hate Jews.

>Buying stuff to get good goyim points
Why are burgers so disgusting?

I have 25k in student loans, which is one of the reasons I'm in crypto at all since I'm trying to pay them off quickly.

>Student Loads
>Credit Card Debt
$0, balances paid in full every month
>Money you owe people you know
>Hourly Wage
$25 :(

>Student Loads
>Credit Card Debt
>Money you owe people you know
>Hourly Wage

I made 21$ (26 CAD) when I was in high school sort yourself out

You must really hate free money

>>Hourly Wage
what job

>26,000$ remaining
>3,500$ cc cut up a year ago
>0$ - I have no friends, no family
>9.32$ an hour as pharmacy tech
I kind of want to die, but starving has given me a chad bod and I've boned about 30 chicks in the past year

Larping faggot
Good job, wish I could afford a house debt after not eating for a year to drop a down payment
>actually considering eating out of the garbage to do this

Between me and my wife
Student loans
Credit cards
>truck worth 15k and owe 11k
>jeep worth 25k owe 20k
And finally we owe 4k on a new set of boobs.
I have 12.5k in crypto , and 6k saved and then another 5k ish on my ira Hopefully it’ll be enough EOY to pay off the debt and put down on a house.


I'm never gonna make it.

You are losing out on available capital by keeping your credit locked up without opening accounts. If you have been paying off credit cards and on other loans for years, have modest financial freedom, and see an opportunity, I would say to risk the loan and cash out on that opportunity before the loan matures.

10k on a car
34k my wife’s and my student loans
160k in a mortgage

Assets are
8k in the bank
60k in an IRA
12k in a brokerage account
30k in crypto

Time to knock out that student loan debt and the car. Was only carrying the student loans because the interest was so low, but it’s ticking up so I should knock those out ASAP. After those are gone, it’s time to get to work on wiping out that mortgage.

> 0
t. europoor.
Currently enrolled in uni ... for free.

A ton.

I lost 14k on credit cards last year in crypto by cashing out at a loss after Halloween. I FOMOd back in and have another 20k. Bunch in student debt too.

if you are worth 0 dollars you are richer than the average american

>Student Loads
paid them off in full
>Credit Card Debt
none, pay off in full every month
>Money you owe people you know
none, people come to me for money
>Hourly Wage
around $100/hr if i take my salary/bonus/LTI and divide by 1942 .. (365-25)*(5/7)*8

(You)'ll need this

My student loans the the loans I took out to pay my students and the loans I took to pay off those loans.

Roughly -50,000 down from a high of about 24000

pay off your credit cards you idiot

15ish Grand
8ish grand
0, no friends to borrow from

O wasn't told this ride was gonna be so hard. as a kid teachers and my parents sold life as some easy thing where I could be whatever I wanted.

The only thing I want to be is DEAD
I'm fucked


actually wow isn't that bad when I type it out lol

>Student Loads
21k. Don't plan on paying it off
>Credit Card Debt
8k - credit card
21k - loan
42k - loan
>Money you owe people you know
>Hourly Wage
Dont work

>Student Loans
$10k graduated 1 year ago w/$15k
$3.5k, had to pay last semester of college on card due to parent dying, unable to sign for loan if dead
$20k in car

$5k savings
$8k crypto
$4k Roth ira

What are the loans for? You sound fucked

Is this a larp?

Like $80k from Law School. Will take my entire life to pay it off.

A man has to eat my dude. I don't buy the worthless junk late stage capitalism has produced. The only non-necessities I buy are related to going inna woods or firearms and occasionally some nice things for my woman.

The mortgage payment is far less than what I was paying in rent before I bought a house.

>credit card
>other people

Fugggg fell for the lawyer meme


I find it hard not to judge someone that is in debt for anything except student loans and mortgage. Every other loan is a retarded life decision


>1500 EUR/month salary (armyfag)

I'm aight.

Let's see the boobs! To... Uhhhh... Judge the investment...

>Every other loan is a retarded life decision
My parents bringing me into this shithole world was their retarded life decision


27,000 for testing a mining spot fleet on aws and forgetting to turn it off. Made 1.7k though. 60k student loans. 4k misc debt.


>$426k student loans wife and me combined.
>$6kish credit card (pay off monthly usually)
>0 to other people
>$10k left on cars give or take (3 cars)
>Wife and I combined make about $225k a year

Feels bad man... Death by student loan.


You can get PhDs in the US for free too as long as it isn't in something retarded.

But to answer the question 0 debt since I'm not retarded.

>PhDs in the US for free
Yes, as long as you are a nigger, Pajeet, or beaner

>Student Loads
160,000$ (after I graduate)
>Credit Card Debt
>Money you owe people you know
I owe rent for like 5 months so 3600
>Hourly Wage
Full time student
Wow OP you sure made me feel like a gigantic piece of shit. Thanks.

Fuck off Canadian Alan, you fucking government leeching cunt.

Fucking dumb americans what is your fucking problem with writing your MONTHLY SALARY AFTER TAXES? Is it so fucking hard? Why do i have to always guess how much is 100k? 50k net? 40? 70? Fucking dumb shits

OP specifically said hourly wage, Ahmed


Fuck you, say it in net not in brutto

Literally not true. My department is 90% white. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unqualified women


Aye. I am. The first loan was just to redo my place. Which was fine and this was before crypto and I had a well paying job. The second loan i used for crypto (long story) essentially I put 42k into ETH ...but traded on margin and got liquidated. Had i just HODL (this was when ETH was 300usd) ...I would be so fuckin rich right now. But instead I'm not. Kinda kills me.

>unqualified women
Sounds about right

I have exactly zero debt at the age of 28, never had any debt, never took money, earned it all myself.


>2600 in rent to landlord. Haven't paid bc he's old as fuck and I'm trying to buy his apartment from him. When I don't pay he starts to more seriously consider selling instead of waiting for money every couple of months.



You'll be fine.

If it makes you feel better all of us in crypto have that what if story. I asked my wife if we could put $5k into Bitcoin when it was trading at $37. She asked if I was fucking dense and said no. I remind her

>$6k in loan debt from community college trade program
>helped me land an apprenticeship in my field that has already given me a significant raise and could lead to a 3-4x income increase over the next few years as i pay it off
>total assets of crypto, fiat, stocks = $15k
not too bade mane

what kind of a pussy you are if you cant put 5k in to whatever you want by yourself

>13k in student loans remaining
>5k left on car loan
went into crypto with the sole purpose of getting rid of this shit. on track to victory so far

Found the jew

>asked my wife
What a cuck


Spent half a year in college before quitting, still got between 5 and 10 grand deep. I paid it off, but I was delinquent getting there, so I won't have good credit for like a decade.

no debt
my friend owes me $40

You're not married. Marriage is a "long game." The I told you so "currency" I earned that day is a lifetime of let me invest in what I want. Was it worth it? Maybe not, but it could be worse. I love my wife and we have a nice life. Maybe not millions nice. Shit man I don't know.

>$167 in credit card debt
feels good man

Thanks user, makes me feel a little better. I'll greentext my story:
>Start trading crypto
>Invest 4k turn it into 16k
>Learn about margin trading, wow, turn 16k into 30k+ in short space
>Make a few bad moves and liquidated to 4k and eventually that turns to 0
>Max out credit card (8k) and again turn that into 30k+
>Liquidated again
>Think fuck it. Take out 42k loan and buy ETH with it
>Margin long and get liquidated to 3k
>Turn that 3k into 30k again...and liquidated to 10k - 5k - 300usd
>Now selling my place. Invest it back into crypto and pay off all my debts.

I worked out I would be banking over 500k had I not be on the losing side.

I don't think talking through financial situations with my wife makes me a cuck. How do you do things with your wife? Ah I see - fedora MGTOW. You showed me.

like 80,000 USD of credit debt

WOO we living on the edge fuck the kikes i'm never psayign it back

I literally never made a payment lmao

Good job debtors prison doesnt exist anymore

Dealing with them makes me want to quite desu, but my PI is baller

help me plz

>>Student Loads
7k. Was 35k before crypto
>>Credit Card Debt
>>Money you owe people you know
>>Hourly Wage
50 USD an hour

You still have plenty of time and it sounds like a hell of a ride. High risk high reward.

Literally zero. 20 yrs old btw

This is the niggest post I've ever read.

>Having a wife
Women are just demons put on this Earth to take our nutritiants from our semen to survive.
Get redpilled, newfag

because there's nothing to lose and lots to gain if you're not retarded?


Before crypto:
>12K student
>48K credit cards
>negative net worth

After crypto:
>6 figure positive net worth

how did you bone 30 chicks? I dont even meet that many girls in a year

I'm whiter than you'll ever be, mutt. I just want it all to come crashing down upon the heads of everyone.

I will never pay a cent of it back and my credit history will restart after 5 years (8 but i'm 3 in)

I've never so much as received a letter, and If I did it would go into the trash.

I should also mention I have approx 700k~ USD in crypto.

>Haven't taken the black pill of everything is terrible there is no point so might as well marry and manufacture what little happiness you can for a period of time.

~22k in student debt fag here

>15.75 Eurobucks

10k saved and 2k in crypto.

19k car

>black pill
Beyond the blackpill, newfag.
I'm on the "this world is a joke, and it's all for me to laugh at, because how can anyone else be real" pill.
Get on the train, kiddo

Student loans: $26,000.00
Credit Card Debt: $160.00
Medical debt: $7,000.00
Personal debt: $6.00

Wage: $42,000/year

If I didn't have to pay for food, fuel, utilities, mortgage, insurance, and entertainment; I would be able to pay my debt in one year.

>Student Loads
>Credit Card Debt
>Money you owe people you know
>Hourly Wage