XLM | Stellar - General

If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts; just not Turing-complete
- Faster than all other networks
- Decentralized (fuck you autists)
- Transactions cost next to nothing
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Can easily replace Ethereum (Ethereum cannot handle real world transactions)
- MOBI+KIN chose Stellar over Ethereum (medium.com/kin-contributors/kin-stellar-sdk-initial-draft-839afcaaf55c)
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second (global scale)
- Stellar forces the use of XLM as the cost for using the network
- Inflation distributed weekly to those who own XLM (lumenaut.net/)

Other XLM/Stellar Use: Lightyear.io (for-profit arm of Stellar)

- lightyear.io - Worldwide remittance (soundcloud.com/automatadigital/stellar-lightyeario-co-founder-brit-yonge)
- lightyear.io has 15 bank partnerships, several tier 1, and tier 2-3

Recent News:

- stellar.org/blog/Q1-2018-stellar-and-state-of-crypto/
- stripe.com/blog/ending-bitcoin-support
- Roadmap (stellar.org/blog/2018-Stellar-Roadmap/)
- twitter.com/fairxio/status/956754333260853248
- linkedin.com/pulse/enterprise-blockchain-pipe-dream-still-work-progress-jesse-lund/
- Jed McCaleb Stellar Interview: blockzero.show/c4e67558
- IBM Hyper/Stellar Ledger Docs: m.sendspace.com/filegroup/pqVijma24VktHispxf3CQORSvWRe0vZBt4gFduAA9dbZwGzGpzoLwA
- FairX Beta delayed April/May: twitter.com/fairxio/status/963549338004684800

Big Things to Watch For:

- ** THIS FRIDAY - 16 FEB ** Video Interview
- Official IBM news on their IUPS/GFTN secret plans; Hyper/Stellar Ledger - Could be 16 FEB
- Stripe BTC replacement announcement circa April
- FairX Beta - April/May

Overarching Goal of XLM (and why it could be worth a ton):

- Use XLM as Asset-to-Asset Bridge

Still not bought in, nigger?



more like bagholders general

The year is 2025.

I wake up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two of my wife's mulatto transgendered kids are jumping on the bed. I give 0.0000001 XLM to each of them for their weekly allowance. My wife's son is in the bathroom so I can't shower, but my professor wife (women's studies) catches a glimpse of my Stellar balance in my blockfolio and flashes me a wink.

I leave my reasonable suburban home and get in my 2006 Hyundai. It gets great mileage and has been paid off for 15 years. I drop my wife's kids off at school and head to the office. I work hard for my employer and I value the oppurtunity they provide me in my career. Even though I've made a lot of money from my XLM investment, I still work because I enjoy myself and plan to donate most of my crypto earnings to charities supporting Africa.

After finishing 16 TPS reports and closing nine tickets working an extra 3 hours of unbilled overtime in my cubicle, I hop in the Hyundai. I check my phone. The wife saw XLM up 1.5% this month and got so excited she snapchatted me a naughty picture of her bra strap showing. I blush, and pull onto the freeway. I turn on NPR and settle in for the 3 hour commute home. When I arrive, I see Tyrone, my wife's son's tutor leaving for the day. I wave him goodbye and turn the bronze-encusted knob and go inside. Wife is showering and singing 'the snek is AWAKE' after Tyrone left, so I start washing the dishes and preparing dinner, humming to myself - nice trajectory stellar snake!

Thanks this was really needed here. So many brainfags will be sad when they realize jed will fuck up stellar like he did in the past.

I ain't buying your bags, schlomo.


Here's a tip for you XLM holders. Go to stellarterm.com. Trade your XLM for RMT right now. Ride that to about noon PST tomorrow. Then trade back to XLM. Post your orgasmic gif reactions tomorrow night. :)

It's been postponed, look up reddit

What about Stemchain? Tried to buy 20,000 but it didn't go through lol


As a professional 4ch4n biz crypto trader I say wait for xlm to dip a lot further and then get in ballz deep

No info on stemchain. My info relates to RMT and XLM. :)

I have 3k of RMT :) Really good project with absolutely good use for the world. Stemchain fucking cheap right now. Get all of the Stellar coins.

This guy knows what's up. :)

I'll look into Stemchain.

ya this is fucked up

insiders already know the announcement, its pre-taped

why would you buy into a project that has 80% of coins in reserve to be released. inflation bad biz


You too bro! Keep accumulating. Stemchain was picking up volume pretty quick. Good donation platform. Still so early for all of these coins. Like way early.

stellar is the perfect long term hold.
great fundamentals, with a whole raft of possibiities for its rice to just go mental.
was hoping for a market dip so i could buy more, but alas...

Last week the price was the lowest it's been since Christmas.




this is great


lol, it's nearly doubled since then. dont you understand fractional relationship?