Maybe this is false?

Before i get branded as the following
>sold at 6k

Let entertain the thought that this recovery doesn't feel remotely natural. Total Mcap went down from 820b to 280b with a consolidation period of 1 week, during which it was setting higher and higher lows. Suddenly, we have a massive BTC bullrun from 8k to 10k, tearing through every single resistance imaginable and quite a lot of people here are getting comfortable thinking that this is the return to mean/normal.

Bear markets do not suddenly recover and boom in a spam of a week, anyone stating that crypto is different is more delusional than than McAffe shilling TRON.

Thoughts anons? Something constructive please.

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bump cause I have nothing constructive to add but trust that rational bizbros will say some intelligent things here

Its just organized crime and cartels washing money

Maybe because we had a massive fud campaign and there was a lot of uncertainty with the SEC meeting coming up.

The SEC meeting ended up being bullish and now we're getting more and more bullish news everyday (JP Morgan saying Crypto is here to stay)

CME bitcoin futures. Google that, or click the link. It's public info user.

in the long term bears/ doomsdayers are flies on the windshield anyone who knows the history of crypto knows that the most guaranteed sure fire loser bet of all time is to bet against bitcoin

With Chinese New Years ending and asian FUDs relatively soft, we will see money flowing like a month ago.

I still think BTC will get dumped to 4k-5k, it makes sense to pump it to 10k first. Whales eating up their own walls when we came down and when we came up, it's all manipulated, just need to catch the meat of the action and play along I guess.


thanks user bro, pretty interesting to see.

I think it is important to remember that crypto markets ARE different than things like stock. Stating otherwise is just inaccurate, their intrinsic value are totally different, for better or worse. Crypto seems to move based more on public opinion than anything. Things were very bearish January and into this month. Things are starting to become bullish again, but I'm still not convinced. If we finish this month strong I'll move back in 100% of my crypto funds.

Sec meeting wasnt remotely bullish thought and honestly, there is more FUD about which is going unnoticed. India bans purchasing, coinbase siphons money etc etc.

I'd like to share your optimism user, the sec wasnt as bad as i thought it would be but at the same time it wasnt as good as i thought it would be. At the moment, i am more afraid than bearish, it feels like a massive shit show is about to happen and quite a lot of poor and helpess anons will be stuck in the cross fire.

All rules are off. Fuck the old paradigm and the new. The next two year will see us at 20T total market cap or in ruins. Fortunes will be made and lives will be ruined; no exceptions. Hope you all have your chips on the table user; we are living in the midst of history.

I would need examples of "unnatural" recoveries in the past.

"It goes against TA" and reasoning like that seems silly when dealing with the crypto market because it is vastly different than other conventional trade markets.

huh of course nothing is real in this unregulated market
it's all theatrics
insiders go short right before fud, insiders go long right before fomo
they washtrade to look like it is dumping or pumping
look at this board changing their opinion in one day and flooding it with shill posts
this market is broken and worse than wallstreet, crypto dream is essentially dead, so just ignore everything and follow whales

You can't possible state that crypto markets are different. Thats how each market begins, "its different to nasdaq, its different to dow, its different to x y z " crypto runs off human emotion, just like any other market.

>anyone stating that crypto is different is more delusional than than McAffe shilling TRON.
>something constructive please


Probably just going to go sideways for several years and be boring as fuck

The rest market boom resulted from ETH and the endless number of new projects entering the space, in reality, anyone that denies that this was a bubble is highly delusional. People were investing into shit show ICO's without reading them, throwing money at them and getting massive returns. (i was one of them)

Something like DBC going from 0.016 to 0.64 in the span of 2 weeks is clearly a sign of a bubble. Majority of project have no real meaning or value and their entire worth is speculative (just as the rest of the market)

You can argue that CryptoMarket is different to regular one because regular companies have intricit values attached to them, such as company X is worth Y because it has the following assets to back it up, however, their stock market worth is still above their actual worth, same thing with bitcoin. The price of bitcoin is entry cost for mining x electricity cost. It is estmated that cost for mining 1 BTC is at 5k dollars so we can state that the real value of BTC is its manufacturing cost, and anything over that is its speculative and marketing cost.

Btc isnt different from stocks, its identical.

The current unnatural runup could be a massive short squeeze as well.

I think it needs a correction from its current position to improve buyer confidence, a 7 day run up without a proper correction insanely frightening.

Actually man I'll try at a slightly sensible / somewhat answer:

The sheer compression of time you've had cryptos in coupled with the unfamiliarity of the subject-matter, the means by which information is disseminated on it and the sheer network effects in social media which has never happened before (Trump got elected against all the powers of the establishment) means the psychology of the investors is quite different.

Anyone who knows crypto knows it's insanely speculative and volatile - it can turn you into a millionaire or leave you with nothing - so the psychology / sentiment of the players (particularly the veterans) involved is something quite unusual.

In this case for example you've had a cycling of smart money speculators and some very big-balled HODLers who have been buying since we hit the bullish hammer under the 200ma.

Surely and slowly as speculators cycled in and out they were leaving price positions increasingly until fully occupied by HODLers and thus had no choice but to speculate above them.

So you have slow steady speculation starting however rock-solid support from HODLrs underneath - it's just an idea however you've got to consider the idea the pscyhology or people in crypto might be, for several reasons, unusual until it's a slightly more mature market resembling the usual stuff.

TL:DR: There may be a number of reasons why the psychology / sentiment of the participants is unusual.

I'm no expert by any means, you're right. And I definitely agree that there are similarities in regards to the greed and human behavior in all markets that involve investing, but it seems to me that crypto (the ones that DON'T act as securities, like BTC, XMR, NANO, etc) are the ones that should behave different. Their underlying value as opposed to a stock must be different right? A security gives you dividends, a portion of the company, etc. These currencies give you nothing and their intrinsic value, in the end, should probably come from their capabilities in transferring and storing value. I have no idea where that floor would be. But I'm all ears if you can explain better why crypto is more like these previous markets than how I see things, like I said I'm no expert

Do people actually look at market caps in crypto serious? I could understand if it's tinny like

Yeah tbqh honest i'm feeling a little unease about this sudden growth which i dind't expect until ATLEAST end of feb. But then again people expected btc to reach 10k in 2020 at the very earliest.who knows. If we breach 12k we should be fine, weirder things have happened in crypto

pretty much
a good chunk of the market has just decided "i'm going to hold this for 6mo/1y/5y and not touch it until then no matter what happens"

IMO opnion the depth of the drop is what was unnatural. There was FUD flinging from all corners for a month, that's slowed down or reversed (blockchain on Bloomberg right now) people see life return, tgey want to jump back in. We're still not close to ATH. I think the ride will be bumpy, this is crypto, and BTC will continue to lose market share, but overall MC will continue to increase

Also what you have to understand is although the market cap is lower there's a lot of money waiting on the sideline for things to cool off and now they're getting back on. The bubble hit it's peak and burst in a matter of two months. Things seem to happen a lot faster in crypto

so basically what we are doing now is to wait for the next bubble to grow